5 Penis Girth Sleeves Tested and Ranked 2024

Adding extra girth to your penis with a sleeve can make a huge difference and be the difference between giving your sex partner an orgasm or not.

There are lots of great penis girth sleeves that will make it happen but a few stick out above the rest.

Let’s take a look at the best penis girth sleeves that I’ve tested the last few years here at Kinkycow.

Mega Girth Extender

$ 56
  • Adds 66% extra girth
  • 3 Colors
  • Add 1-3 inches
The Best

Mega Mighty Girth

$ 25
  • Adds 33% extra girth
  • Clear design
  • Add 2 inches

Perfect Fit Fat Boy

$ 50
  • Adds 33% extra girth
  • Ball strap
  • Male Masturbator

If you still haven’t found one that you like then I would recommend you read the article below and learn some more about the different options and what to look out for.

best penis girth sleeves

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Best Penis Girth Sleeves 2024

#1 Mega Girth Extender – Best Overall

The Mega Girth Extender is made in 3 different colors, beige, brown, and black. It’s also made in 3 different lengths so you can choose how much you want to add to your penis in terms of length.

It’s made from a realistic feeling soft plastic material that sticks to your penis with friction. You can also cut the material to make it fit your penis size perfectly.

mega girth extender


  • Increase your penis girth by 66%
  • Add 1, 2, or 3-inches to your penis length
  • 3 Color options
  • Trim the base for a perfect fit
  • Realistic texture and feel


  • No ball strap
  • A little expensive

Personal Thoughts About the Mega Girth Extender

I love the Mega Girth Extender for its simple design and function yet powerful benefit. It can truly turn your thin little cock into a massive thick beast in a matter of seconds.

The material feels really good for both the user and the taker and the veins and texture add to the realistic feeling.

One small warning – Be careful if you’re trimming material off the base to make it fit your size better. Just trim off a little at a time so you avoid taking too much off and ruining it.

Other than that, it’s a great product with a lot of size and color options to choose from so you can find one that suits your skin tone and size.

The Mega Girth Extender has also been voted one of the best realistic penis sleeves.

I recommend the Mega Girth Extender if you want the best simple and easy-to-put-on penis girth sleeve.

#2 Mega Mighty Girthy – Best Budget Option

The Mega Mighty Girthy from Lovehoney is made in a clear soft plastic that makes your penis visible through it.

It’s 6.5 inches thick and adds 2 inches to your penis length and has a ball strap at the base for better mounting so it doesn’t come off during use.

mega mighty girthy


  • Increase your penis girth to 6.5”
  • Add 2 inches to your penis length
  • Clear design
  • Ball strap for better mounting
  • Very cheap


  • Not realistic looking
  • Few details like veins
  • No option to reduce the length for a better fit

Personal Thoughts About the Mega Mighty Girthy

I don’t know why but I kind of love clear sex toys like pocket pussies and the Mega Mighty Girthy falls into the clear sex toy category. I guess it’s because I can see everything that goes on inside which is a huge turn-on for me.

It’s part of Lovehoney’s brand which are sex toys of good quality for a fair price which is very much true for the Mega Mighty Girthy.

At $25 it’s a steal compared to some of the others on this list and it’s your best option for a penis girth sleeve if you’re on a tight budget.

I recommend the Mega Mighty Girthy if you love clear sex toys or just want the best budget-friendly option.

#3 Perfect Fit Fat Boy

The Fat Boy from Perfect Fit is one of the original penis sleeves and has been around for more than a decade. It’s made with a semi-clear super stretchy material (called Silaskin) that can be stretched over a wide range of penis sizes.

It’s a dual sex toy that can be used both as a penis girth sleeve and a male masturbator with its stimulating internal texture.

perfect fit fat boy


  • Adds both girth and length to your penis
  • Can be used as a male masturbator
  • Ball ring for better mounting
  • Stimulating internal texture


  • The ball ring is a little tight
  • Very little external details/texture

Personal Thoughts About the Perfect Fit Fat Boy

I love the fact that Perfect Fit changed things up a bit and turned a standard girth-increasing penis sleeve into a male masturbator as well!

My only complaint is that they didn’t go all-in and added a vibrator to the mix for maximum pleasure for both you and your sex partner. But it’s just a minor detail and wishful thinking.

The overall feel of the Silaskin material is really good and it feels like a super soft vagina that you can put on your penis.

I recommend the Perfect Fit Fat Boy if you want an awesome dual-sex toy that can be used solo or with a partner.

