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I’m an author at Kinkycow and I do most of the masturbator reviews and guides for men, but you might get an email from me if you’ve reached out to us for help through a comment or email.

I’ve been working with sex toys in a store since I was 18 and would consider myself an expert with more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Let’s get to know William

I live in a large city on the east cost of the US and was born and raised here. I’m currently single but I’m happy with that status for now, but you never know if you run into the right one.

I was fairly quick to discover sex toys but I’m not sure if I was 15 or 16 years old the first time I tried one. Don’t ask me how I got a hold of it at that age 😉 but it was well worth the effort!

Ohh and by the way it was a Fleshlight for the once who care.

I’ve always been quite open about the work that I’ve done. It’s not like it’s illegal to work in a sex toy store as I did years ago or now online at Kinkycow.com but it’s certainly not something I talk to random people I meet about.

Well, I really don’t know. I’ve been working with sex toys all of my adult career but it’s not something that I dreamt of when I was a kid.

You never know, maybe I’ll start my own thing one day or completely move away from sex toys if I lose interest in them at some point (I highly doubt that!).

What I do at Kinkycow:
Reviews and guides 65%
Support 35%

You can contact me at:

[email protected] or write a comment below any of the articles and reviews that I write.

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