Angela White Fleshlight Review

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Angela White is an Australian pornstar with huge tits that’re just waiting for action. Fleshlight and Angela made her signature sleeves called Indulge (pussy) and Entice (ass) in 2016 and they are both selling really well.

Both Angela’s pussy and ass sleeves feel amazing and it’s a huge upgrade to your hand.

Angela White Fleshlight review

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  • A high-quality masturbator device
  • Choose between ass and pussy
  • Enjoy Angela White whenever you wish
  • Good support and service

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Angela White became a Fleshlight Girl in 2016 and was the first Australian to become that. Her massive tits have attracted a lot of attention and it’s no surprise that Fleshlight wanted her to have her own signature Fleshlight sleeves.

Let’s get to know Angela White a little before we jump to her Fleshlight review.

Who is Angela White?

Angela White Fleshlight Review

Angela White was born on March 4,1985 in Sydney, Australia and started her adult career as a nude model when she turned 18 in 2003.

Her pictures had been featured in adult magazines like: Scoreland, XL Girls, XX-Cel, Penthouse, Beat, Cosmopolitan, and many more.

She did her first hardcore adult scene in 2011 and has won several adult awards in her long adult career including a AVN and XBiz awards in 2016.

Angela White is one of a new pornstars that act under her real name and she states that this is a political thing and that she wants to show her real sexuality and not hide behind a model name.

Let’s get back to the indulge and entice Fleshlight sleeves.


Angela White Indulge Fleshlight sleeve

Angela White pussy Fleshlight

The Indulge sleeve as Angela White’s vagina sleeve is called starts off with a narrow entrance channel that’s 0.5 inch long.

The second part is a big 5-inch long chamber that is quite wide but has a narrower part in the middle. The texture of this chamber looks like lines of various size raised dots.

Finally, we have the last part which is just a very narrow chamber with the same texture as the first chamber. The whole texture looks a bit like an octopus tentacle.

How does the Indulge sleeve feel?

This is one special looking texture that I have been wanting to try for a long time. It starts off with a good tight part and then you enter the huge first part of the sleeve which is really soft and not very tight.

My penis is 6.5-inches long which means that I can just barely enjoy the last narrow part of it. This is quite lucky since I love a good tight hole, but If your penis is under 6-inches then you’re not going to react that part of the Fleshlight and it would be a super loose and soft experience.

The Angela White pussy Fleshlight would be perfect for guys with a short penis that love a loose and soft penetration. Or for guys with big dicks that want a tight finish when you trust your dick all the way in!

Angela White anal Fleshlight sleeve

The Entice sleeve as the anal version of Angela White is called has a tight entrance and one single chamber.

The chamber starts of semi wide the first 4-inches and then it starts to narrow in and it’s super tight from 5 inch in and all the way to the end.

There are two textures that twist their way on the sides all the way though the Entice sleeve. It’s a long ridge with small nubs on top and a long row of small donut shaped rings.

How does the Entice sleeve feel?

The Angela White anal Fleshlight starts off tighter than the Indulge sleeve which is a good thing in my book. It got super tight when I hit the 5-inch point and there was a very strong sensation on my glans due to the tightness and the texture.

This is a really good Fleshlight if you’re into tight asses and I got a really powerful orgasm quite quickly.

The Angela White anal Fleshlight is really good for guys who love a good tight ass.

Get your Angela White sleeves from

You can buy Fleshlights in most adult toy store but they only have a few selected models and you might not be able to find the Indulge and Entice sleeves. This can also happen online and there are even incidents where people get counterfeit Fleshlights when they buy from an untrusted seller.

So, make sure that you buy from a trusted Fleshlight reseller or from, they always have all the models and you can often find combo packs for cheap.

You can save money if you buy a Indulge combo package

The Indulge combo package is a great deal if it’s your first Fleshlight and you don’t already have a good lube or sex toy cleaning soap.

With the Indulge combo pack you get:

  • The Angela White Indulge Fleshlight
  • Water-based Fleshlube
  • A bottle of Fleshlight wash anti-bacteria soap
  • Renewing powder for after cleaning

You can have all this and save 17% compared to the individual prices.

My final thoughts about the Angela White Fleshlight

I was very excited to try the Indulge and Entice sleeves and they are both amazing in their own ways. I personally love the anal version versions since it’s both tight and has an amazing texture that makes it extra good.

If you’re looking for a tighter pussy Fleshlight then I would recommend that you take a look at Kimmy Granger’s pussy sleeve.

The Angela White Pussy Fleshlight is very soft and a bit wider and it would be good for guys who want a little less powerful intensity.

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