#4 Fantasy X-Tensions Extra Girthy

Pipedream is behind this beast of a vibrating girth monster that will increase your penis girth by 33% and add 2 inches to your penis length.

It’s made with a temperature-responsive material that feels like real skin and it has a ball strap for secure mounting.

fantasy x-tensions


  • Adds an extra 33% thickness to your penis
  • Clitoris vibrator
  • Ball strap
  • 2-inches extra penis length


  • The external details are a little rough
  • Only a single speed vibrator

Personal Thoughts About the Fantasy X-Tensions

I rated the Fantasy X-Tensions Extra Girthy Vibrating penis extender second on my list of the best-vibrating penis sleeves. It is super girthy but the quality and feel of the product is not enough for a top spot on this list.

Not that I don’t like it, there are simply better options out there but if you’re after a girthy sleeve with a clitoris vibrator then this is your best option by a long shot.

I recommend the Fantasy X-Tensions Extra Girthy Vibrating sleeve if you’re after lots of girth increase and a vibrating feature.

#5 Size Matters Really Ample XL

The Ample XL Penis Enhancer is made by Size Matters and it’s a thick sleeve with a natural smooth texture on the outside and I soft stimulating internal texture.

There is a thick ball strap at the base of the sleeve which secures it so it doesn’t move or fall off during sex.

It’s 7.67 inches (19.5cm.) in circumference and 6.7 inches (17cm) in length which makes it a huge girth penis sleeve.


  • Huge girth (7.6-inches)
  • Hard head for easier penetration
  • Stimulating internal texture
  • Ball strap
  • Very smooth surface


  • The hard head can be a little uncomfortable
  • No way to reduce the length and get a perfect fit

Personal Thoughts About the Really Ample XL

There are a few things that separate the Really Ample XL sleeve from the rest and that’s the insane girth and the super smooth surface.

The super smooth surface is pretty much a must when you crack the 7-inch circumference. It makes it a lot easier to penetrate without using an entire bottle of lube!

I like the internal texture that reminds me of the texture in the Perfect Fit Fat Boy which is very stimulating.

Just one small warning, the head is pretty hard and it might be uncomfortable for some while others will enjoy the hard pleasure. Please do consider that before buying it!

I recommend the Size Matters Really Ample XL sleeve if you want the biggest girth penis sleeve.

Girth Sleeves vs. Extension Sleeves

Several studies have shown the importance of girth compared to length when it comes to satisfying a sex partner.

Having a penis longer than 7 inches (17.5 cm.) rarely add any pleasure but having a thicker penis does results in a lot higher success rate when it comes to giving your sex partner an orgasm.

That being said, most penis girth sleeves does also add penis length so you can enjoy both at the same time. The product I recommend can be bought in 3 different versions that add either 1, 2, or 3 inches to your penis length as well as 66% to your penis girth.

If you’re purely after length then check out my guide to the best penis extension sleeves.

But too much girth can also cause problems, let’s look at that.

Problems With Too Much Girth

There are a few problems with adding too much girth to your penis with a sleeve. Let’s look at some of them and see how you can deal with them.

  • Falling off – Having a too-thick penis sleeve increases the friction on the outside due to the larger surface area. This can result in the sleeve getting pulled off during intercourse and you end up having sex with a penis sleeve inside someone else… If this happens try to reduce the amount of lube on your penis and increase the amount of lube on the outside of the sleeve. Or find a girthy penis sleeve with a ball strap that prevents it from falling off during sex.
  • No stimulation – Using a very thick penis sleeve will greatly reduce the stimulation on your penis while having sex. This can course your penis to become soft and eventually, the sleeve will come off or you end up simply not enjoying having sex with a thick sleeve on.
  • Hard to penetrate – Taking a very thick penis is not easy and is something that needs to be worked on and warmed up to. Starting with a very thick sleeve on your penis can be very challenging and might end up hurting your sex partner more than satisfying them. A solution could be to use other sex toys first and build up to your extra girth penis sleeve or use sleeves with different girth sizes and then work your way up. And remember longer foreplay and lots of lube is always good.

None of the problems above are deal-breaking, and you can easily work around them.

My Final Thoughts About Extra Girth Penis Sleeves

Adding extra girth to your penis is super easy with a penis sleeve and you can put one on in a few seconds.

Penis girth sleeves are very safe to use and they don’t cost a lot of money which makes them the ideal choice for getting a thicker penis.

If you’re after other penis sleeve options that maybe don’t add that much extra girth then head over to my list of the best penis sleeves and find one that suits your needs.

I recommend the Mega Girth Extender if you want the best girth sleeve for your penis.

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