Vina Sky Fleshlight review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

I just had the pleasure of testing Vina Sky’s new pussy and butt Fleshlights and I got to be honest – They are some of my absolute favorite Fleshlight sleeves of all time!

The tightness and textures work perfectly together for the ultimate masturbation experience.

It feels amazing to use and it works perfectly as a stamina trainer or simply just to have amazing orgasms.

Vina Sky Fleshlight review

This is what you get:

  • A way to enjoy Vina Sky’s pussy and butt
  • Tight pussy or butt sleeve
  • Premium quality masturbator
  • Use with shower mount

I recommend both the pussy and butt versions if you’re into Vina Sky or if you just love a tight hole.

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My Full Review Below

Vina Sky is the latest pornstar to join forces with Fleshlight and have her pussy and ass molded into a pocket pussy/butt.

I was super excited when I saw her post about it on her Instagram account back in April and have been waiting in anticipation of the official release from Fleshlight.

And they are finally here the Vina Sky Fleshlight sleeves that I’ve been dying to try for the last couple of months.

Let’s get to know Vina Sky a little before we take a deep dive into her pussy and ass.

Who is Vina Sky?

Vina Sky is a petit young girl with a Vietnamese background who was born in Texas in 1999. Her adult career started right after high school where she performed as a cam girl and worked in a sex toy shop.

She got into porn a year later and has never looked back.

Vina Sky

Her tiny size makes her a good choice in videos with large cocks which makes them look even bigger!

She has a beautiful cherry tree in full blossom tattooed on her back and a tiny hard on her upper body.

You can find videos with her from companies like Reality Kings, Brazzers, Jules Jordan Videos, and many more.

I would personally recommend taking a look at her amazing performance in Brazzer’s “Ramming the Raver” or LesbianX’s “Vina Sky & Kenzie Reeves double dildo ass play” if you’re into lesbian anal sex.

Let’s first have a look at the Exotica sleeve which is the name of her pussy sleeve.

Vina Sky Exotica Fleshlight Sleeve

The front of the Fleshlight has a molded version of Vina Sky’s vagina on it and her signature. Her labia look very natural and are on the larger side.

The Exotica sleeve is not divided into chambers like a lot of other sleeves, but it’s one long chamber with a lot of different textures. I’ve never seen so many different styles of texture in a single male masturbator before.

There is a slight narrowing in the middle of the sleeve but nothing too crazy.

Exotica sleeve

How Does the Exotica Sleeve Feel?

Penetrating the Exotics sleeve feels tight and amazing, just like you would expect from a girl this size.

All the different textures make it a very interesting ride with lots of strong sensations on the glans.

It’s a great sleeve for stamina training because of the intense sensation that you’re going to feel when using it.

It feels a little like Megan Rain’s Butt sleeve, but just a little tighter, so it’s ideal for you if you want a tight pussy with strong intensity.

I’m a huge fan and would recommend it to you if you’re into tight pussies.

Vina Sky Anal Fleshlight Sleeve

Vina Sky’s butt sleeve is called Vivacious which is a very accurate name since there is a lot of “activity” in that part of her body 😊

The entrance looks super tight and a perfect mold of Vina Sky’s real butthole.

It’s again one long chamber, but the Vivacious has a single repeating texture and a slightly wavy channel for extra sensation and tightness.

vivacious sleeve

How Does the Vivacious Sleeve Feel?

I was super excited to give the Vivacious a try since that texture and shape looks a lot like Mia Malkova’s butt sleeve which I loved.

The entrance is tight and you’re greeted with a simple yet powerful texture that makes it super easy to penetrate deep inside her tight ass.

You’re going to feel that your cock is getting sucked right back in when you pull back. This is especially true if you tighten the lid on your Fleshlight to generate extra suction power.

This is perfect if you love a tight butthole that’s going to suck all the juices out of your cock.

Get Your Sleeves From

All the newest Fleshlight sleeves are always released on first before they are shipped out to 3rd party retailers so it’s the only place they get the latest and greatest.

You can find lots of older Fleshlight models on websites like Amazon, eBay, and similar sites, but please avoid buying from them since they don’t control their sellers that well.

I’ve unfortunately seen a lot of used or counterfeit Fleshlights sold as brand-new products. Trust me – You do not want a used sex toy!

Get the Exotica Combo Package

If you’re new to Fleshlights then you should take a look at their Vina Sky Exotica Combo pack which includes all the necessary items for a great first-time experience.

This is what you get in the Exotica combo pack:

  • The Exotica Fleshlight
  • A bottle of Fleshlube (very important to use)
  • A bottle of Fleshwash for cleaning
  • A renewing powder bottle for after-cleaning

You can save a fair bit of money if you buy a combo pack compared to getting the items separately.


A: I’ve written a guide to the best tight Fleshlights with some of the tightest Fleshlights that you can get.

A: it’s very easy to clean your new Fleshlight, there is a guide to cleaning Fleshlight in my ultimate Fleshlight guide.

A: Yes, there are some similar anal sleeves, but also some the look and feel a lot different from the Vivacious. You can find a list of the best anal Fleshlights here.

My Final Thoughts About the Vina Sky Fleshlight

I love both the Exotica and the Vivacious sleeves for their amazing texture and tightness. Fleshlight and Vina Sky have done a great job with this release and it’s hard not to recommend them to all men.

But if you’re a very girthy guy or if you love a looser style of pussy/ass then this is not for you!

Another great thing is that you get the same texture and tightness no matter your penis length. This is not the case with chamber-style Fleshlights where your penis needs to be a certain length to enjoy certain parts of it.

I personally love them both and recommend them to you if you’re a fan of Vina Sky or simply just love a tight hole.

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  1. I just got mine yesterday and have already used it few times and it feels really good. Just make sure you use a good thick lube!!

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