Natalia Starr Pocket Pussy Review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

The Feel Natalia Starr stroker from Kiiroo is an amazing pocket pussy that feels like the real deal.

You can pair it with the Kiiroo Keon for extra hands-free pleasure or simply use it as it is for pure and fun pleasure.

The quality is really good and you’re getting a toy that will last you many fantastic moments if you take of it.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality Natalia Starr pocket pussy
  • Soft skin-like material
  • Works with Kiiroo Keon
  • Easy to clean and maintain

I recommend the Feel Natalia Starr stroker for you if you’re into Natalia Starr and want to enjoy her sweet juicy pussy.

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Table of Contents

Who is Natalia Starr?

Natalia Starr is a blond Polish pornstar that moved to New York City when she was 7 years old and began her adult career at 19 years old.

Natalia Starr

She has worked with almost all the big adult media companies including; Brazzers, Mofos, Digital Desire, and many more.

Natalia Starr does girl-on-girl, girl-on-boy, gangbangs, and anal sex, so there should be come for your desire.

She’s very active on her different social media accounts and you can follow her on Twitte here.

First Look at the Natalie Starr Pocket Pussy 

Kiiroo Feel Natalia stroker

The Feel Natalia stroker feels like good quality in the hands and it’s easy to see that it’s made by Kiiroo which are known for good quality sex toys.

Its hard plastic case makes it easy to hold and prevent the death grip that some men unfortunately does when they masturbate.

The front entrance part and the inside is made of a super soft and stretchy material called TPE. It feels like touching soft breast or butt cheek skin with a bounce to it.

Natalia Starr Fleshlight review

Testing It

Now the fun part of testing sex toys – Let’s lube it up with some thick water-based lube and give it a try.

I recommend getting in the mood before penetrating it, this could be done with some of Natalia Starr’s many adult movies or whatever gets your juices flowing.

Penetrating the Natalia Starr pocket pussy feels amazing and the entrance feels soft and nice just like a real vagina.

feelnatalia texture

The first part of the inside has lots of tiny grooves that vibrate your glans when you move it through that part. This is followed by a chamber that opens up with some large nubs that massage your cock when your thrust through it.

This pattern repeats itself in the last part of the stroker which is nice since it feels amazing to use.

I personally love the soft large massaging nubs; they feel really good on my penis glans with a perfect tightness for an average size cock.

Use the Natalia Starr Stroker With the Keon

Kiiroo has an automatic stroker called Keon and the Feel Natalia works perfectly with it.

Simply mount the Feel Natalia stroker in the Keon and connect the two with an app on your phone. You can now enjoy some of Natalia Starr’s amazing adult content and the Keon will stroke the Feel Natalia on your cock according to the sex action.

This is a fun new way of masturbating and it feels much more like real sex and it’s easy to immerse yourself into the scenes.

Natalia Starr Fleshlight and Kiiroo Keon combo

You can get the Feel Natalia Starr Stroker with the Keon in a special combo pack that saves you some cash and you get some high-quality water-based lube for your stroker.

Keep It Clean and Ready for Action

Keeping your Feel Natalia stroker clean is a top priority when you’re done enjoying it. Male masturbators like the Feel products can get moldy if they aren’t cleaned properly.

It’s however easy to clean; all you need to use is a mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Just remove the lid on the back of the stroker and rinse it through with warm water to remove as much lube and body fluids as possible.

Then apply soap with your fingers get as deep inside from both ends as possible and rinse it through a couple of times. This should not take more than 5 minutes and you simply leave it out until it’s completely dry before you store it away for future fun.

My Final Thought About the Natalia Starr Pocket Pussy

This is a really good pocket pussy style sex toy for men or for lesbians who loves to give fingers.

Its soft entrance and realistic looks make it easy to forget that you’re putting your cock inside a toy and not Natalia Starr’s hot juicy pussy.

I would definitely recommend getting the Keon combo pack if you can afford it, but the stroker itself is amazing as it is. You can always get the Kiiroo Keon later on if you wish to spice things up.

I recommend the Feel Natalia Starr stroker from Kiiroo if you want a high-quality amazing feeling pocket pussy.

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