Arcwave Voy Test and Review 2024

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Review summary

The Arcwave Voy has been a real joy to test and it has its use cases. This is only the second sex toy Arcwave has made but they seem to understand how to make high-quality male masturbators already.

I love how the tightness mechanism works and you can go from soft and loose to tight and super stimulating in a second.

Overall build quality is top notch but it does feel a little plasticky but not a deal breaker.

Arcwave Voy review summary

What I like about the Voy:

  • It feels great to use
  • The tightness control is very impressive
  • Small and compact design
  • Perfect for traveling

I recommend the Arcwave Voy if you’re on the go and wish for a portable easy-to-hide male masturbator.

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My Full Review Below

There is a good chance that you’ve never heard of the new German sex toy producer Arcwave. Their new Voy male masturbator, which I’m going to test and review today, is their second sex toy ever after their successful Arcwave Ion.

arcwave voy review

Table of Contents

What is It?

The Arcwave Voy is a manual male masturbator with some very unique features that I’m looking forward to try. You can read all about the different kinds of male masturbators here if you want to know more about them.

How did It Arrive?

The Arcwave was sent to me by Lovehoney and it came in a fairly neutral-looking cardboard box with very limited indication of the content.

The content description on the DHL label was “Massage Apparatus” which could be a lot of things.

neutral packaging

Unboxing the Arcwave Voy

I was pretty impressed with the unboxing experience and there is no doubt that they aim for a premium feeling experience.

There is a box cover that simply slides off and the box opens up like a briefcase revealing its content.

arcwave voy unboxing

What’s Included in the Box?

  • The Arcwave Voy masturbator
  • A small 10ml (0.34 fl. oz) bottle of lube
  • Instruction manual and safety instructions

First Look and Hands-on Experience

My first thought was “did I order a new lens for my camera???”. It’s both looks and feels like a camera lens with its adjustable tightness system and the protective endcaps.

first look at arcwave voy

It feels a little plasticky in the hands but there is some weight to it and the overall finish is nice.

The middle section has a soft textured ring for tightness control and there is a line of dots that indicate the tightness.

You can remove the end caps by twisting them a little which reveals the internal black silicone part. One end has a tighter entrance compared to the other and there is a ripple texture on the inside silicone part.

How does the Arcwave Voy Work?

It’s fairly straightforward to use the Voy, all you have to do is:

  1. Remove the protective caps on the ends.
  2. Loosen the tightness to the maximum by twisting the tightness adjustment system.
    arcwave voy tightness adjustment
  3. Apply a little water-based lube from the bottle (or use your own) on your penis and inside the Voy.
  4. Penetrate it from your desired end.
  5. Adjust the tightness to your liking or simply adjust it whenever you feel like it.
  6. Rinse it off with warm water and soap once you’re done.
  7. You can pull out the silicone part and wash it separately, this is important if body fluids or lube get in between the plastic and silicone.
  8. Dry it off before putting it back in.
  9. There are small gaps in the end caps so moisture can escape but avoid moisture as much as possible.

You can preheat the entire toy by submerging it in warm tap water but there are lots of pockets where water gets stuck and leaks out during play so I would recommend only preheating the silicone part.

preheat before masturbation

It’s not necessary to preheat it but I personally find it much more pleasant to penetrate a warm and moist hole compared to a cold one.

How Does It Feel?

It feels decent to use but you’re not getting that full deep stimulation like a full-size masturbator like a Fleshlight or a FeelStar. It’s however not aimed at that so I’m not judging it on that either.

My penis is a little thick (5.9” (15cm) girth) and I was only able to penetrate it from the wider opening end and with lube applied to both my penis and the inside of the Arcwave Voy.

I was able to tighten it 3-4 notch before it got too tight to comfortably use it, but I kind of like that you’re able to control it in this unique way.

The inside texture is rippled and you feel that when it’s super tight and the stimulation is super strong.

Another different feature of the bigger masturbators is that it’s open-ended so you can shoot cum out while you use it, this gives it an advantage over closed-ended toys when you’re playing with a partner.

What I Like About it:

  • It feels decent and a great alternative to a hand
  • The open-ended design lets you see and aim when you cum
  • It’s very easy to clean and dry
  • The compact design is super cool
  • Its neutral design blends in with other things
  • Good for travelling

What I Don’t Like About it:

  • It’s a little too tight for me and my 5.9” (15cm) girth
  • Limited penis glans stimulation
  • My penis pushed lube out due to the open-ended design and tightness
  • It’s a little noise to use
  • Very hard to adjust the tightness if you have lube on your fingers

The Tightness Adjustment System

This is the unique selling feature of this device and it’s pretty good but there is room for improvement.

You operate it by twisting the soft textured ring in the middle between 8 points of tightness. The small tightness indicator dots are very hard to see and feel, they should have been bigger or colored differently.

The loosest setting looks like this:

voy open

The tightest setting looks like this:

voy closed

It kind of looks like sharp points poking out through the silicone but they are big tiles that can tilt and move around your penis shape.

I would love to see the mechanism that does it but that’s hidden behind a sealed off silicone membrane that would ruin the Voy if broken.

Hiding the Arcwave Voy in Plain Sight

The Arcwave Voy looks like no other sex toy in my collection and trust me – I got a huge selection!

It makes it easy to hide in plain sight without anybody asking questions about it.

I feel like it looks a lot like a camera lens so that’s where I’ll be storing mine.

How Does It Fair Against the Competition?

I’ve mentioned Fleshlights and FeelStar masturbators but they are in a completely different category in terms of size so it’s not fair to compare them.

size comparison

Fleshlight does have a series of products called Quickshots which are comparable in terms of size and they cost around half as much as the Voy.

Why you should pick a Quickshot over the Voy:

  • Lots of different textures
  • You can get lots of accessories
  • Cheaper compared to the Arcwave Voy

Why you should pick the Voy over the Quickshot:

  • You get tightness control
  • Very easy to hide
  • Higher-quality

You can read Kinkycow’s full guide to Fleshlight Quickshots here if you wish to learn more about them.

My Final Thoughts About the Arcwave Voy

There are not that many competing products in this category of sex toys so it’s great to see new players entering this space.

The Arcwave Voy needs to be a consideration if you’re in the market for a small portable male masturbator.

It’s the best male masturbator for traveling with its neutral design that makes it blend into any briefcase or backpack.

I recommend the Arcwave Voy if you want a small portable male sex toy that’s easy to hide and travel with.

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