The Ultimate Dildo Guide 2023

Finding the perfect dildo can be a long journey with many disappointments and mixed results.

I’ve created this ultimate dildo guide to avoid some of the pitfalls there is when shopping for sex toys.

All the products below have been rated and judged by the following points:

  • Build-quality
  • Material choice
  • price

None of the products on this list is bad, it’s just a matter of finding the right style for you.

Let’s take a look at the list of the best dildos in 2023

#1 Johnny Sins

$ 65
  • 8.1-Inch long
  • High-quality materials
  • Very realistic
The best

#2 Max Konnor

$ 65
  • 8.25-Inch long
  • High-quality materials
  • Very realistic
Best black

#3 Colours 5-Inch

$ 40
  • 5-Inch long
  • Lots of color options
  • Suction cup

Table of Contents

What is the Best dildo That I’ve tested?

#1 Johnny Sins dildo – Best realistic dildo

This dildo has been molded after Johnny Sins cock, so you’re now able to enjoy one of the most popular pornstars cock whenever you feel like it. I’m pretty sure you’re going to want this masterpiece again and again.

For the two people left on Earth who don’t know who Johnny Sins is – He has won over 30 different adult awards in his career since 2006 and has performed with in over 2300 adult scenes! This makes him one of the biggest male pornstars alive today.

The dildo is a little over 8-inches long and you can enjoy over 6.5-inches of that. The only downside is that lag of a suction cup, but that can be bought as an extra.

the best realistic dildo Johnny Sins dildo


  • Quality build with premium material
  • Very realistic looking
  • Good size for most users
  • Reasonable price


  • Does not include a suction cup by defaults
  • A bit girthy for beginners

Johnny Sins dildo conclusion

Johnny Sins replica dildo is realistic looking and feeling dildo with the right size for most women and men to enjoy.

You’ll get a very high-quality dildo for a decent price and I’m sure you’ll be coming back for more when you try it the first time.

I recommend the Johnny Sins dildo to you if you’re after a high-quality realistic looking dildo.

#2 Boomer Banks dildo – Best big dildo

Boomer Banks has joined forces with Fleshlight and produced this amazing dildo.

You might not know who Boomer Banks is, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get to know his dildo when you see it.

It has been molded after his cock which gives it a very realistic look and feel.

It’s 9-inches long with an insertable length of 7.25-inches and a massive 6.5-inch circumference. This is by no means a beginner dildo and should only be used if you love to be filled out completely!

Boomer Banks best big dildo


  • High-quality build + material
  • Very realistic looking
  • Both long and thick
  • Good price for the size and quality


  • No suction cup included by default

Boomer Banks dildo conclusion

This is a big but still realistic looking dildo that’s made of platinum cured silicone of the highest-quality.

Just to be clear, the size if not for everyone and it might take a little getting used to if you’re not an experienced dildo user.

I recommend the Boomer Banks dildo if you’re after a big realistic looking dildo.

#3 Colours 5-Inch – Best beginner dildo

The 5-inch realistic silicone dildo from Colours is very popular and it has the perfect size for a good beginner dildo.

You can get it in 6 different colors if you want to spice things up and it has a suction cup base that’s strap on harness compatible.

The circumference is 4.7-inches and – as the name suggest – 5-inches of insertable dildo.


  • Well-made in silicone
  • 6-Different colors
  • No too long and thick for beginners
  • Cheap


  • A bit more curvature would be nice

Colours 5-inch conclusion

This is a great beginner dildo that should fit in almost all holes and you can get it in a wide range of colors from beige, brown, and dark brown. It’s a really good beginner dildo that can lean to bigger things in the future 😊

I recommend the Colours 5-inch dildo to all beginners who want to try a dildo.

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#4 Max Konnor dildo – Best black dildo

This is a really nice big thick black dildo made from the highest-quality platinum cured silicone. It’s molded after the award-winning adult actor Max Konnor, and you can see and feel all the small details.

It’s 8.25-inches long including the ball part and the insertable length in 6.25 inches. The shaft of the dildo is 6 inch in circumference which is quite girthy.

It does not include a suction cup by default but you can buy one as an extra option.

Max konnor dildo


  • High-quality build + material
  • Realistic looking
  • Good size for most users
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t include a suction cup

Max Konnor Dildo conclusion

The Max Konner dildo is a good black dildo that suits women and men that want a thick black dildo.

It’s super good quality and its prices very competitive compared to other premium products.

