YourDoll review – Is it safe to buy from them?

YourDoll review score:
  • Product selection
  • Prices
  • Support
  • Transparancy

Review summary:

YourDoll has a large selection of sex dolls from many sex dolls brands. Their customization options are plentiful and very easy to use.

You can expect helpful and friendly support if you have any questions or problems.

This is what you get:

  • Large sex doll selection
  • Very competitive prices
  • Great support
  • Easy customization

I recommend YourDoll for your next sex doll purchase if you want a good price and good service.

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YourDoll review 2021

Full YourDoll review below:

YourDoll is a relatively new company (more on that later) in the sex doll space but they are very popular because of their low prices and large selection of brands and dolls.

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Table of Contents

What kind of sex dolls does YourDoll have?

YourDoll has a really large selections of a wide range of different sex dolls including dolls with very specific looks. You can find sex dolls in the following special categories:

YourDoll sex doll selection

You can find TPE sex dolls from 15 brands on YourDoll as well as 12 brands of silicone sex dolls.

How do you customize a sex doll on

Customizing your sex doll on is very simple and very visual compared to some sex doll sellers. You’ll get different options of customization depending on the brand of dolls you select.

YourDoll has a large selection of WM Dolls which offers a lot of customization.

Simply select the model that you’re looking for in terms of heigh and breast/butt size.

Your now presented with a “Customize your love doll” and you’re ready to make is more personal to your taste.

You can customize the following on WM Dolls:

  • Skin color
  • Hair implants
  • Wig style/color
  • Mouth type
  • Eye color
  • Areola color and size
  • Nail colors
  • Vagina style, hair and color
  • Standing/none-standing
  • Skeleton type
  • Premium options
  • Accessories

There are a lot of options so take your time and customize it with care. I would personally recommend the “Hyper-realism body painting” which is a premium option at $150 but it makes a lot of difference if you want it to look realistic.

Payment options

You have a few ways of paying for your new sex doll at Your Doll including:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express)
  • Money Order (bank transfer)
  • Layaway ($200 down payment and a monthly payment)
  • Klarna (Buy now and pay later)

There are no cryptocurrency options as most other sex dolls sellers have. I would have loved to see that on YourDoll for extra privacy, but that’s not an option right now.

When can I expect to get my new sex doll from Your Doll?

Your Doll have both in stock sex dolls and custom orders, you can pick up the dolls that are in stock in their warehouse in LA California, remember to make a pickup appointment first.

Custom orders have a production time of 15-35 days depending on the time you order and the different options you have chosen. Silicone Dolls does have a 10 day longer production time compared to TPE dolls.

You can find all their delivery times on their shipping information page here.

Testing the customer support

I’ve tested YourDoll’s support by sending them support requests on all their different support options:

  • Phone – Their phone is answered by an English-speaking person and answered a couple of simple questions about their ordering process. They did however not pick up the phone during the weekend. I’m giving them 3 out of 5 on phone support.
  • Email – I send 3 emails to sales(at) with an 8-hour difference between each email to test their response time in different time zones. They all got answered within 6 hours which is fine but not truly amazing. I’m giving them 4 out of 5 on email support.
  • Live chat – My live chat questions on was answered quickly with the exception of the one I did on a Sunday.

I would always recommend email or live chat when dealing with any kind of support since you have it all written down. This will give you proof if something goes wrong or you can have a look at their answers later on if you need the information.

How do YourDoll deal with return?

You can return your sex doll from YourDoll if it has been damaged in shipping or you for some reason got the wrong doll.

It is very important that you inspect the package before accepting it from the shipping company since they are responsible if it gets damaged during shipping.

You should always record the opening of the package when you receive it. I know this is annoying but you’ll have all the proof you need if things are not what they are supposed to be.

Remember to arrange a return of the product with sales(at) before you return anything.

Lack of transparency

Update 07-07-2022: I’ve been in more contact with YourDoll and they have explained some of the address changes on their website over the years and their current lack of address on their website.

YourDoll is a relatively young company, but even the age of the company is hard to confirm.

The company was founded in 2017 according to their website but the domain name was for sale on Sedo on April 2018 and several years before that, so that’s a lie.

There is a timeline in their “Contact Us” section on but some of the dates are not true. According to the timeline they set up a sales representative office called “Smart Insider Inc.” in 2017 but a quick look on reveals that it was first incorporated on March 11 2019.

The only explanation I can think of is that they want to appear older than they really are.

The early website had a Chinese address in the footer and that was changed to an American address. A later update removed the exact address but kept a few details which now has been completely removed… This might have been removed to prevent people showing up without a scheduled appointment but it’s still a bit strange to completely remove all location data from their website.

yourdoll contact information
Update 07-07-2022: I’ve been in more contact with YourDoll and they have explained some of the address changes on their website over the years and their current lack of address on their website.

Final thoughts about

Your Doll is a very popular place to buy sex dolls due to their big selection and low prices.

But there are a few examples of them shipping counterfeit sex dolls to customers. This is however very hard to verify and could be a competitor trying to ruin their reputation. That’s why it’s so important that you document opening the box when you get it. This will give you proof if anything isn’t as expected.

I wish they would be a little more transparent and not try to hide as much as possible, they properly have their reasons but it’s still a sign of trust to show where you’re located.

Their support is quick and helpful if you have any questions about your order or before ordering.

I recommend buying your next sex doll from YourDoll if you’re looking for good support and good prices.