Lauren Phillips Pocket Pussy Review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

I enjoyed testing the Lauren Phillips male masturbator and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it as well.

You can adjust the strength of the stimulation to match your desired stimulation level or increase it as you go.

Using it feels like penetrating a real vagina and I find it pretty hard to last more than 5 minutes before cumming.

Feellauren Phillips stroker review

This is what you get:

  • A Lauren Phillips pussy stroker
  • Very high-quality sex toy
  • Works with the KEON automatic stroker
  • Easy to use and clean

I recommend the Lauren Phillips stroker if you want a high-quality male masturbator that feels amazing.

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3.69 (13 votes)

My Full Lauren Phillips Pocket Pussy Review Below

Kiiroo has taken things to the next level with their FeelStar series and the FeelLauren is the latest in that series.

Lauren Phillips fleshlight review

Who is Lauren Phillips?

Lauren Phillips is a curvy red-haired pornstar that started her adult career as a cam model on Chaturbate but moved to porno in 2013.

She has worked with most of the major adult video productions and has won quite a few awards over the years.

Let’s Take a Look at the Lauren Phillips Stroker

The stroker is part of Kiiroo’s FeelStar series and it has a replica of her vagina on the front. It’s made of a very soft material that feels super nice to the touch. A cap protects it from dust or getting damaged, and it can easily be popped off when needed.

The vagina part sits in a hard plastic case that holds it in place and prevents you from squeezing too tight around it. It also acts as a vacuum chamber when you tighten the back lid.

There is a mount on the FeelLauren case where you can lock the KEON automatic stroker in (more on that later).

feellauren stroker front

Testing It for the First Time

It’s very simple to use a stroker like the Lauren Phillips one but there are a few things you can do to make the whole experience a lot better.

This is how you use the FeelLauren stroker:

  1. Preheat the sleeve and the water-based lube by submerging it in warm water. This will make it so much more realistic to penetrate and use compared to using it at room temperature.
    preheat the FeelLauren
  2. Put the soft Lauren Phillips vagina sleeve back in its hard case and put the back lid loosely on.
  3. Use a healthy amount of water-based lubrication both on your penis and at the entrance of the stroker.
    feellauren phillips stroker lube
  4. Penetrate it and reapply lube if needed.
  5. Adjust the suction power (how much stimulation it will give you) by twisting the back lid. All the way closed gives you the strongest suction.
    adjust suction power
  6. Enjoy it until you’re done.

How did the FeelLauren Feel?

The internal texture layout of the FeelLauren doesn’t have any tight gaps or similar features but it has a wide range of textures that makes it very nice and soft to use.

I particularly like the entrance and the first couple of inches which feels just like penetrating a real vagina. The ripple texture makes it feel tighter than it is and it does a great job of stimulating.

The suction power of the FeelLauren is pretty nuts when you tighten the back lid completely. I can almost dangle the entire stroker on my penis without even holding it, so if you want that strong suction and stimulation feeling then it’s a great choice for you.

Overall, a great stroker with a huge range between the lowest stimulation (loose back lid) and the highest stimulation (closed back lid).

I recommend the FeelLauren if you’re into her porn or just want an awesome stroker.

What I like and Don’t like About it:


  • Very high-quality stroker
  • It feels amazing to use
  • The stimulation range is huge
  • Very easy to clean
  • Works with KEON


  • Back lid rattles when not tighten
  • It takes forever to dry it

Maintenance and Cleaning

It’s fairly easy to clean the FeelLauren, just remove the back lid pull out the soft sleeve, and rinse it under running water. Use a little mild soap on your fingers and get it in from both the front and the back of the sleeve.

Cleaning the Lauren Philips Fleshlight

The most annoying part about the cleaning process is the drying part which does take a lot of time. I simply pad it dry on the outside and put the sleeve back in the hard case without the cap and the back lid.

Then I put it somewhere that has a little air circulation and let it dry out before storing it away with the cap and the lid back on.  

Get the KEON and FeelLauren Combo

The KEON is an automatic stroker in which you can mount your FeelLauren or other FeelStar strokers. They are both made by Kiiroo which means that they fit perfectly together.

lauren feelstar keon

You don’t need the KEON to be able to enjoy the FeelLauren Phillips but it can turn your stroker into a full-on hands-free masturbation experience.

You can save a few Dollars if you buy it as a combo pack, but it’s still an expensive option for the few hardcore who wish the best of the best.

This is what you get:

  • FeelLauren stroker
  • KEON automatic stroker
  • Arctic water-based lube

My Final Thoughts About the Lauren Stroker

The FeelLauren has that amazing pop when you penetrate it which can only be described as heavenly. I really enjoyed giving it a thorough test before writing this review and I’ll be back for more, that’s for damn sure!

It’s a great option if you wish for a stroker with a wide range of stimulation strengths or if you simply just can’t get enough of Lauren Phillips and her gorgeous curves.

I recommend the FeelLauren Phillips stroker if you want a high-quality male masturbator that feels amazing.

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