Molly Stewart Pocket Pussy Review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

The Molly Stewart stroker is a high-quality male masturbator made by Kiiroo. The front entrance is a detailed molded version of Molly Stewart’s pussy so you can enjoy the real feel of it.

I love the feel of the vagina sleeve which is made of a material that feels a lot like real skin. You can adjust the tightness you feel by twisting the back lid of the stroker and get just the perfect stimulation for you.

It’s compatible with the automatic KEON that will transform your FeelMolly into a fully automatic masturbation experience.

FeelMolly Stewart Stroker Review

This is what you get:

  • A molded version of Molly Stewart’s vagina
  • A High-quality pocket pussy
  • Adjustable tightness
  • Works with the Keon automatic stroker

I recommend the Molly Stewart FeelStar stroker if you love her adult content and wish to enjoy her pussy.

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My Full Review of the Molly Stewart Pocket Pussy

It’s always nice to see new quality sex toys being developed and the FeelStar series from Kiiroo is one that I’ve been a huge fan of since it launched.

Today it’s the new FeelMolly Stewart that get tested and reviewed.

Table of Contents

Who is Molly Stewart?

Let’s first get to know Molly Stewart a little before we go ahead and enjoy her stroker.

Molly was born in Seattle Washington state in 1991 and moved to California when she was 18 years old. Her adult career started with webcamming and that turned into her first adult shoot with Playboy in 2017.

If you’re into girl-on-girl then I would recommend the series “Girls Gone Pink” where Molly Stewards performs in 5 of the videos.

Let’s Take a First Look

Kiiroo is the company behind the FeelStar series and they ship all their products in basic boxes with no indication of the content.

My FeelMolly Stroker arrived after just 3 days which is pretty good for international shipping.

kiiroo unmarked box

You get a sneak peek of the internal layout of the FeelMolly stroker on the side of the box and a picture of the front with the molded version of her vagina and her signature.

The soft stroker part is made with TPE which feels a lot like real skin and it’s very stretchy yet able to hold its shape. It’s packed in a hard plastic cone that has a lid on the top and a twisting cap on the back.

Molly Stewart fleshlight review

The FeelMolly stroker is quite heavy at around 0.5kg (1.1lbs.) and very bulky which might be a turn-off for some.

One of the heavy parts is the hard plastic case which is a key part of the stroker. It adds the ability to mount it in the Kiiroo KEON and turn it automatically (more on that later) and the back lid can be twisted which will adjust the suction power. More suction is equal to more stimulation and the other way around.

Let’s Give the FeelMolly Masturbator a Try

I’ll start right off the bat with a very important tip – Please clean your FeelMolly (or any other sex toy for that matter) before using it for the first time. Dust and fingerprints will end up on your brand-new sex toys no matter how they are manufactured.

Alright now that we got that out of the way, let’s get started by warming up the sleeve. I do live in a country with a cold climate and putting your cock into a cold hole is not very pleasant.

  1. Simply remove the lid and pull the soft sleeve and submerge it in warm water. Don’t go crazy on the temperature, just warm tap water a little above your body temperature is fine (you can also preheat your lube this way).
    preheat lube and toy
  2. Put the sleeve back in the hard case and put on the back lid.
  3. Use a water-based lube on both your cock and the front and first part of the FeelMolly.
    water-based lube feelmolly
  4. Penetrate the FeelMolly as deep as you can get, you might have to pull back out and apply more lube. You’ll learn how much you need to use after a few sessions. Loosen the back lid if it’s too tight to penetrate.
  5. Adjust the suction power by twisting the back lid and finding a good stimulation level.
  6. Enjoy it while watching some of Molly Stewarts’ amazing performances. Pro tip – Start with very little suction and increase it while you go.

My Thoughts About Using It

I love the feel of the penetration and the stimulation that it gives me when I use it. Molly Stewart’s labia are semi-large and they act as a funnel for my cock so I can penetrate it without using my hands to hold it.

The internal texture is quite tight but loosening the back lid makes it soft and less stimulating. I found it hard to last more than 5 minutes with the lid completely tightened and maximum stimulation.

Overall, an absolutely great experience that will get you off in a very pleasant and fun way.

What I like about it:

  • It feels so good to penetrate.
  • You can adjust the stimulation level with the back lid.
  • The details on the molded version of Molly Stewart’s vagina are amazing.
  • The overall quality of the build and materials is really good.
  • You can automate it with the Kiiroo KEON

What I don’t like about it:

  • The back lid rattles when you use it unless it’s completely tightened.
  • It’s very hard to untwist the back lid if you have even a small amount of lube on your hands.
  • Drying the sleeve takes a long time.
  • It’s a little noisy to use with the back lid completely tightened, air leaks out of different places which make some hissing noises.

Cleaning the FeelMolly Stewart After Use

It’s very important that you clean it as quickly as possible after each use since cum is very easy to rinse off when it’s “fresh”. It will stick to the plastic case and the TPE if you leave it without cleaning it first.

You clean it by removing the FeelMolly TPE sleeve from the hard plastic case and rinse both parts under warm running water and to a bit of mild soap.

Molly Stewart Fleshlight cleaning

You should be able to reach in from both ends to clean the entire sleeve.

Pad it dry with a towel and leave it out to air dry completely before putting it back on the case and caps.

Take Your FeelMolly Experience to the Next Level

You can buy the FeelMolly with the KEON which is an automatic stroker that does all the work for you and adds an interactive element to it.

You can read my full Kiiroo KEON review if you want to know more about it.

Molly Feel Stroker Keon Arctic Lube Kiiroo

My Final Thoughts About the Molly Stewart Masturbator

I love what Kiiroo have done with their FeelStar series which is a great alternative to Fleshlights Girls. Competition is always healthy because it brings better and more products at a lower price.

The FeelMolly Stewart is a great example of that and I really enjoyed using it and will continue to use it despite of the minor flaws.

I recommend the Molly Stewart FeelStar stroker if you love her adult content and wish to enjoy her pussy.

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