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Review summary:

I’ve been testing the new Lelo Hugo 2 prostate massager for the last two weeks and it has been a blast. The upgraded vibrator motors are a huge improvement over the old model and it delivers the vibrations at the right place.

It hasn’t let me down a single time and I’ve gotten freaking wild prostate orgasms each time I’ve used it.

You are paying a premium for it but the quality and features are there to support the price. It’s available in two versions, one with a physical remote and one that’s controlled with an app. I would highly recommend the physical remote but that option is also $40 more.

Overall, an incredible prostate massager that’s going to make a lot of men happy, both beginners and experienced prostate players.

Lelo Hugo 2 prostate massager in my hand

What I like about it:

  • Powerful vibration in the right place
  • I find it easier to achieve a prostate orgasm with the Hugo 2 compared to other products
  • Made of super high quality and silky-smooth silicone
  • Available in 2 versions and 2 colors
  • The noise level is low compared to the vibration power

What I don’t like about it:

  • I would have loved a wider contact area between the Hugo 2 and my perineum area
  • It’s pretty expensive, but the quality and features are there to justify it

I recommend the Lelo Hugo 2 prostate massager if you’re an experienced or new user who which the best of the best.

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My Full Review of the Lelo Hugo 2

I’ve tested more than 50 prostate massagers over the last decade working as a sex toy reviewer. I reviewed the original Lelo Hugo a few years ago here on Kinkycow and it has remained my top choice since I reviewed it.

Table of Contents

lelo hugo 2 2 versions

Lelo just released a new version which can be bought with or without the remote controller. The remote controller option is $40 more than the app version, but the remote does work as a vibrator and I would generally recommend that version.


Getting Started is Easy

I always start a new sex toy test with a full charge which is also recommended here. There is a USB charging cable included in the box but no power brick. There is a small silicone cover that protects the charging port from lube and body fluids, just pull it back a little and plug the charger in.

Charge it for 2 hours the first time so you make sure it’s fully charged and ready to go. This should be plenty of time for you to read the manual and put the 2xAAA batteries that are included in the remote control.

Or set up the Lelo App and pair your phone with the Hugo 2 if you have the App version.

Clean Yourself and Lube up

Yep, I hate it too but being clean makes it a lot nicer playing with anal toys. I find it distracting when I haven’t cleaned myself before going in and my mind keeps going back to it during play which makes it way harder to achieve that amazing prostate orgasm.

I use a simple anal douche in the shower which is enough for prostate massaging.

A pro tip from me: Put a liberal about of water-based lube in your butt after you’ve used the anal douche but still in the shower. This allows you to clean your hands and avoid too much lube all over the place later on. You can even insert the Lelo Hugo 2 while you’re in the shower and have a little shower/bath play.

My First-Hand Experience

Lelo makes some of the highest-quality sex toys in the world and the Hugo 2 is no different. The silky-smooth silicone is so satisfying to touch and it just oozes good quality.

hugo 2 in hand

It’s extremely easy to set it up when starting but it’s always a good idea to get to know your new sex toy before it’s way up in your butt.

The Hugo 2 has a single button which is used to turn it on/off by pressing it for 3 seconds or changing between the different modes with a single press.

You can use the remote to control the Hugo 2 in two ways; the first is active when you turn on the remote and you control it by tilting the remote from vertical to horizontal. This changes the intensity from 10% to 100% and you can hold it at any angle to adjust it.

The second mode is activated by pressing down on the remote and moving it back and forth, the faster you move, the more intense the vibrations get.

Insane Vibration Power

The Hugo 2 has an insertable length of 7.2cm (2.83 inches) which makes it usable for both experienced anal players and beginners.

I love the relatively small size which makes it easy to insert even if you haven’t practiced anal play for a while.

But don’t let the small size fool you because it vibrates like crazy when you shake the remote.

I’m very impressed with the two new updated motors that pack a punch without making much noise. I’ve had the Hugo 2 for review the past two weeks and it has not let me down a single time.

The deep rumbling vibrations right at the tip of the Hugo 2 get me every time and the orgasms are so powerful and addicting compared to pure penis stimulation.

All very positive but you’re also paying a premium, so how does it compare against the competition?

Lelo Hugo 2 vs. the Competition

I’ve tried lots of cheaper prostate massagers but nothing comes close to the premium prostate toys.

best prostate massagers that I've tested

I first wanted to do a comparison between the old Hugo and the new one but they are too similar in terms of material, design, features, size, accessories, and so on. I ended up choosing the Bathmate Prostate Pro because it’s another high-end prostate massager that I really liked when I tried it.

lelo hugo 2 vs bathmate prostate pro

Lelo Hugo 2 vs Bathmate Prostate Pro:

Lelo Hugo 2 Bathmate Prostate Pro
How does it feel: 9 8
Vibration power: 9 9
Quality: 10 7
Features 8 7
Battery life: 9 8
Price: 7 8
Support: 10 6
62 53

A clear win for the new Lelo Hugo 2 over the Bathmate Prostate Pro despite the price difference.

Should I Get the App or Remote Control Option?

Get the App version if you want to save $40 and don’t care about a physical remote control. I can’t stand relying on my phone, especially during sex which is why I would go for the remote control option.

Sure, it adds some cool features but anal play and lube does simply not mix well with touching my phone.

I just had a chat with Lou Paget who is a best-selling author and certified sex educator about the subject and I can confirm that I’m not alone.

No, you’re not the only one who doesn’t like to use your phone to control your sex toys. Imagine all the bacteria that gets on it and then you put it right up against your face when taking a phone call 2 minutes later.”

What I Like and Don’t Like About It


  • Extremely high-quality prostate massager that gets me to orgasms every time
  • Easy to control and adjust
  • The noise level is surprisingly low compared to the strong vibration power
  • You can choose between an app and a remote-controlled version
  • The bulb shape hits my prostate right at the perfect spot
  • Usable for both experienced and new users


  • I would have loved a wider contact area between the Hugo 2 and my perineum area
  • It’s pretty expensive, but the quality and features are there to justify it
  • I would prefer two different insertable blub shapes compared to app/remote options

My Final Thoughts About the Lelo Hugo 2

I had a wonderful time testing the new Hugo 2 prostate massager from Lelo which is a clear improvement over the old version.

But is it enough to recommend it if you already own the old version? It depends, like everything else in this world, on your budget. It’s not cheap to upgrade your Lelo Hugo to a new one especially if it’s working perfectly. The last thing this world needs is more waste and let’s be honest, sex toys don’t have a lot of second-hand value.

It’s a no-brainer if you don’t own a prostate massager or if you have one of the many cheaper options, then the new Lelo Hugo 2 is going to blow you away!

I’m a huge fan of high-quality sex toys that are made to last which this certainly is but it does come at a higher price. I’m aware that it’s not for everybody but I feel like the quality and features make up for the higher price.

I guess I need to update my best prostate massager list right after publishing this review because the Hugo 2 just took the top spot on that list.

I recommend the Lelo Hugo 2 prostate massager if you’re an experienced or new user who which the best of the best.

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