The Ultimate 10 Best Sex Dolls Guide 2023

Finding the best sex doll for you is very dependent on your personal preferences which is why I would recommend websites that sell high-quality sex dolls rather than specific sex dolls.

I recommend sex dolls from:

  • SiliconWives – They are US based with great customer support and lots of different sex dolls so you can find the best sex doll for you no matter your preferences.
  • YourDoll – They have a LA location and quick and friendly support that are ready to help you with any question you have. Their prices are very competitive and the quality it topnotch.
best sex dolls

Full article with specific sex doll recommendations below

A sex doll is the ultimate masturbation tool since you’re able to experience very realistic sex with it.

Some men even develop an emotional relationship to their sex doll.  

Modern technology has enabled us to make very realistic looking sex dolls that have built in Ai so you can have a conversation with it.

But not all sex dolls are made like that and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with different features and functionality.

Below is Kinkycows ultimate guide to selecting the right sex doll for you and a few of the best sex dolls in each category. All the suggestions are based on over a decade’s experience in the sex doll industry.

Table of Contents

Let’s see how I rate adult sex dolls before we jump to the different sex doll categories.

How do I rate sex dolls?

How a sex doll should look is a personal choice and it’s hard to make an objective rating of it and that why it’s not part of my rating system.

The rating criteria:

  • Quality – All the sex dolls on the list of the best love dolls below is made of high-quality materials and really well made.
  • Realism – Realistic looking sex dolls is more desirable.
  • Features – More and better features give a higher rating.

The best sex dolls in 2023

#1 Isadora – Best realistic sex doll

Isadora is a very realistic looking sex doll and a set of beautiful D-cup sized breasts. Her body is made of premium quality TPE that feels just like real skin when you touch it.

You can have sex with her in all her 3 love holes and between her tits.

Isadora best sex doll

Isadora is made by WM Dolls which make some of the most realistic looking sex dolls and of the highest-quality.

She has an articulated metal skeleton that makes her very flexible so you can place her in your favorite sex positions.

If you want to know more about realistic looking sex doll then take a look at my guide to realistic sex dolls.

This is what you get with Isadora:

  • High-quality life-size sex doll
  • Enjoy all her 3 holes
  • 100’s of customization options
  • Great support and service

I recommend Isadora if you’re after a good quality realistic looking sex doll.

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#2 Everly – Teen sex doll

Everly is a super sexy teenage looking sex doll with large breasts and an innocent smile.

WM Doll has made this sexy little thing in the best quality TPE and with a high-quality metal skeleton that’s flexible so you can put her in your favorite sex position.

You’re always welcome to take a look at my article about teen sex dolls if you wish to know more about young (+18) looking sex dolls.

This is what you get with Everly

  • High-quality teen sex doll
  • All her 3 love holes are ready for you
  • Big tits
  • Lots of customizations
  • Good service and support

I recommend Everly if you’re into teen sex dolls and want a super-hot girl with big breasts.

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#3 Raye – Big tits sex doll

Raye has a stunning body with massive N-cup breasts that will leave you breathless when you see them!

Raye big tits sex doll

AF Doll is behind this big breasted gem of a sex doll and they are known for good service and quality. Rayes body is made of TPE and her articulated metal skeleton makes it easy to position her.

I’ve written a full guide to sex dolls with big tits if you wish to know more about them before you make a buying decision.

This is what you get with Raye:

  • Sex doll with massive tits
  • Very realistic looking
  • 3 Available love holes
  • Many customization options
  • Good support

I recommend Raye if you’re after a sex doll with huge tits and realistic looks.

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#4 Lilith– Small breasts sex doll

Lilith is a sexy little thing with tiny tits and a great body that’s just waiting for you to come and enjoy her.

Lilith small tits

Lilith is made by SM Dolls but it’s designed by SexyRealSexDolls and sold exclusively on their website.

I’ve written a few articles about sex dolls with small breasts and even about flat-chested sex dolls that you should take a look at if you want to know more.

This is what you get with Lilith:

  • Sex doll with tiny breasts
  • High-quality TPE from SE Doll
  • Both vagina, anal, and oral sex
  • Customize her

I recommend Lilith if you’re into sex dolls with small breasts.

#5 Manami – Asian sex doll

Manami is an innocent looking Asian girl that’s just waiting to get wild once you undress her. She is made by SE Doll and has a body and head of premium TPE.

Manami Asian sex doll

She has a nice set of boobs that can be upgraded to gel-filled for free if you buy it from YourDoll. This is a really good upgrade that makes her boobs feel really realistic.

Her fully articulated metal frame makes it easy to get her into your favorite sex position. And why not buy the premium “Auto Blowjob sex doll” and enjoy endless amazing blowjobs for Manami.

This is what you get with Manami:

  • Hot Asian sex doll
  • Premium quality TPE from SE Doll
  • Add premium features like “auto blowjob”
  • Enjoy both her vagina, mouth, and ass.

I recommend Manami if you fancy a hot Asian sex doll for endless pleasure.

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#6 Reya Sunshine – Pornstar sex doll

You would think that there where a lot of pornstar sex dolls but it’s limited to a few dolls for some reason.

Reya Sunshine is one of the few exceptions that are worth your money.

Reya Sunshine pornstar

There are other pornstar sex dolls around but most of them a super expensive. You can read my full guide on pornstar sex dolls here.

This is what you get with Reya Sunshine:

  • Pornstar sex doll
  • Good quality TPE body + silicone head
  • Enjoy her vagina, ass, and mouth
  • Good service and support

I recommend Reya Sunshine if you’re after a pornstar sex doll.

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#7 Mukta – Latina sex doll

Mukta is a tall Latina doll with large amazing G – cup breasts and long black hair.

