Best FeelStar Stroker

FeelStar is a line of male masturbators from Kiiroo and they have really ramped up the number of different strokers the last couple of years.

They all have a different entrance, internal layout, and texture that makes them feel a different way.

Below is a list of all the best FeelStar strokers that I’ve tried the past 2 years and recommendations depending on your preferred style.

best feelstar strokers

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What is the Best FeelStar Stroker?

#1 FeelKayley Gunner

There is a new leader in town and that’s the Kayley Gunner stroker which is an incredible master piece! You’re not only getting a high-quality masturbator but Kayley have shot a stamina training video you can watch while you enjoy it.

It feels remarkably realistic and it starts off with an absolute banger of a tight entrance which leads into a softer but still very stimulating middle part.

I really like this design and I’m convinced that it’s going to be a winner for most guys!

You can read my full FeelKayley Gunner review for more juicy details and get tips and tricks on how to get the most pleasure out of it.

Feelstar kayley gunner stroker

What I Like About it:

  • Perfectly tight entrance
  • Soft and stimulating inside
  • It feels incredibly realistic
  • Adjust the tightness and stimulation level
  • Great for sex stamina training

I recommend FeelKayley if you’re after one banger of a FeelStar stroker that has it all, great tightness, stimulation, and an amazing looking entrance.

#2 FeelSkyler Lo

Skyler Lo is an American biker chick and Instagram model that has started to get her feet wet in the adult space. She joined Kiiroo in August 2022 and their work resulted in the FeelSkyler masturbator.

The FeelSkyler Lo stroker has a very nice feel to it that’s not too stimulating but it has enough to make you cum really fast.

I personally love it and it does cover a wide range of tightnesses and stimulation ranges which is good for beginners and if you’re looking for just one stroker.

You can read my full Skyler Lo Stroker review right here if you wish to know more about it.

Skyler lo fleshlight review

What I Like About it:

  • Feels like a real pussy
  • Perfect beginner stroker
  • Good amount of stimulation
  • Great for stamina training
  • It looks amazing

I recommend the FeelSkyler if you want to best overall FeelStar or if you simply just love Skyler Lo and would love to feel her.

#3 FeelReya Sunshine

Reya Sunshine is another social media model that does adult work. It’s fairly easy to see why she has gotten so popular and so is her FeelReya stroker from Kiiroo.

The FeelReya is very tight and with a lot of internal texture that will stimulate the cum out of your cock in a matter of seconds if you don’t slow down.

You can adjust the tightness by reducing the suction power but it’s still going to be tight if you got a cock with an average girth of bigger.

You can read my full Reya Sunshine stroker review right here if you wish to know more about it.

reya sunshine fleshlight review

What I Like About it:

  • Very tight stroker
  • Strong stimulation
  • Great for tightness or if you got a thin cock
  • Looks amazing

I recommend the FeelReya if you want the tightest FeelStar or if you’re simply just a fan of Reya Sunshine and her work.

#4 FeelMolly Stewart

Molly Stewarts is a redheaded devil in the bed and a full-on adult performer which you can enjoy on her OnlyFans or a wide range of adult content websites.

Her FeelMolly stroker has a soft and nice feel to it which makes the internal texture much more notable when you penetrate it.

Molly’s labia are also quite big which looks so good when you have the FeelMolly stroker in your hands.

You can read my full Molly Stewart stroker review right here if you wish to know more about it.

Molly Stewart fleshlight review

What I Like About it:

  • Feels like a real soft pussy
  • Large beautiful labia
  • Good for longer sessions
  • Very notable internal texture

I recommend the FeelMolly if you want the most soft and loose FeelStar or if you’re simply a fan of Molly Stewart and her work.

#5 FeelLauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips is a busty redhead with a huge appetite for sex and she performs in a lot of adult videos ranging from super soft to rough anal sex.

The FeelLauren has a less pronoun texture compared to some of the other FeelStar strokers. This makes it a little more monotone experience but still incredible nice.

It’s fairly tight with tiny labia on the entrance which has been molded after her pussy.

You can read my full Lauren Phillips stroker review right here if you wish to know more about it.

feellauren stroker front

What I Like About it:

  • Very realistic looking
  • Tiny labia
  • Quite tight
  • Great for stamina training

I recommend the FeelLauren if you’re a fan of her work or want a realistic looking and feeling pocket pussy with tiny labia.

Accessories for Your FeelStar

There is only one accessory for your FeelStar Stroker right now and that’s the automatic stroker called Keon.

The Keon is quite expensive but it’s also going to take your masturbation game to a whole new level. You can get a FeelStar in a combo pack with a Keon device and save a bit of money.

It’s fairly simple to use:

  1. Mount the FeelStar in the Keon by twisting it in place.
    keon mount
  2. Turn on the Keon and adjust the stroke length or the speed of the stroking. It’s a great idea to get familiar with the settings before you penetrate the FeelStar in the Keon
  3. Optional – Connect it to your phone with Bluetooth and use the included app to connect to other Kiiroo devices for long-distance pleasure.
  4. Optional – Watch adult content from FeelMe or other partners and let the Keon follow the rhythm so it feels like you’re the one in the content.


A: A FeelStar Stroker is a pocket pussy/male masturbator made after an adult performer’s vagina. It’s similar to a Fleshlight in terms of shape and size.

A: You simply remove the front cap and apply lube to the entrance and the first part of the stroker. Penetrate it and move it back and forth with your hands or hold it steady with your hands and fuck it.

A: You should only use it with water-based lubrication.

A: Rinse it off with warm water and mild soap. Make sure you rinse it through the entrance at the front and the back. Lube and body fluids can get stuck due to the internal texture and layout.

A: It does work with VR and you can even use it with VR and the Keon at the same time for extra pleasure.

My Final Thoughts About FeelStar Strokers

It’s great to see new products emerge even if it both looks and feels like other products. The more competition the better and cheaper sex toys.

I do however wish they would make more accessories to really take it to the next level.

If you’re after a high-quality pocket pussy and don’t want to deal with Fleshlight then FeelStar is it! 

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