Who are we?

We’re a team of 5 people working on Kinkycow.com based all around the world, so you can expect a quick response if you send us an email or comment.

We got a combined 40 years of sex toy experience, from personal experience to working with sex toy manufactures and supply chains.

You might have seen our “We’re hiring” page because we’re always looking to expand the team with experienced and passioned people who want to make a difference.

Our mission?

We live in a world full of advertising and it’s hard to cut away the bullshit from the real information.

Our mission is to bring transparency to the sex toy world and help you make educated decisions when choosing which sex toys to buy.

We also work on bringing down barriers that prevent people from using and enjoying sex toys – especially tabu barriers that serve no purpose in the world we live in now.   

What do we do?

Out main service is creating guides for first time and experienced sex toy buyers, so they can make an educated purchase decision. This is done by research and testing which is a very time consuming, but also a very pleasant job 😊

You can always post comments to all our guides that we stride to answer as thoroughly and quick as possible.

You can also send us an email if you have more personal questions that you don’t want to share with the world.

We respect your privacy and will never share that information with anyone.   

How do we make a living?

We sometimes get a commission when you buy a product though Kinkycow.com and that’s how we can keep making sex toy guides for you. We do however not get paid if you return the product, so there is no point in recommending bad products!

We never accept products from manufactures or retailers, all the products are bought by members of the Kinkycow team so they can be evaluated objectively.