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Sex toys for Couples

Find the Best Sex Toys for Couples

Playing with sex toys by yourself can be a lot of fun, but playing with a sex partner can be a whole new experience.

It’s a great way to explore each other’s bodies and perhaps learn some new ways of giving pleasure to your sex partner.

Just to be clear – All sex toys can be used by couples but the list below is mainly sex toys designed for 2 or more people.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sex toys for couples.  

Long-Distance Relationship Sex Toys

Long-distance sex toys are in many ways the ultimate couples’ sex toys because it’s the only thing that sexually connects you and your partner.

Most of the toys in this category are app-based and can be controlled with your phone over the internet and not Bluetooth which requires you to be close to each other.

It’s getting easier to stay connected with all the new technologies that allow you to see, feel, and interact over video or even virtual reality.

You should take a look at Kinkycow’s guide to long-distance sex toys if you wish to stay intimate with your long-distance partner.

Articles About Long-Distance Sex Toys:

  • Vibrating panties
  • Remote control vibrators
  • App controlled vibrators
  • Virtual reality sex toys
long distance sex toys
strap on sex toys

Strap-On Sex Toys

Strap-on sex toys are a great way to “change” roles and give girls the ability to perform penetration sex or for men to perform double penetration.

It’s a favorite among lesbians especially the double strap-ons and couples that are into pegging.

Your favorite dildos might just be usable in a strap-on harness if it has a standard-size suction base.

Strap-On Sex Toy Articles:

Penis Rings

Penis rings can be used for solo play but some of them are designed for couple’s play. They can do a lot of great things for your sex life and spice things up without going crazy.

You can read Kinkycow’s penis ring guide if you want to know more about this wonderful tiny sex toy or learn more about a couple of amazing couples’ cock rings that do some for both of you.

Penis Ring Articles:

butt plugs

Butt Plugs

Sure, butt plugs can be used alone but they are most often used by couples (or more than 2) as a pre-anal penetration sex toy.

It’s a great way to slowly expand your anal muscle and prepare for a much more joyful anal experience.

You can also use it while having “normal” penetration which makes the vagina feel tighter plus it looks amazing (especially the jeweled butt plugs).

You can follow Kinkycow’s ultimate butt plug guide if you’re new to butt plugs and want some background information before making your first purchase.

Butt Plug Articles:

  • Best butt plugs
  • Butt plug tail
  • Vibrating butt plug
  • Fox tail butt plug
  • Glass butt plug
  • Inflatable butt plug
  • Jewel butt plug
  • Cat tail butt plug
  • Small butt plug
  • Huge butt plug
  • Bunny tail butt plug
  • Homemade butt plug
  • Hollow butt plug
  • Butt plug panties
  • Locking butt plug
  • Metal butt plug
  • Silicone butt plug
  • Butt plug thong
  • Heart butt plug
  • LED butt plug
  • Fidget spinner butt plug
  • Remote control butt plug
  • Butt plug harness
  • Expanding butt plug
  • Horse tail butt plug
  • Pig tail butt plug
  • Unicorn butt plug

BDSM Sex Toys for Couples

The vast majority of BDSM sex toys require or are meant to be used by 2 or more people to get the most out of them.

You can enjoy SM toys by yourself but Bondage and Discipline are the perfect couple play.

If you’re new to BDSM then head over to our BDSM beginners guide and you might find something that piques your interest.

Or take a look at the ultimate BDSM sex toy gear guide if you wish to take things to the next level.

Articles About BDSM Sex Toys:

BDSM sex toys
  • Bondage kits
  • Sex handcuffs
  • Blindfolds
  • Gags
  • Ring gags
  • Ball gags
  • Dildo gags
  • Double ball gags
  • Inflatable mouth gags
  • Anal hooks
  • Spanking paddles
  • Floggers
  • Bondage ropes
  • Bondage tape
  • Bondage straps
  • Suspension bondage
  • Sex whips
  • Chastity belts
  • Wartenberg pinwheel
  • BDSM collars
  • Bed restraints
  • Nipple clamps

Sex Furniture

Sex furniture can range from small $50 sex pills up to $5000 BDSM cages with all the bells and whistles.

The sex swing is by far the most popular option and it’s both cheap and relatively small if you choose any of the door-mounted versions.

It’s a great way to spice things up and take your sex life to a new place and level.

You can read Kinkycow’s guide to sex furniture if you’re new to them and wish for some more information before throwing lots of money after a product.

Sex Furniture Articles:

  • DIY Sex Furniture
  • BSDM sex furniture
  • Sex Chairs
  • Sex Couch
  • Sex chaise
  • Sex Wedge
  • Sex Swing
  • Door sex swing
  • Sex Pillows
  • Sex sling
  • Dildo chair
  • BDSM cage bed
  • Spanking bench
  • Queening chairs
  • BDSM cages
  • Bondage table

BDSM Toys for Men

Most BDSM sex toys are aimed towards all sexes but there are a few BDSM sex toys for men only. They all focus on your penis and/or balls as you would expect.

BDSM is a combination of Bondage and Discipline + Sadism and masochism which is a fairly wide range of styles so you’ll see a lot of different sex toys in this category.

I would suggest taking a look at our BDSM sex toys guide if you wish to dive a little deeper into this topic.

Articles About BDSM Sex Toys for Men:

  • Chastity cages
  • Small Chastity Cages
  • Ball Stretchers
  • Male Chastity Belts
  • Penis Plugs
  • Ball Separators
  • Cock bondage

Other Sex Toys for Couples

There are constantly new and exciting sex toys for couples that take advantage of new technologies and materials. A lot of the newest stuff is great for long-distance relationships because it works over the internet and virtual reality.

We at Kinkycow are determined to give you the latest and greatest in terms of sex toy guides for all the new products that are coming out.

If you feel like exploring new sex toys then take a look at some of the most popular sex toy websites that we recommend.

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