Misty Stone Fleshlight Review

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Misty Stone’s Fleshlight sleeves has been on the Fleshlight store for more than a decade and it’s still a favorite among black loving men.

Both the sleeves feel really good and there is something for every man.

Misty Stone Fleshlight review

What you get:

  • High-quality male sex toy
  • Amazing way to get powerful orgasms
  • Easy to clean and store away

I would personally recommend the Desire texture (anal) which would be perfect for most men.

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Misty Stone was the first black girl to get her own signature Fleshlight sleeves which happened all the way back in October 2010. There are currently (November 2020) only two black Fleshlight girls and that’s Ana Foxxx and Misty Stone.

Misty Stone is not an active performer anymore so let’s get to know her a little more before we jump to the her Fleshlight sleeves.

Who is Misty Stone?

Misty Stone Fleshlight review

Misty Stones real name is Michelle Lynn Hall and was born on March 26 1986 in Los Angeles, California.

She never thought about herself as sexual open when she was younger but that changed when she got older and in 2006, she performed in her first adult scene.

Misty Stone has appeared in over 300 adult movies in her career from 2006-2014 and won several adult awards from both NightMoves Awards and Urban X Awards.

She has moved over to more mainstream media when she slowed down her adult career in 2014 and you can watch her in several movies, series and she even did voices for a character in GTA V.

Let’s get back to her Fleshlight sleeves and see how they perform.

Misty Stone Bump-N-Grind Fleshlight sleeve

Misty Stone Bump-n-grind Fleshlight

Misty Stones vagina sleeve is called Bump-N-Grind and it starts off with a 2-inch tight channel with some small rows of balls on the side. There is a large chamber between 2 and 4.5 inches that have ridges covering the side.

The middle part of the Bump-N-Grind Sleeve has a very narrow part between 4.5 and 5.5 inches that lead into the second chamber which is identical to the first chamber except that it’s tighter.

The last part is a small area with small nubs and it’s gradually widening up as you go further in.

The sleeve had a beautiful light-chocolate color that matches her skin.

Let’s give it a good and see how it feel

How does the Bump-N-Grind sleeve feel?

The Misty Stone pussy sleeve feels really good and it has a very narrow part around the 5-inch mark that really hits the spot. My penis is 6.5 inches long and that layout works really well with that size.

I would not recommend this to you if your penis is smaller than 4.5 inches long since you’ll only experience the wide chamber in the beginning of the sleeve. If you’re after a black Fleshlight with a tight first part then take a look at the Ana Foxxx Fleshlight here.

The Bump-N-Grind sleeve is a good choice if you’re penis has an average size and you don’t have any special desire for it to be ultra-tight or extremely loose.

Misty Stone Desire Fleshlight sleeve

The Desire texture as the butt version is called start off with a tight entrance that leads into the first part that go all the way to the 3-inch mark. The first part has a square form with different shaped bumps on the sides.

There are 3 tight gaps in the next 2 inches and it all ends in a long final chamber that has a lot of large nubs that sort of point towards your glans.

How does the Desire sleeve feel?

The Desire texture is a very interesting sleeve that has a lot of things going on.

The entrance is super tight and there is enough texture on the side of the first part to make you want more and more and it keeps on giving the further you go in. The tight spots in the middle has just the right size for my penis length and the final part makes it very intense to use the it.

This is a very interesting sleeve that most men can use since it’s full of different textures and it has a lot of narrow parts that make it both tight and fun to use.

Get your sleeves from fleshlight.com

Misty Stone’s sleeves are getting quite old and it’s hard to find them in both online and offline-stores but you can always get them at fleshlight.com.

This is also the safest way to buy your Fleshlight since no third-party sellers are involved.

Get the most out of your new Fleshlights

Using a Fleshlight for the first time is very easy and simple but there are a few tricks that you can use to make it a bit more pleasant.

  1. Get a bit of heat in that hole! A warm and juicy hole is better than er dry and cold one. Submerge the entire sleeve in warm water and let it sit in it for around 20 minutes. The sleeve will naturally float but you can just place a bottle with lube onto it, this will also heat up the lube and make it a double win.
  2. Use a decent amount of lubrication. Yes, as said earlier a dry hole is not as good as a juicy one! Make sure you get some good quality lube and add a little at a time to see how much that works best for you.
  3. Change the suction. Suction is a great way to increase the overall sensation you get from using a Fleshlight and you can adjust it by tightening or loosening the lid on the end of your Fleshlight.
  4. Clean your Misty Stone Fleshlight as soon as you’re done, preferable with an anti-bacteria soap. Dry it off and put on some Fleshlight renewing power to make is perfect and ready for next time.

My final thoughts about the Misty Stone Fleshlight

I love both the Bump-N-Grind and the Desire sleeves and I would recommend them too all men who love a dark beautiful girl.

The vagina version is not the best if your penis is shorter than 5 inches, there are other better options for you. I would strongly recommend the anal version of her Fleshlight which is really interesting and good.

You should take a look at all the different Fleshlights that we’ve tested if you want to get some more inspiration.

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