Cheap Onahole Guide 2023

Getting cheap Onaholes is fairly easy, but getting one that’s both cheap and good is a lot more difficult.

I’ve tested and reviewed over 35 different Onaholes all the way from $7 to $250 and have made a list of the best cheap Onaholes.

But what is a cheap Onahole?

That’s kind of personal what you define as cheap, so I’ve gone ahead and set a price limit to $30 which should be fairly affordable for most users.

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best cheap onahole

Best Cheap Onaholes:

#1 XTC Yandere Onahole

The Yandere Onahole is made of two different colored material which gives it a super cool effect. Open up the pussy with your fingers and have a look inside the amazing little thing.

This is a full-size Onahole with lots of features that you would normally pay over $50 to get.

XTC Yandere onahole

This is what I like:

  • Very cheap for all the features you get
  • Dual material design
  • Tight design
  • Full-size Onahole


  • None

XTC Yandere Onahole Conclusion

Wow, just wow! It’s amazing what you can get for just $29. The clean design with a pink inside looks and feels really good.

The tunnel has lots of textures on the inside that makes it a wonderful and tight experience when using it.

I still can’t believe that you can all this for just $29 – It’s hard to understand why some men don’t own a Onahole.

I recommend the XTC Yandere Onahole if you want the best cheap Onahole!

#2 I Love Onahole Ana Type 001

The Type 001 Ana is a very affordable transparent Onahole. It’s made of a special blend of TPE that makes it a little firmer and tight.

You’re getting a tight pussy channel with a spiral path inside for extra pleasure and tightness.

cheap onahole transparent

This is what I like:

  • Cheap for the size and features
  • Very tight and firm design
  • Transparent
  • Including lube
  • Closed-end design


  • None

Ana Type 001 conclusion

I really love transparent male masturbators and this is a great budget alternative to the much more expensive clear Fleshlights.

The special material makes it feel much firmer and it’s nice for a change compared to the ultra-soft Onaholes that I’m used to test.

Having the ability to look inside at the action is a real turn-on and the inside texture is amazing if you love a tight pussy.  

I recommend the Ana Type 001 Onahole if you want a cheap clear Onahole.

#3 Ecstasister Onahole

The Ecstasister Onahole is a small form factor Onahole made in very stretchy material so you can use it even if your cock is longer than the Onahole itself.

The inside is covered with different textures and the bottom is closed similar to a Onacup.

ecstasister ultra-cheap onahole

This is what I like:

  • Ultra-cheap Onahole
  • Including a small lubrication sample
  • Lots of internal texture


  • Not the best quality
  • Very small

Ecstasister Onahole conclusion

The is by far the cheapest Onahole on this list and I’ve included it because of it. You’re getting a decent Onahole that’s going to last you 10 to 20 masturbation sessions depending on how you treat it.

That’s pretty good when you consider the $7 price tag.

I recommend the Ecstasister Onahole if you’re on a super tight budget.

#4 Mature Office Lady Naomi Onahole

The Mature Office Lady Naomi is a full-size Onahole that will fit most cocks without a problem.

Its end is closed which gives you a stronger sensation on the cock head.

mature office lady naomi onahole

This is what I like:

  • Lots of Onahole for a small price
  • Very durable
  • Including lube
  • Full-size Onahole


  • Not very realistic looking entrance

Lady Naomi Onahole conclusion

This is a real treat if you have a bit of a mature lady crush. The inside is super texture full and penetrating it gives a very full-on sensation on your entire cock.

The entrance is not super realistic looking, but it’s very easy to penetrate due to that design. It’s also great for durability since there are no weak parts that are going to tear when used.

I recommend the Lady Naomi Onahole if you want a cheap mature style Onahole.

Take good care of it

Cheaper Onaholes are sometimes made with cheaper materials that might break a little easier.

So, it’s very important that you take extra care of it when using, cleaning, and storing it.

Here are a few tips to taking care of your new cheap Onahole:

  • Avoid stretching it too much, it’s tempting to turn it inside out when cleaning it, this will most likely tear it and ruin it after a few times.
  • Dry it completely before storing at away, this will prevent mold and/or bacteria growth.
  • Apply a tiny amount of cornstarch on the outside when you’ve cleaned and dried it. This will prevent stickiness.
  • Use lots of water-based lube to prevent tearing of the Onahole.

Are there any cheaper options?

You can always go the homemade Onahole way if you for some reason don’t have any money at all or live in a country that don’t allow you to buy/own sex toys.

You’re unfortunately not going to get the same amazing feeling Onahole as even a cheap Onahole offers.

I’ve made a guide to DIY Onaholes that you can take a look at if you want some inspiration.

I would however always recommend getting a real one if you can afford it.

Final thought about cheap Onaholes

There are plenty of cheap Onahole options that should satisfy most users, but if you want the best Onahole than you’re going to save up a bit more cash for something like a Meiki Onahole.

I’ve tested lots of cheap Onaholes and some really expensive ones and there is a difference in terms of quality and feel to them.

But you can get some amazing Onaholes for as little as $29 which I consider fairly cheap.

So, there is no excuse, go get yourself a cheap Onahole and level up your masturbation game. It’s worth it and you’ll be coming back for more!

I recommend the Miho-Chan Innocent Virgin Onahole for you if you want the best cheap Onahole.


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