I recommend the Max Konner Dildo to you if you’re after a thick black dildo.

#5 Ombre Hombre Vibrating dildo – Best vibrating dildo

The Ombre Hombre dildo has a strong vibrator with 10 different powerful settings to pleasure you with.

It’s made from flexible silicone in different colors and with tiny sparkling dots.

The shaft of the Ombre Hombre is 4.7-inch in circumference and it’s insertable length is 5-inches.


  • Quality-build
  • 10 Vibration functions
  • Water-proof
  • 45-60 minutes of play time.
  • Rechargeable
  • With suction cup


  • More curvature needed
  • A little expensive
  • 1 inch longer would be nice

Ombre Hombre Vibrating dildo conclusion

This is a newbie friendly vibrating dildo with all the features you would want in a vibrating dildo.

The size makes it ideal for beginners who want a good-quality vibrating dildo that’s not too big.

If you find blue dildos cool then head over to our guide to blue dildos and get some more inspiration.

Or why not use it as a vibrating strap-on dildo in a harness.

I recommend the Ombre Hombre to you if you’re after a beginner friendly vibrating dildo.

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Table of Contents

Get the right dildo for your body

Nobody looks the same on the outside and it’s the same for the inside. Your G-spot might be further in or to one side or you require a lot of pressure on the G-spot while others hardly have to touch it before they get an orgasm.

This is why your dildos size, firmness and shape have to fit your body type and style.

Getting it right the first time is not going to happen unless you’re very lucky. Some women finally build up the courage to buy their first dildo only to find it useless and they never try it again. This is such a shame since they’re missing out on so many levels.

Let’s take a look at some of the different dildo materials that you can find and their pros and cons.

Dildo Materials

Dildos come is all sorts of materials and many times the manufactures have their own unique material recipe to make it feel like real skin, extra soft, or whatever they are trying to accomplice.


Silicone is widely used in sex toys and it has a lot of good properties that makes it the preferred material choice.


  • Easy to mold into shape
  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible
  • Medium firmness
  • Body safe


  • Silicone is expensive
  • Not stiff

If you want the highest-quality dildos then go after dildos made of Platinum cure silicone which is the best of the best when it comes to silicone.

Plastic (TPE, TPR, PVC, Rubber or Jelly)

There are lots of different plastics and they each have their own pros and cons but I’ve tried to sum them all up below.


  • Easy to mold into shape
  • Very flexible
  • Super soft
  • Can feel like real skin


  • It can leak chemicals
  • Not very durable
  • Hard to clean
  • It can be porous

Just a quick note, not all plastic dildos are made of none-body safe plastic. A general rule is to stay away from the very cheap products (same goes for all sex toys in general)!


Glass is a very interesting material and it’s not used in a lot of different sex toys outside of dildos and butt plugs.


  • Glass dildos look amazing
  • Good for curved dildos
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with all kinds of lube
  • Pretty cheap


  • None-flexible

Glass does have a lot of limited due to its stiffness and its ability to hurt you if it does break. This does however never happen if used responsibly. Make sure you trash it if it had dents or cracks (which should not happen due to the heavy-duty glass used in most dildos.). 

I’ve written a entire guide to glass dildos that you can read if you want to learn more about them.


Most metal sex toys are mad of stainless steel which is quite expensive and the manufacturing process does require more time and energy which further increase the price.

But there is just something special about a stainless-steel dildo.


  • Stainless-steel dildos look cool
  • Good for curved dildos
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with all kinds of lube
  • Good for temperature play


  • Very expensive
  • None-flexible
  • Feels cold unless preheated

Metal dildos are not super popular because if the materials limits and the higher price, but they can look really cool and they will last a life-time.


This might not surprise you, but wood has been shaped as a penis and used as a dildo for 1000’s of years. It’s by no mean popular, but its popularity is increasing by the year.

This is due to more people choosing products in more sustainable materials.


  • Looks awesome
  • Very stiff
  • Better for the environment


  • Hard to make small details
  • Hard to clean

Sex toys made of wood are grinded smoothly and has a coating applied to them so they don’t suck up any moisture.

The material is just one part of the equation, let’s look at the dildo shape.

Getting the right shape

Do you know the right dildo shape for you? There are 1000’s of different dildos and they all have their own unique size and shape, just like a cock.

Finding the right shape can take a few tried but you’ll know it when you find the right shape!

Below are a few different shapes that you can try, remember that they all can be mixed and matched.


