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Both the Dillion Harper Fleshlight sleeves are really good and they hit 2 different segments of men.

The vagina one is called Crush and it’s less intense and very soft which mean that you can enjoy it much longer.

The butt version is called Crave and it’s very intense and you’re not going to last long in it before you’re having an amazing orgasm.

Dillion Harper Fleshlight review

What you get:

  • Enjoy Dillion Harpers ass or pussy whenever you like
  • A well-designed and high-quality sex toy
  • Good support and secure shopping

I recommend the Dillion Harper Fleshlight

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Dillion Harper is one of the first girls to join the Fleshlight girls and have her own signature sleeves.

I know that I’m not alone when I say that she is one of my all-time favorite pornstars and I’ve been super pumped to review her Fleshlight sleeves and give them a try.

Let’s find out who Dillion is before we jump into the review.

Who is Dillion Harper?

Dillion Harper Fleshlight

She was born on September 27 1991 in Florida and is 5ft 5” (165cm) tall with brown- eyes and hair.

Dillion Harper began her adult career as a nude model and transitioned into adult movies in 2012. She has worked for several big adult media companies including New Sensations, Diabolic video and Devil’s Film.

She’s still an active adult model and work on both the west and east coast.

Enough about Dillion, let’s have a look at her Fleshlight sleeves.

The Dillion Harper pussy Fleshlight

Dillion Harper Fleshlight pussy

Dillion Harpers pussy sleeve is called the “Crush sleeve” and it starts off with a massive 4-inch-long and very wide camber with nubs and small balls on the inside.

There is a very narrow passage at 5 inch in ends in a 1.5-inch-long camber with 3 rings on the inside.

The last part is a funnel that start small and opens up the further you go in, the texture inside the funnel is just like a threaded hole.

How does the Crush sleeve feel?

The Crush sleeve feels very soft and gentle the first 4.5 inches before things kick up and you enter the narrow part in the middle. Most guys will feel the second chamber with the rings around their glans and it has a very strong stimulating effect on the glans.

My penis is unfortunately only 6.5 inches long so the last threated part was out of my reach. Feel free to comment below the review if you’ve tried it and how it felt.

This is definitely not a sleeve for “small” guys since the first 4.5 inches is quite boring. But I know some guys love to take it extra slow and have long Fleshlight sessions in which case it would be perfect.

The Dillion Harper butt Fleshlight

Dillion Harper Fleshlight butt

The butt sleeve is called “Crave” and it has a tight entrance followed by 3-inch-long tight channel with a different interesting texture on the side.

It opens up at 3.5 inch in and the following chamber is 2.5-inch-long with a lot of big soft bumps on the side.  The last part of the Crave sleeve is quite narrow with nubs on the first part and rings on the last part.

How does the crave sleeve feel?

I’ve been craving to try the Crave sleeve for a long time and it did not disappoint. The first part is quite tight but nothing too crazy and the middle part is kind of a breathing room for your penis before you enter the nubs and bumps in the last part of the Crave sleeve.

This is an all-round great feeling texture and sleeve and would fit most men’s needs.

The best place to buy the Dillion Harper Fleshlight

There are a lot of trusted Fleshlight resellers around the web where you can get the real deal.

But they often miss a lot of the Fleshlight accessories that I really feel makes the difference between a good masturbate device and a bad one.

I’m talking hands-free masturbating, shower mounts, Fleshlight heater and great bundles with amazing discounts.

You’ll get all that if you buy your next Fleshlight at fleshlight.com

Why not get the Dillion Harper Crush combo package?

You can also get the Crush combo package from fleshlight.com that will save you $20 and make your life a bit easier when you use it or clean it.

The Crush combo package contain:

  • The Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight
  • A bottle of water-based Fleshlight lubrication
  • A bottle of anti-bacteria soap that’s specially made to clean sex toys
  • I bottle of renewing power to use on your Fleshlight once it clean and dry
Dillion Harper crush combo

The only reason why you shouldn’t get the Crush combo pack is if you’re going to get the anal version of the Dillion Fleshlight which at the time of writing is not available as a combo pack.

Get the most out of your Fleshlight

It’s important to head up your brand-new Dillion sleeve before you put your dick inside it! There is nothing wrong with a cold hole but a warm juicy hole is so much more pleasant.

You should also use plenty of lubrication, I recommend the lube from Fleshlight them self. You should buy the Crush Combo pack to get a large bottle of it.

My final thoughts about the Dillion Harper Fleshlight

It has been fun testing both the Crush and Crave sleeves and I can only recommend them both.

If you’re after a soft and long-lasting less intense sexual experience then I would suggest that you pick the Dillion Crush sleeve.

Want a tighter and more intense experience? Then pick the Crave sleeve or take a look at out list of different Fleshlight here.

I’ve tested and reviwed lots of Fleshlights which are all available here.

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