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Review summary:

I really like the Reya Sunshine stroker from Kiiroo – it has a special internal design that makes it very stimulating and hard to last more than a few minutes.

The entrance of the stroker is made after a mold of Reya Sunshine’s pussy which looks amazing.

You’re going to love the realistic feel and the super high-quality.

FeelReya stroker review

This is what I like about it:

  • It feels like penetrating a real vagina
  • The entrance looks amazing
  • Very high-quality stroker
  • Upgrade to an automatic masturbator

I recommend the FeelReya if you’re a fan of Reya Sunshine or if you just want a very realistic feeling stroker.

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Full Review of the Reya Sunshine Stroker

Kiiroo the maker of the FeelStar strokers just announced their latest FeelStar which is Reya Sunshine.

I’ve really wanted to give it a try ever since the announcement and my wait is finally over 😉

I’m super excited to give you a rundown of the FeelReya but first let’s get to know Reya Sunshine a little.

Who is Reya Sunshine?

Reya Sunshine was born in Florida in 1990 and started her semi adult carrier in 2017 with posting on her wide range of social media accounts and camsites.

She later moved to more hardcore adult content where she both produces and owns all her content. It’s really cool to see more adult performers like Reya take control of their own content and production.

who is reya sunshine

You should follow her on Instagram or YouTube if you wish to learn more about her day-to-day life. It’s well worth it if you’re into her other content 😉

Let’s take a Look at the Goodies

You’re getting the FeelReya stroker in a box that has the internal layout on the side so you can see what your cock is going to experience.

The entrance is made from a molded version of Reya Sunshine’s pussy with lots of fine details. It also has her signature on the side for a personal touch.

reya sunshine fleshlight review

Alright, enough talking let’s get it ready for penetration!

Trying the FeelReya for the First Time

Most of the steps below are optional but I feel like you’re missing out if you don’t do them.

I start by pulling out the soft Reya Sunshine pussy sleeve and submerging it in warm tap-water. This will raise the temperature of the inside which makes it a lot more pleasant to penetrate. It does add another level of realism to it.

You can also dump your lube bottle in the water so you avoid putting cold lube on your cock.

You should leave it in the water for around 15 minutes which is enough for the heat to penetrate the material but short enough to avoid it getting cold. You can add warm water after 10 minutes for an extra warm feeling.

feelreya in warm water

Apply water-based lube to the entrance and first part of the FeelReya once it’s warm and ready to go. You should also apply some lube on your cock and remember to reapply lube if needed.  

use lube on feelReya

You’re now ready to penetrate it – You can adjust the suction level by twisting the back cap which allows more/less air to go in or out of the device. The more you tighten it the tighter it feels and so on.

How did it Feel?

Ideally, I would have tested both Reya Sunshine and the new FeelReya stroker to compare them but I unfortunately didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying Reya herself 😉

I do however have a few comments about the FeelReya stroker which is based on her pussy. It’s pretty wild to see and feel the details on the entrance which is molded after Reya’s pussy.

I love how the chamber in the beginning kind of forces your penis upwards which makes the stimulation even stronger. It’s like the texture have an increased stimulating effect on your penis head when you thrust your penis in and out.

I personally love it but I can see it being a problem if you’re having a hard time lasting before orgasm. The feeling of using it is too good to only last 30 seconds. If you want a less tight FeelStar option then go for the FeelMolly which is good if you want to practice your sex stamina.

Overall, the FeelReya is pretty good and highly recommended if you love Reya Sunshine’s and her content.

How do I Clean it?

Cleaning it is very simple and can be done with warm water and some mild soap. I usually just take out the sleeve from the case and run some warm tap water through the sleeve. Then I put some soap on my fingers and stick a couple of my fingers in from the front of the sleeve and from the back and massage the internals to get any lube and body fluids out.

Finish it off with another rinse and you’re ready to dry it off which is the most annoying part. I’ve tried a few different methods of drying it and the most effective one I’ve tried was to put the sleeve back in the case without putting on the front and end cap on. Then I put a small string through the suction control hole and hang it on something.

This allows air circulation through the sleeve and allows the water vapor to escape though the top hole.

It usually dries off in a couple of hours and you’re now ready to put the caps back on and store/hide it away.


  • It feels like penetrating a real vagina
  • The details on the front looks amazing
  • The suction control is nice
  • Works very well with the KEON


  • It takes some effort to get the most out of your FeelReya
  • Drying it takes a long time
  • It’s quite bulky
  • The suction control is a little noisy

FeelReya Accessories

If you’re into handsfree masturbation then it’s hard to get around the Kiiroo KEON which can transform your FeelReya into a full-blown automatic masturbator.

It is quite the investment and it’s very big but you’re also taking your masturbation to a whole new level.

feelreya keon


A: You should really only use one type of lube and that’s a water-based one. Other silicone or oil-based lubes can damage the TPE material that the FeelReya stroker is made of. Just use whatever you have around or get some from your favorite sex toy store.

A: The total weight of the case + pussy sleeve is 1.2lb (550g) and the total insertable length is 8.78-inches (22.3cm.).

A: No, Fleshlight is a brand of sex toys just as Kiiroo FeelStar is, but it’s a great alternative to Fleshlights and you’re getting the same super high-quality at a similar price.

My Final Thoughts About the Reya Sunshine Stroker

It’s easy to understand why Reya Sunshine has so many followers on her social media pages. Her sexy look and style are hard to resist which makes me belief that the FeelReya stroker is going to be a huge success.

I’ve been super pleased with the feel of the stroker and I’m sure I’m not alone.

If you’re after a strong stimulating male masturbator then you’re going to love the FeelReya.

I recommend the FeelReya if you’re a fan of Reya Sunshine or if you just want a very realistic feeling stroker.

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