Anal Onahole Guide

The selection of anal Onaholes is very small compared to vagina Onaholes, but there are still some amazing products that are worth every dollar.

There are however also a bunch of cheap knockoff products that you should avoid at all cost.

I’ve made a list of some of the best anal Onaholes that you can get right now.

I’ve rated them according to their:

  • Build-quality
  • Features
  • Price

Slut Angel DX

$ 50
  • Anal, vagina, boobs
  • Realistic feeling
  • Great value
The best

Electric Shock Girl

$ 32
  • Vibrating
  • Dual layer
  • Realistic feel

Anri Okita

$ 67
  • Both vagina and butt
  • Very realistic
  • Dual material

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best anal onahole

Best Anal Onaholes 2022

#1 Slut Angel DX

You’re getting a pretty big anal Onahole with the Slut Angel DX; its total weight is 2.65lbs. (1.2kg.) of pure joy and pleasure.

It’s produced by XTC Japan and imported by which sells it from their US and EU location so you don’t have to deal with import tax and long shipping times.

slut angel dx

This is what I like:

  • Amazing anal Onahole
  • Including vagina hole and nice boobs
  • Good quality
  • Awesome internal textures


  • A design like this is a bit difficult to clean and dry
  • Only uses a single material

Slut Angel DX Conclusion

The Slut Angel DX is quite a bit bigger than I for some reason had imagined which was a positive surprise. You’re really getting a lot of sex toy for just $50 and that anal tunnel feels just perfect!

It holds its shape all the way through when you penetrate it which is something smaller products struggle with.

I love that the Slut Angel DX both have a vagina, anal, and boobs for a pretty decent boob job. You’re getting so much pleasure compared to some of the smaller anal holes, I freaking love it.

I recommend the Slut Angel DX if you’re after the best anal Onahole that has it all.

#2 Electric Shock Girl Makiko Nozawa

The Makiko Nozawa Onahole is packed with features that’ll blow your mind. It’s a quite large anal Onahole at 600 g. (21oz) and it’s made with two different materials. One main material that looks and feels like real skin and one that’s very durable inside for the tunnel part.

There is a small hole above the butthole that houses a bullet vibrator that has 12 settings you can switch between and find the best one for you.

It comes with all the stuff you need to get started and have an amazing vibrating anal experience.

This is what I like:

  • Vibrating anal Onahole
  • Including vibrator, lube, and batteries
  • Good quality
  • Dual material


  • A stronger vibrator would have been nice

Electric Shock Girl Conclusion

I love vibrating sex toys and the Electric Shock Girl is one of them. I don’t know why vibrating Onaholes and pocket pussies aren’t more popular.

The 12 different vibration patterns are easy to go through with the push of a single button and it adds a nice vibrating feeling that can be felt inside the entire thing.

I recommend the Electric Shock Girl if you want to shake things up with a vibrating anal Onahole.

#3 Anri Okita vagina and anal Onahole

I know this is not strictly an anal Onahole but both a vagina and anal Onahole, I’ve included it anyway because it’s amazing.

It’s made by NPG and is one of the best-selling products in their Meiki series which is their high-end products.

meiki syoumei anri okita

This is what I like:

  • Premium quality
  • Both anal and vagina
  • Dual layer material design
  • Including lube


  • Expensive
  • Anal part is quite small

Anri Okita Conclusion

The Anri Okita is on top of my list of the best Meiki Onaholes because of it’s amazing build-quality and dual hole design.

You’re getting a super high-quality vagina and anal Onahole with the Anri Okita from NPG and one that I recommend if you got the budget for it.

I recommend the Anri Okita vagina and anal Onahole if you have the money for the best quality.

#4 Churro Screw

The Churro Screw looks like a giant Churro that’s made with a double material construction. You’ll get a storage bag and some lube with it which is a nice addition.

Most Onaholes as made to look like a vagina or butthole but that’s not the case with this one.

This is what I like:

  • Simple and elegant
  • Twisted inside for extra tightness
  • Dual material design
  • Including lube and storage bag


  • It’s on the smaller side

Churro Screw Conclusion

The Churro Screw has its name after the Spanish snack that is loved all around the world and I sure loved giving this a try.

It’s super tight and even the inside twists like a Churro Screw which makes it even tighter and gives your cock a stronger stimulation.

I love the fact that it looks so simple and doesn’t try to be something that’s not.

I recommend the Churro Screw if you want a simple tight anal Onahole.

#5 Ultimate Sphincter Virgin Pressure anal Onahole

This is pack full of features and at an affordable price – It has a dual layer design which can be seen inside the butt hole. This ensures more stimulation and better durability.

There is a ring inside close to the entrance which is a very cool feature and not something you would normally find in a product below $100.

It’s made with very stretchy skin-like material that feels soft and nice to the touch.

ultimate sphincter virgin pressure anal onahole

This is what I like:

  • High-quality Anal Onahole
  • Dual layer material
  • Ring for extra entrance tightness
  • Including lubrication


  • A little more design details would be nice

Ultimate Sphincter Virgin Pressure anal Onahole Conclusion

You’re getting a lot of sex toy for a small amount with this one and with some features that’s not even included in products that cost three times as much.

The entrance feels very realistic with the build-in ring that keeps the entrance tight. You’re in for a real treat when you penetrate it and it feels amazing when the tightness closes around your cock and stimulate is form all sides.

I recommend the Ultimate Sphincter anal Onahole if you want a high-quality tight anal Onahole.

Improve your masturbation game

Getting a high-quality anal Onahole is the first part of taking your masturbation to the next level.

But there are a few things that can push it even further and make it feel like you’re having sex with a real girl.

  1. Preheat your anal Onahole with a Onahole warmer – This might sound like a small thing, but putting your cock in a nice warm hole makes it feel a lot more realistic and nicer.
  2. Use a good lubrication – This should not come as a surprise to you, but having anal sex without lubrication is a huge no go and the same goes for male sex toys. Get yourself a nice water-based lube and use that, most Onahole sellers do also stock lube and some even includes it with the products.

What’s the difference between an anal Onahole and a normal one?

There are not a lot of difference apart from the look of the front entrance. Most of the inside feels like a normal Onahole and you would not be able to tell the difference.

You can always check Kinkycow’s best Onaholes if you wish some more options.

My final thoughts about anal Onaholes

Anal Onaholes are such a small yet fun sex toy that should be in every man’s possession, but it’s still very few that has one. It’s a shame since they are quite affordable and easy to use and clean.

It’s a great choice for your very first sex toy or if you have lots already and simply want to expand your collection.

You can also get more anal options if you’re ready to go “up” to an Onahip that is quite a bit larger.

I recommend the Slut Angel DX anal Onahole if you want a high-quality anal Onahole with lots of features.

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