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Update March 2024: I just reviewed the brand new 3rd version of the F1S from Lelo and it’s amazing and better than the V2. You can read my full Lelo F1S V3 review here or you might get a cheap V2 version right now if you still want that version.

The LELO F1S V2 is a very high-quality male masturbator that uses sonic waves and vibrations to stimulate you. I personally love the SonicWave technology and I could literally feel it all the way though my balls and my prostate when I used it.

It does have a lot of power and the included app makes it easy to make custom vibration patterns and control it.

It is however not that big and it’s not for you if your penis has a bigger circumference than 5-inches.

Using it feels like getting a wet and strong sucking blowjob in a good way.


This is what you get:

  • A very powerful new way to stimulate your penis
  • High-quality build and materials
  • Waterproof
  • Both app and device controllable

I recommend the LELO F1S v2 if you’re after a unique male masturbator of very high-quality.

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Full LELO F1S v2 Review Below

The F1S male masturbator from LELO had an update to a new version 2 in last half of 2021 and that’s the version I’ll be looking at in this review.

lelo f1s review

Table of Contents

Shipping and First Look

Shipping was fairly quickly at 3 days for an international order and it arrived in a nondescriptive box perfect for privacy.

The F1S v2 feels great in the hands and its notable better quality compared to that vast majority of sex toys which tend to have a plasticly feel to them.

What’s in the Box?

The box includes the bare minimum and a couple of lube bags for a couple of sessions with the F1S v2.

There is no manual or instructions but a simple QR code and a link to a downloadable manual. It’s great to see they removed the printed version to save paper and weight for less co2 impact.

This is included in the box:

  • The LELO F1S v2 itself
  • Standard charging cable (USB)
  • 2 small bags of lube
  • A link to the instructions
  • Register your device code

LELO F1S v2 Specifications and Features

The F1S v2 design specifications:

  • Device length – 5.5” (14.5cm.)
  • Device circumference – 9” (22.5cm.)
  • Insertable length – 4” (10cm.)
  • Insertable circumference – 4.7” (12cm.)
  • Materials – Aluminum and silicone


  • Sonic wave motor
  • App controlled with Bluetooth
  • Suction power
  • Battery powered (rechargeable)
  • Waterproof

Do I Need to use the App?

The F1S can be controlled with an app on your phone but it doesn’t need to be and you can simply use the buttons on the back of the device.

Using the LELO F1S v2 Male Masturbator

Right out of the box the F1S v2 is locked so it doesn’t turn on during shipping, you simply start charging or hold the plus and minus buttons for a few seconds to unlock it.

  1. Charge it completely before going to the next step. Charging takes 2 hours from empty to full and it’s done with the included USB cable. The charging port on the F1S is behind a small silicone flap on the back of the device.
  2. You can connect it to the LELO app on your phone at this stage or simply use the manual buttons on the device. I prefer to use the buttons and avoid lube and body fluids on my phone.
  3. Apply water-based lube on your penis and the internal silicone sleeve. Don’t use any other kind of lubrication!
  4. Penetrate the sleeve and try to get as much air out from the sleeve so you get as deep as possible before you turn it on. There are some grooves in the silicone that help get rid of air in the inner part of the sleeve but it’s still hard to completely avoid.
  5. Turn on the LELO F1S v2 with a single push on the on/off button. Turning it on does take a few seconds.
    manual settings f1s v2
  6. Select a vibration mode that you like with a single push on the on/off button. You can increase or decrease the strength of the sonic waves and vibrations with the plus and minus buttons.
  7. Enjoy the super strong and unique stimulation that penetrates deep inside your penis and body. Watch your favorite adult content on your phone or simply close your eyes and enjoy the feeling.
  8. Turn it off once you’re done and clean it with mild soap and warm water. It’s waterproof which makes it very easy to clean.

My Experience Using the F1S v2

I’ve tested a large number of male masturbators during my 12 years in the sex toy industry and this is the first one that literally vibrated my entire lower body including my prostate which is pretty wild to think about.

You don’t have to crank it all the way up to feel the incredible stimulation that the F1S v2 delivers but I kind of enjoyed being shaken all the way to my inner core. The new and upgraded vibration motor is twice as powerful as the old version which in itself way quite powerful.

The best way to describe the feeling of using it is to imagine getting a blowjob (that’s why it’s on the list of the best blowjob machines) while using a vibrating penis pump and a prostate massager all at the same time. It can be a little overwhelming but you can always decrease the strength of the stimulation with a single push of a button.

Overall, an incredible male masturbator that delivers a unique stimulation and pleasure.

Let’s Look at Some Bad and Good Things of the F1S v2

LELO has gotten a lot further with their version 2 of the F1S male masturbator but there are still a lot to be improved.


  • The Sonic Waves feels amazing
  • Strong vibrating
  • Very high-quality both build and materials
  • Waterproof for bath play and easy cleaning
  • Unlimited custom vibration patterns with the app


  • It’s very expensive
  • Too small if you’re average size or bigger
  • Hard to avoid air getting trapped in the device
  • The charging port is too shallow
  • The noise level is a little too loud

The Charging port issue

A few thoughts about the charging cable and the way it plugs into the F1S v2 – LELO has clearly cut a corner here and used a standard sex toy charging cable. There is nothing wrong with the cable itself but the plug is too long and you can’t plug the charger in completely.

f1s v2 charging port

This leaves some of the metal exposed on the cable which just feels wrong. It would have been nice to see them custom design a charging cable the fits perfectly in the F1S v2. I’ve talked to LELO about it and hope it’s going to be fixed in the next version.

It’s however nothing major and certainly not a deal breaker.

No, it’s Not a Stroker

It might look like a stroker but it’s not and you should not try to use it as one. It can be tempting to try but you might end up breaking something if you try to stroke in the F1S. There are a lot of technology in it that might break if you misuse it.

There are plenty of great strokers out there and I would highly recommend our list of the best pocket pussies if you’re after a male stroker.

My Final Thoughts About the LELO F1S v2

The LELO F1S v2 is quite an upgrade from the first developer version of the device and it got significantly more power and features to play with.

I really wish they would increase the size of the insertable area both in terms of length and girth. It would most likely require a complete redesign of the entire device and not something that happens overnight.

All the new technologies that are put into the LELO F1S v2 is however a promising sign for the future of male masturbator sex toys. A future that I look forward to be part of because the sonic waves does really make a huge difference and I would love to see it implemented in stroker style masturbators and other sex toys for men.

I’ll not recommend the LELO F1S v2 to men who has a larger than average penis due to the limited space but it’s an absolute no-brainer if your penis is below 5-inches in girth.

It can really take your masturbation game to a whole new level that wasn’t possible before.

I recommend the LELO F1S v2 if you want to experience next level penis stimulation.

Update March 2024: I just reviewed the brand new 3rd version of the F1S from Lelo and it’s amazing and better than the V2. You can read my full Lelo F1S V3 review here or you might get a cheap V2 version right now if you still want that version.

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