Anri Okita Onahole Review and Test 2024

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Review Summary:

The Meiki Syoumei Anri Okita Onahole is a premium quality Onahole that comes with a poster of Anri Okita and a bottle of special lube.

The Onahole is super tight and the vagina feels amazing and it’s really hard to last for longer than 5 minutes.

Its anal part is however pretty useless and should not have been included in the first place.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality Onahole
  • 60 ml. lube
  • Poster of Anri Okita
  • Storage bag

I recommend the Anri Okita Onahole if you’re a fan of her or simply want an amazing vagina Onahole.

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NPG is one of the top Onahole producers and the Anri Okita is their 10th version in their top series called Meiki.

I’ve enjoyed quite a few of their previous Onaholes and been waiting to give this a try.

The Meiki No. 10 features the award winning Anri Okita.

Who is Anri Okita?

Anri Okita was born in the UK and is a multi-artist with a 5-year career in adult movies and have been making TV and music.

She gained huge popularity in Japan and south-east Asia during her adult career that she ended in 2016. She’s still a public figure in Japan and have a huge social following.

Anri Okita

My First Impressions

The Anri Onahole comes in a box with a bunch of information about the product (in Japanese) and it contains:

  • The Anri Okita Onahole
  • 60 ml. of special branded lube
  • A double-sided poster with Anri Okita
  • Small storage bag
Meiki Syoumei Anri Okita Onahole

All the items feel good and not too cheap, this is also kind of an expensive product so that’s to be expected.

The Onahole it self feels super soft and there are many cool details on it. The vagina orifice has an almost rose pattern around the entrance which looks nice, but it might be a turn off for others who want a more realistic look.

Spreading the vagina reveals a dark red colored inside in a different material which I’m super pumped to try.

meiki no syoumei 10 okita anri entrance vaginal

This is a dual-hole Onahole but the ass part is a bit of a letdown unless your penis is 3 inches (7.5cm.) long or shorter.

The anal entrance is also dangerously close to the edge which will cause it to break quickly.

But the overall first impression is pretty good.

Let’s Give It a Go

All right it’s time to go in boys!

The included water-based lube is thick and sticks nicely to my cock and the Anri Okita Onahole.

The entrance feels super tight and I had to reapply a little more lube in the first part of the Onahole.

But holy shit it feels good!

The Onahole has strong suction, this might be caused by the new red material inside, it’s kind of such you in and won’t release you until you’ve cum.

It’s not a masturbator for long-lasting masturbation sessions but rather a quick and super sensual toy that lets you explode inside in a few minutes!

inside texture Anri okita onahole

The anal experience

I’m normally an anal kind of guy so that would be my preferred way of enjoying it, but this part is pathetic and pretty useless unless your penis is tiny or wants to use a single finger in it while you enjoy the amazing vagina.

When You’re Done

It’s super important that you clean the Meiki No. 10 Onahole after each use. The texture of the inside makes it a bit difficult to clean since cum and lube love to hide behind the small ridges.

You can use a special showerhead or simply rinse it under warm running water with a mild anti-bacterial soap.

Make sure you dry it and let it sit in a ventilated area for 24 hours before you store it away. This will prevent mold and bacteria growth and will damage and/or make it unusable.

A Quick Onahole Tip

You can submerge the Meiki Anri Okita in warm water for 20 minutes before you use it to heat it up, this will make it nicer to use.

You can also get a USB-powered heater for it that will heat the inside of it.

I’ve written a complete guide to Onaholes if you wish to learn more about them and maybe get some inspiration.

My Final Thought About the Meiki Syoumei Anri Okita Onahole

This is no doubt a high-quality Onahole and the pussy in this thing is amazing and it’s hard to not recommend it.

The ass part is however useless and it should just have been removed from the start to cut the price and to avoid it breaking after the first use.

If you want to read more reviews before you decide what Onahole you should get then take a look at some of my other Onahole reviews here.

The Meiki Syoumei Anri Okita has been rated the best Meiki Onahole.

I do recommend the Anri Okita Onahole if you’re a fan of Anri Okita and want to enjoy her sweet tight pussy.

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