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Review summary:

Kiiroo just released their newest FeelStar model Reagan Foxx and I was super excited to give it a go.

The entrance feels soft and loose but the stimulation hits you right in the face as soon as your penis head enters the first part of the inside!

I feel like it’s one of the best for stamina training since it stimulates your penis all the way through.

Overall, a pleasant surprise that landed among the best pocket pussies that I’ve ever tried (I’ve tried a LOT!).

Reagan Foxx Stroker Review

What I like about it:

  • Very realistic feeling stroker
  • Strong stimulation to the end
  • Really good build quality
  • Works with lots of accessories from Kiiroo

I recommend the Reagan Foxx Stroker if you’re a fan of Reagan Foxx and her work or just want an amazing stroker.

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Not sure if it’s the right pocket pussy for you? Read on and learn some more about Reagan Foxx and this awesome toy.

Who is Reagan Foxx?

Reagan Foxx is an American adult film actress who debuted in the industry in 2016. Renowned for her striking features and captivating performances, she quickly rose to fame and amassed a large fan base.

Born on April 12, 1970, in Arizona, United States, Foxx began working in this field when she was in her mid-40s. Since then, she has collaborated with numerous renowned production companies while receiving multiple nominations and awards for her work.

reagan foxx

Despite pursuing adult entertainment full time, Foxx remains a mother while maintaining a balance between professional and personal life.

What is a FeelStar Stroker?

The Reagan Foxx stroker is part of Kiiroo’s FeelStar stroker series which is kind of like a Fleshlight. The pussy sleeve sits inside a hard-plastic case which allows it to be used with a wide range of accessories.

You can find all the different FeelStars here, they add more regularly so sign up for their newsletter or keep an eye on that page. 

Let’s Take a Look at the Reagan Foxx Stroker

Your new stroker comes in a cool box with pictures of the orifice and one of the internal layouts which only your penis is otherwise going to know about.

The hard case that surrounds the pussy sleeve has a front lid to protect the soft skin-like material and a back lid that stays on during use.

There is a mounting slot right behind the thick part of the case which is used to lock it in the Kiiroo KEON (more about that later).

reagan foxx fleshlight

How do I get Started?

Well, you could simply just pull it out of the box and go straight for a dry penetration, but there are lots of reasons why this is a bad idea. You’re most likely going to cause damage to the soft skin-like material and your penis might get very sore from the dry rubbing.

You can dramatically improve your experience by following this step-by-step guide:

  1. Take the Reagan Foxx pussy sleeve out of the hard case and submerge it in warm water for around 15 minutes. Don’t use boiling water but something a little hotter than your body temperature. You can also preheat your lube this way.
    preheat lube and toy
  2. Remove it from the water a shake most of the water off before putting it back in the hard case.
  3. Apply a good squeeze of water-based lube on your penis and at the entrance.
  4. Penetrate it slowly the first couple of times to spread the lube around the inside before going for whatever thrusting speed you prefer.
  5. You can adjust the suction force (how tight you’re going to feel it) by tightening the back lid or by losing it.
  6. Once you’re done, remove the sleeve from the case and rinse it off with warm water and use an anti-bacterial soap.
    feelreagan cleaning
  7. Make sure it’s completely dry before putting it back in the case and storing it away. You can dry it off completely by removing the back and front lid completely to allow for some airflow through it.

So, How Does it Feel to Use?

This is entirely my own personal experience with the Reagan Foxx stroker and you might feel it completely different.

Your experience depends on the type of stimulation you prefer, your penis size, and even the curvature of your penis. All these factors change the stimulation level so it’s pretty hard to judge it objectively.

This is how it feels for me:

Oh, boy! Where do I even start? The feeling of penetrating the Reagan Foxx stroker is truly indescribable. It’s super soft at the beginning when the entrance material wraps around my penis like a warm, wet embrace, creating an intense and pleasurable sensation.

The stimulation intensifies as you go deeper and deeper with sets of rings that rub all over your penis head and kind of vibrate it when you thrust back and forth.

It is not a super loose or tight experience but right smack bang in the middle, you can always adjust the tightness by tightening the back lid or make it looser by undoing it.

Overall, a great stroker that suits a wide range of styles.

Different Alternatives

If you’re into a tighter entrance then I would suggest taking a look at the Reya Sunshine Stroker which has a very tight spot near the entrance which feels amazing to penetrate through.

It’s all down to your personal preferences, they are in my mind both great options!

Pros and Cons of the Reagan Foxx Stroker


  • A very realistic feeling stroker
  • The internal texture is very stimulating
  • It works with the KEON automatic stroker
  • It’s fairly easy to clean
  • Adjust the tightness with the back lid


  • It’s a little big with the hard plastic case
  • More expensive than non-cased pocket pussies
  • Does not work with Fleshlight accessories

Should I Go All-in and Get the KEON?

First off, what the hell is the KEON? It’s a device that turns your Reagan Foxx stroker into a full-blown automatic masturbation beast!

You simply mount the stroker in the KEON and adjust things like; speed settings, stroke length, stroking patterns, and so on.

reagan foxx keon

It’s a pretty big device and it does cost $200 extra, but it’s a one-time purchase and it works with all the products in the FeelStar stroker series. It’s kind of like the end-game masturbation device if you pair it up with a Virtual Reality set.

This is what you get with the Reagan Foxx stroker combo:

  • FeelReagan Foxx stroker
  • KEON automatic stroker
  • Kiiroo Arctic water-based lube

Do I recommend getting the KEON for everyone? No, but if you’re going balls to the wall then there is no way around it!

My Final Thoughts About the Reagan Foxx Pocket Pussy

Are you into Reagan Foxx? There is simply no way around the new FeelReagan stroker from Kiiroo. It has a fantastic internal layout that stimulates your penis all the way through and don’t forget about the molded orifice which is made from her real vagina.

It’s a well-made pocket pussy that’s up there among the best pocket pussies in the world right now!

I recommend the Reagan Foxx pocket pussy if you’re into Reagan Foxx or simply just want an amazing stroker.

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