Alien sex toys – Take your fantasy to the next level

The thought of aliens has fascinated mankind for centuries and I’m sure that the thought of engaging in sexual activities with such creates is as old as that fascination.

Avatar the movie and Hentai has made aliens sexy and there has been a steep increase in the number of alien sex toys.

I’ve reviewed a few alien sex toys in the past but I feel it’s time to make a full-blown alien sex toy guide for all the dreamers.

Below is some of the different alien sex toys that you can buy right now and more will be added in the future.

alien sex toys

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Alien dildos

By far the most popular of all the alien sex toy categories and also the one with the most products to choose from.

But my favorite alien dildo is by far the Alien Breeder dildo that take inspiration from the Alien movies.

Alien Dildo

It’s a true masterpiece that will breed and feed inside your body while you enjoy being filled to the limited.

The Alien Breeder dildo is handmade with the best quality materials and you got plenty of options to customize your Alien Breeder to your personal taste.

It’s made and sold by Mr. Hanke’s Toys – You can find their online store at where you need to clit on the “Shop” and click “Fantasy dildos” and find the Alien Breeder dildo. They have a decent selection of high-quality alien toys if you feel like one is not enough.

It’s kind of expensive but the quality is simply out of this world!

I’ve made an entire guide to alien dildos if you want some more juicy information and more options than I cover here.

Alien pocket pussy

Pocket pussies come in all shapes and sizes and you can pretty much guarantee that there are options for whatever fetish you’re into.

The alien fetish is no different and even the biggest pocket pussy brand Fleshlight are in on the fetish. Below are their 2 options that both are amazing in their own way.

Alien Fleshlight

The second most popular alien sex toy is from Fleshlight and part of their Fleshlight Freaks series. It’s such a cool looking pocket pussy with a triangular entrance in a metallic blue color.

alien fleshlight

The Alien Fleshlight is going to blow you away with its soft and stimulating internals. You’re going on an interstellar mission as soon as you penetrate it and the outcome will most certainly be an amazing orgasm.

I did a review of the Alien Fleshlight a few months ago and it’s a great masturbator that will take your cock on a journey to outer space.

You can get the Fleshlight Alien version here for a limited time only so you better be quick if you want a piece of the sky.

Alien Queen Fleshlight

The Alien Queen Fleshlight is the second version that Fleshlight has done and it looks just as amazing as the first one.

The Alien Queen is made in a super soft metallic green material that feels like soft breast/buttcheeck skin.

alien queen fleshlight

It has a slightly different internal texture but just as good as the “normal” Alien version.

I haven’t given it a try yet but please comment below if you have and how it feels. I would love to give it a test soon 😊

Let’s step it up a bit and look at the ultimate alien sex toys.

Alien sex dolls

You’ve properly seen images for those cheap blow-up Alien sex dolls that were sold as a gimmick rather than an actual useable sex doll. It was years ago since they were popular and time has changed.

Avatar the movie has sparked a renewed interest in alien sex dolls and this time it’s for real. You can get a full-size alien sex doll with the same qualities as the latest and greatest TPE and silicone sex dolls.

alien sex doll Neytiri

A full-size alien sex doll is not for everyone due to the price and the weight of it, but it’s in many ways the ultimate alien sex toy. If you have an alien fantasy and which to live with one then it’s the only option you got. Unless you got a real horney alien in your basement for some out of this world sexual experiences.

You can read more about alien sex dolls if you want the most “realistic” alien encounter.

Alien prostate vibrator

I found this super cool looking product that’s called the Tentacool Alien Tail prostate vibrator. It’s shaped almost like anal beads that points backwards and the section that touches your perineum will vibrate it like crazy.

tentacool alien tail prostate vibator

It’s made in Japan and sold by Kanojotoys which specializes in selling Japanese sex toys to the US and EU.

It’s sold as a prostate vibrator but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for girls so if anyone have a fantasy about being taking by an Alien in the butt then this is a great choice.

You can find the Tentacool Alien Tail right here.

Final thought about Alien sex toys

There is no doubt that movies have had the biggest impact on our way of portraying aliens and the different alien sex toys are a result of that.

I look forward to 2022 and the release (maybe???) of Avatar 2 and the renewed interest in alien sex toys that follows.

If you’re a female then I would recommend the Alien Breeder dildo which is super high-quality with amazing details.

If you’re a male then I would recommend the Alien Fleshlight for that extraterrestrial sex experience.

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