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The Eimi Fukada Onahole is a stunning-looking Onahole of high quality and molded after Eimi’s pussy.

You’re going to pay a premium for NPG’s superior quality but that’s well worth it in my mind.

The tiny details on the realistic-looking vagina and the awesome feeling of the dual layer inside make it a great quality buy.

This is what you get:

  • Eimi Fukada’s vagina Onahole
  • High-quality dual material
  • Molded after her real vagina
  • Love juice lubricant

I recommend the Eimi Fukada Onahole if you’re a fan of Eimi or simply want a high-quality Onahole.

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Read My Full Eimi Fukada Onahole Review Below

NPG has done it again with their No 12 in their Meiki no Syoumei File series of Onaholes.

This time it’s based on one of the most popular Japanese adult performers Eimi Fukada (Amami Kokoro).

Let’s get to know Eimi a little more in case you don’t know who she is.

Who is Eimi Fukada?

Eimi Fukada was born in Tochigi Japan in 1998 and has performed in adult movies since 2017.

She started her career under the name Amami Kokoro and changed it to Eimi Fukada in November 2018.

Eimi Fukada

She’s still active and you can find some of her work on different adult tube sites.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you wish to know what she’s up to.

Let’s Take a Look at the Onahole

The first impression is pretty good as you would expect from a product from NPG. The labia area looks so nice and it’s easy to see that it has been molded off Eimi Fukada’s real vagina.

The front of the Onahole is shaped like a heart and the material feels skin-like and soft.

There is used a second kind of material for the inside with a red color to make it look even more realistic.

Eimi’s signature is on the side of the Onahole which is a nice touch.

meiki syoumei file no 12 eimi fukada

The Meiki no 12 comes in a cardboard box with images of the product and Eimi Fukada on it, the Onahole itself, and a “Love juice lubricant”.

How Does It Feel?

The Meiki no Syoumei File No 12 Eimi Fukada feels amazing to use. The quality from NPG never fails to deliver and the dual-layer design makes the experience more intense.

Eimi Fukada Onahole inside

The texture of her vagina has a lot of ridges, small nubs, and bumps, so there are a lot of different sensations when you thrust your cock in and out of it.

It has a closed-ended design which gives it a very strong suction that will empty your balls for cum in a matter of a few minutes.

The included lube is a nice addition but that’s what is expected when you pay $67 for an Onahole like this.

Keeping the Eimi Fukada Onahole Clean

It’s very important with all sex toys that you keep them clean and dry, this is especially true for the Meiki no 12 since it has a closed-ended design and there are so many spots on the inside where cum and lube and hide.

Make sure you rinse it under warm water for several minutes and use a good anti-bacterial soap.

Place it with the vagina entrance upwards and let it dry out for 24 hours before you put it in your storage box or bag.

This will prevent mold on the inside and you’re increasing the lifespan of your precious Onahole.

Meiki no 12 onahole

Onahole Tips to Make Your Experience Better

An Onahole warmer will make your experience with the Meiki no 12 much better. You can avoid buying a dedicated Onahole warmer and just submerge it under warm water for 20 minutes.

It is however a lot easier to use a warmer and it’s just $10 and you can use it with other pocket pussies.

If it gets sticky after a while when putting a tiny bit of corn starch on the outside, that should get rid of the stickiness and leave it brand-new.

My Final Thoughts About the Eimi Fukada Onahole

This is not a cheap Onahole but the quality is also really good and you get what you pay for.

The pussy feels very realistic and the vagina entrance looks so realistic due to it being molded after Eimi’s real pussy.

If you’re a fan of Eimi Fukada then this is a no-brainer and I would recommend that you get it.

You’re going to enjoy her sweet juicy pussy while you watch one of her adult videos.

You can find more guides to Onaholes here or read some of the other reviews of Onaholes here.

I recommend the Eimi Fukada Onahole if you’re a fan of Eimi or if you just want a simple high-quality Onahole.

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  1. I got mine a few months ago and it feels so good to use. I love Eimi and this is the perfect way to enjoy her AV’s.

    Highly recommended!
    5/5 stars!

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