Prostate Massager Reviews on Kinkycow

Prostate massagers come in various sizes and with a wide range of features.

But which one is the right product for your needs and experience level?

I’ve tested and reviewed quite a large number of different prostate massagers at my time before founding so I have quite the experience.

All the different prostate massager reviews that I do will be posted below.

What’s important when I review prostate massager toys?

  • Quality – I rate most men’s sex toys by their quality and you can see that in my choices of best prostate massager here which is a $250 product. I know that quality does cost more but I would hate to get a really good performing product only to discover that it broke after the first couple of tried.
  • The feeling – This is another super important factor when reviewing prostate massagers. The quality does not matter if it feels like shit using it.
  • Features – More features are not always better, but can be really good if done correct.
  • Price – I try to recommend a mix of price points since we’re all on different budgets. But the price should match the quality/features of the prostate massager.

You can always read my comprehensive guide to prostate massagers if you want to know more about them before choosing a product.

Below are the prostate massagers that I’ve reviewed while working on Kinkycow.

prostate massager reviews