A curved dildo is generally used to hit your G-spot and put pressure on it when you move the dildo. Curved dildos tend to be shorter than straighter dildos since the G-spot isn’t that far in your vagina and you can reach it with a short-curved dildo.


A more girthy dildo can also touch your G-spot and fill you out completely, but it’s for more experienced users. A thicker dildo requires more lube and more practice, but the feeling of being completely filled out can be very exciting and something a lot of women dream of.

How to use a dildo?

Using a dildo might sound very straight forward and it can be, but hitting all the right places is not a guarantee without practice.

There are a few steps you can take to improve your masturbating experience.

Tips to improve your dildo experience:

  • Preheat your dildo – A warm dildo is much more pleasant to use than a cold one and some materials like glass and steel transfers it very quickly. This can be used if you enjoy temperature play, but the majority prefers a warm dildo. You can heat up your dildo by soaking it in warm water for 10-20 minutes.
  • Use lubrication – Using a good lubrication is very important to reduce the friction. Almost all dildos can be used with a water-based lube, a silicone-based lube should only be used on dildos made of glass and metal.
  • Get in the mood – Getting in the right mood can be the difference between having an amazing orgasm or no orgasm at all. You can get in the right mood by watching porn, reading/listening to erotic stories, thinking about sex/fantasies, and a lot of other things. You know your body the best, do whatever works the best for you.

Suction cup or not?

Using a dildo with a suction cup can give you a whole new handsfree sexual pleasure. Simply put a bit of moisture on the suction cup and press it against a smooth surface in the perfect height for whatever you plan to do.

The bathroom is where a suction cup dildo really starts to shine as you can almost put it where ever you like.

Most dildos with a standard suction cup do also fit in a standard strap on harness and other accessories for dildos.

Another way to improve your dildo time is by using it with other accessories and toys.

Dildo accessories

Dildos can be fun on their own but why not try them with some accessories to spice things up. There are a lot of different options the list below represents some of the more popular ones.

Strap on harnesses

A strap on dildo is a great way to bring your dildos into your sex-partners life if it’s women on women or women on man.

Make sure you get a dildo with a standard base size and get a strap on harness that fits standard dildo bases. Most of the products will work together but getting that good match makes it a lot more pleasant to use both for the giver and the receiver.  

You can read more about strap on dildos and how to find the best one in this strap on dildo guide or you might consider a strapless dildo.

Dildo machine

A dildo machine (aka. Fucking machine) is taking it to the next level and it can be quite expensive, I’m not going to go into too much details here but you can lean a lot more in our article about dildo machines here.

Dildo Ball

A dildo ball can be a fun way to enjoy a dildo ride and get some exercise at the same time. You can get yoga or exercise balls that have a built-in dildo or you can get some with a special mount for your suction cup dildos.

You might even be lucky and have an exercise ball that has a smooth surface that can hold your suction cup dildo without you having to buy a special one.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before getting one and I would recommend having a look at Kinkycow’s guide to dildo balls here.


A good lubrication can often be the different between a mediocre dildo session and a really good one. Make sure that the lubrication works with the dildo you use so you don’t ruin it.

I would almost always prefer a water-based lubrication since it works with almost all dildos and materials.

Water-based lube pros:

  • Works with almost all sex toys
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean off

Water-based lube cons:

  • It can evaporate too quickly
  • You need a lot of it

Silicone-based lube pros:

  • Very effective
  • Doesn’t evaporate

Silicone-based lube cons:

  • Really hard to clean off
  • Can ruin your sex toys

There are a few times where silicone-based lube is the right choice and that’s when you’re going anal which require a lube that doesn’t evaporate. You can use water-based products but you’ll have to reapply it during sex and/or masturbation.

I’m currently writing a guide to good sex toy lubrication that you can check once it’s online.

Different dildos

There are a lot of different dildos and we’ve made articles about a wide range of different dildo products.

Click on the articles below if you want to know more about them.

Final thought about dildos

Dildos are the oldest form of sex toys for women and they date 28,000 years back, which is quite fascinating. Dildos are the most popular sex toy but vibrators are slowly creeping up in popularity and it’s a matter of time before they over take it.

There are dildos in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and it’s just a matter of time before you find the perfect one for you.

I hope you found this dildo guide useful and found a good product in our list of the best dildos.

Make sure you dig around if you feel adventurous and want to explorer new sex toys.

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    It does look high quality

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