Vanna Bardot Fleshlight Tested and Reviewed

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Review summary:

I just tested the Vanna Bardot vagina sleeve called Dopamine which is exactly what’s being released in my brain when I use it.

It’s not completely crazy but a nice middle ground in terms of stimulation level and tightness. It’s a good choice if you want nice realistic looking and feeling pocket pussy.

I love the tinkling effect the first and middle part of the sleeve does to my cock. It’s like the small nubs touch my penis and follow it when I move it in and out. Pretty freaking good stuff!

The entrance is based on Vanna’s vagina and the mold looks stunning compared to some of their earlier work (I still can’t believe they messed Sky Bri up so bad…).

Vanna Bardot Fleshlight in my hand

What I like about it:

  • Nice tinkling effect due to the small rounded nubs in the sleeve
  • Very realistic in terms of tightness and stimulation levels
  • The mold of Vanna Bardot’s vagina looks amazing
  • It can be used with all Fleshlight Girls accessories

I recommend the Dopamine sleeve if you want to give Vanna’s sweet little pussy a try or if you just want a nice tight-pocket pussy.

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My Full Review of the Dopamine Sleeve (Vagina version)

I was quick on the tricker when Fleshlight announced their presale of the newest Fleshlight Girl Vanna Bardot.

Vanna has been on our radar here at Kinkycow for a while, and I was hoping she would be selected as a Fleshlight Girl. Her performances on set are always super engaging which is why she has won so many adult awards in the last couple of years.

Oh, and did I mention she’s half French and half Brazilian?

What’s not to like?

Why Can’t I Buy It from My Local Sex Toy Store?

You might be able to do that when you read this review, but I’m buying it through a presale and right now it’s only available on the official Fleshlight website. I’ll add more buying options as they come.

I could not buy a sleeve-only version of it but I’m sure it will be available after the official launch.

Let’s Crack It Open and Get Started

Products sent from the official website come in a brown unmarked box with no indication of what’s inside. I don’t care about that but I can see that being a bonus if you live with your parents or have a roommate who loves to poke around in your stuff.

vanna bardot fleshlight lube renewing powder

You can buy it in a combo pack that includes renewing powder that’s essential to avoid it being sticky, water-based lube, and a special sex toy cleaner product.

I just got the Fleshlight-only option since I already got all the other products from previous Fleshlight purchases.

First Impressions of the Dopamine Sleeve

The entrance has a beautiful version of Vanna Bardot’s vagina on it. Her Labia are semi-large and look natural compared to pornstars who have had their Labia trimmed down.

It’s a much better mold than the Sky Bri Fleshlight that my fellow Kinkycow sex toy reviewer William tested a few months ago.

Preheat in Warm Water

Yes, I’m one of the guys who loves to use warm tap water to preheat my sex toys and not one of the specially designed heating sticks that seem to be more and more popular.

10 to 15 minutes is enough to get the entire sleeve up to around body temperature and you can preheat your lube the same way.

How Does It Feel to Use?

I know sex toy reviewers, like myself, love to say that sex toys, especially pocket pussies, feel realistic to use.

This is also the case with the Vanna Bardot Fleshlight which has a soft but stimulating entrance that feels like the real deal. Not that I’ve tried Vanna’s vagina (sadly) but vaginas in general.

The first part and the middle section of the sleeve have these soft rounded nubs pointing toward the entrance. They create a sort of tinkling feeling when you push your cock through it.

It feels like they follow the direction of your cock as you move it in and out.

I’m a huge fan of this soft stimulation that doesn’t overstimulate you and drives you to orgasm in 2 minutes. You can take your time with it and enjoy the ride much longer.

There are 3 ripples between 3 and 4 inches which increases the stimulation level and you can ramp the intensity up if you keep your cock head in the area all the time with short and fast thrusting.

Overall, a pretty sweet pocket pussy that doesn’t take things too far in either direction in terms of tightness and looseness.

Comparing it to Competing Products

I’ve tested more than a hundred pocket pussies while I’ve been working on Kinkycow and I’ve decided to compare the Dopamine sleeve to the Dainty Wilder sleeve.

vanna bardot fleshlight comparison

They have a lot in common; both are tight, based on a pornstar, released in 2024, and much more. I think it’s a great comparison.

 Vanna Bardot FleshlightDainty Wilder Stroker
How realistic does it feel?9 out of 106 out of 10
Build-quality7 out of 108 out of 10
Accessories8 out of 107 out of 10
Price5 out of 106 out of 10
Features8 out of 107 out of 10
Total score:3734

Both the Vanna Bardot Fleshlight and the Dainty Wilder Stroker are good options. I would recommend the Dainty Wilder one if you want an extremely tight one and the Vanna Bardot one if you want a more realistic tightness.

What I Like and Don’t Like About It:


  • The skin-like material that it’s made of feels incredibly realistic
  • Amazing details on the entrance molded from Vanna Bardo’s vagina
  • It works with all the Fleshlight accessories; Universal Launch, shower holder, and so on
  • It’s easy to adjust the suction strength which makes it feel tighter
  • You can select between a butt (Oxytocin) and a vagina (Dopamine) version with different internal textures


  • Dirt and hairs stick to the skin-like material, I always wash mine before using it because of this
  • The case feels a little bad compared to competing products
  • $80 for a pocket pussy is expensive but aligned with similar products

My Final Thoughts About the Vanna Bardot Fleshlight

The last Fleshlight I tested was the Blake Blossom Fleshlight which I had the honor of trying last year. So it was with great anticipation that I tried the brand-new Vanna Bardot Fleshlight for the first time.

I had a blast testing it, and Fleshlights’ amazing sensation did not disappoint. It still has some of the same annoying elements that all realistic pocket pussies suffer from, being sticky and costing a fortune.

Should you get it?

It’s a no-brainer if you’re a fan of Vanna Bardot and the not overly tight design makes it usable for guys with larger girth than average.

I recommend the Dopamine sleeve if you want to give Vanna’s sweet little pussy a try or if you just want a nice tight-pocket pussy.

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