Autumn Falls Fleshlight Review

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I was super happy when Fleshlight announced that Autumn Falls was going to be the next Fleshlight Girl. I’ve been waiting in excitement to give both her Cream (pussy) and Peaches (anal) sleeves a go.

And guess what? They did not disappoint!

Both the vagina and butt versions are super nice to use and they each have their own strength.

Autumn Falls Fleshlight review

This is what you get:

  • Enjoy Autumn Falls vagina or ass
  • High-quality pocket pussy
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support

I recommend the Autumn Falls Fleshlight if you want a good mix of textures and tightnesses.

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Autumn Fall joined Fleshlight in November 2020 which makes her the 50th Fleshlight Girl. Her huge breasts and cute smile have made her one of the most popular pornstars this year.

Fleshlight has made two Autumn Falls signature sleeves which is called Cream (the pussy) and Peaches (the butt).

Let’s find out who this gorgeous looking girl is before we jump to her Fleshlight sleeve test.

Who is Autumn Falls?

Autumn Falls Fleshlight review

Autumn Falls is her stage name and she has not revealed her real name to protect her family. She was born on the 4th of August in New York by her Puerto Rican parents and she is currently living in Los Angeles.

Autumn Falls started her adult career at the age of 18 and she won a several awards as the best newcomer on the adult scene including XBiz and AVN.

She is also a fan favorite on Pornhub and has a large social following on Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans.

You should follow her if you want some juicy pictures and videos (I do 😊).

 Okay, let’s get back to the Autumn Falls Fleshlight review.

Autumn Falls Cream Fleshlight sleeve

Autumn Falls pussy Fleshlight

The Cream pussy sleeve starts off with a couple of tight spots at 0.5 and 1.5 inch in which leads to the first major part of the sleeve. This part is narrow and has a lot of balls in various sizes covering the inside of the sleeve. That part ends in a tight spot at 3.5 inch in and leads to a funnel with a couple of ridges.

There is a super narrow part at around the 5-inch point that leads into a chamber with a diamond pattern on the sides.

The final part if a reverse funnel with a lot of small ridges that goes all the way to the end.

How does the Cream sleeve feel?

The entrance of the Autumn Falls Cream sleeve has large labia which feel soft around your penis. The entrance is not super-tight but it’s very nice and soft feeling and leads you to the inside which is a mix of different textures and tightnesses.

My penis is 6.5-inch-long and fit perfectly in the second last chamber with the diamond pattern which feels amazing on the glans. I was not able to reach the final part of the sleeve, but it looks amazing.

There is really strong suction in this sleeve and you can adjust it by turning the end lid on the Fleshlight case if you wish more or less suction.

Autumn Falls Peaches Fleshlight sleeve

Autumn Falls butt Fleshlight

The entrance of the Peaches sleeve is very tight and opens up into a 2-inch-long narrow channel with jagged edges. The second chamber I a 2.5-inch-long chamber with what looks like octopus suction cups on the inside.

The last part is a long very narrow tunnel with a soft jellybean shaped texture that goes all the way to the end.

How does the Peaches sleeve feel?

The Autumn Falls butt sleeve is very intense and tight just the way I like it!

But it’s not all just tightness, there are a lot of interesting textures that makes it very fun and exciting to use and it’s one of the best anal Fleshlights that’s I’ve ever tried

This might not be something for you if you don’t like it tight, then I would suggest taking a look at Megan Rains butt sleeve here.

Buy from and stay safe and secure

Fleshlights are sold in a lot of store and websites but it’s going to take a while before you can buy the Autumn Falls signature Fleshlights in a third-party store. The best way to get any new Fleshlight is from which is also the best way to be 100% sure that you get a genuine product.

I get all the Fleshlights we review from and they have never messed up an order.

Get the Cream sleeve combo pack and get a head start

Fleshlight has put together a combo pack with the Cream texture Fleshlight and a bunch of things for cleaning and maintaining your Fleshlight.

You can save a good deal of money if you buy it compared to buying the things individually.

This is what you get with the Cream combo pack:

  • Autumn Falls Cream Fleshlight (pussy)
  • A bottle of water-based lube perfect for Fleshlight use
  • Fleshlight Wash anti-bacteria soap for cleaning it after use
  • 1 pack of renewing powder to put on it when it’s dry
Autumn Fall Cream Combo Pack

I recommend the Cream Combo pack if you’re new to Fleshlight and don’t have any lube or cleaning stuff.

My final thoughts about the Autumn Falls Fleshlight

I was super excited when Fleshlight announced Autumn Falls as their new Fleshlight Girl since I’ve been a huge fan of her work. I would recommend following her on Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans if you want to keep up with her sexy life.

Both the Cream pussy and Peaches butt sleeves are super exciting to use and you won’t regret getting one or both.

I personally prefer the Autumn Falls butt Fleshlight since it a bit tighter, but both are really good and get a recommendation from me.

I recommend the Peaches butt sleeve if you want tightness and the Cream vagina sleeve if you want more variation.


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I wonder what my wife would say if I put this on this years christmas wish list….
I’m a big fan of Autumn Falls 🙂


Hehe, give it a go, it’s really good 🙂


Would you recommend this for girthier guys? I’ve got the Kendra Lust fleshlight and it’s uncomortably tight for me. How does this compare?



The Autumn Falls sleeves are tighter than Kendra Lust, so that’s a no go for you.
I would recommend the Megan Rain pussy Fleshlight if you want a less narrow sleeve, I’ve revied it here
Hope that will help you.

Best regards,
Bjorn – Kinkycow


Dang bro this is good!
I love a tight pussy and this is perfect for me.