Dainty Wilder Masturbator Test and Review

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Review summary:

It didn’t take long for me to write a conclusion about the Dainty Wilder stroker because it’s freaking tight. But it’s not the kind of bad tightness that just feels tight, I can easily feel the suction-cup-style internal texture when I use it.

If you’re a fan of Dainty Wilder or tight-pocket pussies then it’s a no-brainer, buy it!

But if you’re above average in terms of penis girth then I would strongly recommend something less tight unless you’re okay with an extremely tight vagina.

FeelDainty Wilder Review

What I like about it:

  • It’s insanely tight
  • The suction-cup-like texture is very stimulating
  • Great if you have a thin/small penis or just love it extra tight
  • You can increase/decrease the suction level

I recommend the Dainty Wilder masturbator if you’re a fan of her work or simply wish the tightest pocket pussy around.

User Review
4.38 (8 votes)

My Full Review after Testing it for 2 Weeks

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for over a decade but I still get excited when new products are released into the wild. This time it’s Kiiroo who released their new FeelStar based on Danity Wilders’s vagina.

dainty wilder stroker box

I took notice of her the first time about a year ago when she did an amazing scene with Sky Bri and she has been on my radar ever since. I’m not the only one because a quick look at her social media reveals huge numbers of followers.

All right I’ll spare you for any more boring words and get down to business.

Holy Bananas It’s Tight!

I came to this conclusion even before penetrating it because my penis was too thick to get in without some heavy lubrication and removing the back lid to reduce the tightness. But things went a little easier once heated up and lubed to the max.

The first thing I noticed was obviously the tight entrance which is roughly the first inch (2.5 cm) but then the real tightness gamechanger came in the form of small suction cups all around the inside.

This felt insanely stimulating and tight, I could feel all the little suction cups grabbing onto my penis and pulling on it.

dainty wilder Fleshlight internal texture

I’ve never tried to hold an octopus but I can imagine it would feel like that when they grab you with their arms.

It’s impressive that they’ve managed to create this type of internal texture and can only imagine is trouble they have gone through to make it work.

It’s hard to compare sex toys that I tested over 10 years ago but I’m pretty sure that the new Dainty Wilder pocket pussy is the tightest male masturbator I’ve ever tried.

It loosens up a bit after the first few sessions but it stays insanely tight so this might be the perfect option if you’re after a super tight pocket pussy.

Internal Texture Like Suction-cups

There are several reasons why it feels so tight compared to other pocket pussies that I’ve tested in the past.

  • Tight tunnel – The internal tunnel is narrow compared to other FeelStars and Fleshlights.
  • Offset entrance – The entrance is a little offset which makes it feel even tighter.
  • Suction-cup texture – There is a suction-cup style texture on the inside of the first half of the sleeve.

If you’re a sucker for super tight male masturbators then I would recommend taking a look at my list of the tightest Fleshlight. But nothing beats the new Dainty Wilder Stroker.

Make It Less Tight – Anyone?

I normally suggest how to make it tighter when I review male masturbators, but I’m going to do the opposite here and give you some tips on how to make it looser.

  • Preheat the sleeve – Pull the vagina sleeve out of the black case and submerge it in warm tap water for 15-20 minutes. The Dainty Wilder stroker is made of TPE which is significantly less stretchy when cold compared to warm.
    preheat sleeve and lube
  • Remove the back lid – The back lid controls the suction level; you reduce it the most by removing the lid completely. You can always screw it back on when you have penetrated it to feel the full force of it.
    dainty wilder stroker suction hole
  • Remove it from the black case – This will further reduce the tightness, especially around the entrance which is insanely tight the first few times you use it.
  • Expand the entrance – Apply a bit of water-based lube on your index fingers, put them in through the front, and gently pull away from each other to open it up. This should only be necessary the first time you use it as it loosens up a bit after the first few penetrations.

Keep Extra Focus on the Suction-cups When Cleaning

I do love the way the suction cups grab onto my penis when I use it, but it has the disadvantage of being hard to clean. It’s not hard, but harder than other textures I tried in the past.

Make sure you get soap in and around that first half of the sleeve and rinse it with warm water an extra time. This will save you from the horror of opening up your Danity Wilder stroker and getting punched in the face with a bad smell.

You can use any old sex toy cleaning product or a fragrance-free anti-bacterial soap.

Comparing it With the New Sky Bri Fleshlight

Fleshlight just released their newest Fleshlight Girl; Sky Bri and now Kiiroo released their newest FeelStar; Dainty Wilder. Guess what? They happened to make a video together about a year ago so why not put them up against each other 😊

dainty wilder and sky bri Fleshlight
 FeelStar Danity WilderSky Bri Fleshlight
How realistic does it feel?8 out of 109 out of 10
Tightness10 out of 107 out of 10
Accessories7 out of 108 out of 10
Price6 out of 105 out of 10
Features7 out of 108 out of 10
Total score:3837

Get the Dainty Wilder stroker if you’re a fan of her or are after a tight-pocket pussy. If your dick is thicker than average then get the Sky Bri Fleshlight, there is no way in hell that you’ll be able to penetrate the FeelDainty.

What I Like and Don’t Like About It


  • This is the tightest pocket pussy I’ve ever tried
  • Best option if you have a thin/small dick
  • You get to enjoy a replica of Danity Wilder’s vagina
  • It works with the Kiiroo Keon automatic masturbator
  • It’s open-ended which makes it easier to clean


  • I feel like the molding of their pink TPE is worse than their light/dark brown colors
  • You’re simply not getting your dick in it if your dick is thicker than average
  • The back lid rattles when it’s loose during use
  • The suction-cup texture requires a bit more care when cleaning

My Final Thoughts About the Dainty Wilder Stroker

I’ve tested my fair share of pocket pussies over the last 13 years as a sex toy reviewer but I have never tested one as tight as this one. Holy bananas it’s tight!

It has certainly taken the tightness crown and will be the one I recommend to you in the future if you’re after a tight male masturbator.

But it’s not all just tightness, the different internal textures are easy to feel and stimulating from all sides.

The FeelStar series which the Danity Wilder Stroker is, is from Kiiroo which also makes some cool attachments to your masturbator. I can highly recommend the Power Blow which adds automatic suction to it and the Keon which adds automatic stroking to it. Both of them can take your masturbation game to the next level and you can experience Danity Wilder hands-free.

Overall, a fantastic super tight male masturbator that takes the crown as the tightest pocket pussy I’ve ever tested.

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  1. Just put my order in, can’t wait to give it a shot! Do you recommend any specific lube? I have some noname brand lube but I don’t want to ruin my experience.

    1. Hi LeeRoy

      Great choice – I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

      You can use whatever lube you have, but make sure it’s water-based and NOT silicone!

      Feel free to post a comment with your review of it when you’ve tried it.

      Best regards,

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