She has deep brown eyes that you can look into while you enjoy her vagina, ass, or mouth.

Mukta is based on WM Dolls latest base doll which mean that you have the ability to add all their newest premium addons.

You can truly make her your own personal Latina girl of your dreams.

What you get with Mukta:

  • Tall beautiful Latina sex doll
  • High-quality TPE from WM Doll
  • Enjoy all her 3 love holes
  • Super support and service

I recommend Mukta Latina doll if you’re into Latina girls.

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#8 Dallas – MILF sex doll

Dallas is a super hot looking mom who is looking for wild sex with young guys.

Her big E – cup tits are ready for play and they feel amazing in your hands.

Dallas is made by SE Doll and she can have build in heat and moaning which is pretty sweet. This is going to make sex feel a lot more realistic and immersive.

What you get with Dallas:

  • Hot MILF doll
  • High-quality TPE from WM Doll
  • Enjoy all her 3 love holes
  • Super support and service

Dallas is just for you if you’re looking for a hot MILF doll.

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#9 Ruthai – Ebony sex doll

Ruthai has a sweet smile and looks very cute and innocent, but her body is just screaming for sex.

Her body has beautiful curved and a nice around ass that bounces when you give it a little slap.

Ruthai is made by 6Ye Premium and it’s as the name suggest a premium brand that does high-end love dolls.

The details on their dolls are very nice and you can add “gel-filled” breasts which makes her breasts really nice.

This is what you get with Ruthai:

  • Hot ebony doll
  • Premium materials and manufacturing from 6Ye
  • All her 3 love holes are waiting for you
  • Good service and support

You can read more about black sex doll here if you want to lean some more about them.

I recommend Ruthai if you’re looking for a smoking hot Ebony girl.

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#10 Ruby – Anime sex doll

Ruby is a Japanese anime style sex doll with very sexy features and it’s made of very high-quality silicone.

This makes Ruby more expensive compered to TPE dolls, but it also makes her a lot tougher and the longevity of silicone dolls is much longer.

Sino Doll is behind this masterpiece and they are known for their superior quality and highly detailed sex dolls.

Ruby has an EVO skeleton which makes her a lot more flexible compared to a normal skeleton. You can put her in all the sex positions that you could think of.

You can read more about Japanese sex dolls here if you wish some more options.

Anime sex dolls are very popular and I’ve written a couple of guides to them here on Kinkycow, the first one is a guide to life-size anime sex dolls and the second is a guide to mini anime sex dolls.

This is what you get with Ruby:

  • Life-size anime doll
  • Super high-quality silicone doll
  • Enjoy all her 3 love holes
  • Good support and service

I recommend Ruby the Japanese anime doll if you’re into anime girls.

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Other kinds of sex dolls

There are a lot of other kinds of sex dolls and there is constantly being developed new products. I’ll be adding them to the list once I’ll tested and reviewed them.

Below are different sex doll categories that you might find interesting

The Torso sex doll

Torso sex dolls are very popular and there are a few appealing reasons why you would want that compared to a life-size sex doll.

Sex doll torso

Maybe it’s a better choice for you? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

  • It’s around half the price of a normal full-size doll which makes it a lot more affordable.
  • The weight of a torso sex doll is around half that of the full-size sex doll and it’s a lot easier to move around. This is quite a big thing since sex dolls are really heavy and can be hard to move into the right position or cleaned.
  • A torso sex doll is also a lot easier to store away and I won’t take up a lot of space.

You can get torso dolls in a wide range of options and I would highly recommend that you take a look at my sex doll torso guide.

Let’s have a look at another “small” sex doll option.

Mini sex dolls

The mini sex doll is very simply just a smaller version of a sex doll as the name suggest, but it’s very important that the mini sex doll has adult features and don’t resemble a child.

Mini sex dolls will not give you the same true sex feeling like other full-size sex dolls but they are very manageable when handling and they can be bought for around $500-$700. You should not go below that price range since the quality drops significantly.

I’ve tested and reviewed a lot of mini anime sex dolls since they are very popular.

Fantasy sex dolls

There are a lot of different fantasy sex dolls besides the anime sex dolls that are super popular.

Fantasy sex dolls

Lord of the Rings sparked an interest in Elves and I got to admit that there are some really sexy looking Elf sex dolls. You should take a look at my guide to Elf sex dolls here.

You can also take a deep dive into a vampire sex doll if you dare! Enjoying a blowjob from a vampire is not something I’ve personally fantasized about but it might be your thing.

You can even get Alien sex dolls; they are not that popular but Avatar the movie has made it more popular and you can get an Avatar sex doll.

There are a few things you need to know about before buying a sex doll.

Things to consider before buying a sex doll

Getting a sex doll is not like buying any other male sex toy, you should compare it more to getting a car. You should buy one that you think is beautiful and fit your preferences when it comes to size, color, expression, features, and much more.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to consider before purchase:

Materials – TPE vs. Silicone vs. other

There are quite a few different materials but 95% of all sex dolls are ether made of TPE or silicone. So, you’re basically choosing between those to materials.

Silicone vs tpe

TPE pros and cons:

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomers and it’s a mix of both plastic and rubber. It feels nice touching TPE and it’s a great material for sex doll bodies without too fine details.

The price of TPE is much lower compared to silicone and that’s the main reason why it’s used in the majority of all sex dolls.

Small details are one of TPE’s disadvantages and the reason why most sex dolls are made with a silicone head and a TPE body.

TPE does also get stains much easier and the material is much more porous than silicone.

Silicone pros and cons:

Silicone is a great material for sex dolls and it’s used in most high-end sex dolls. Its longevity is much better compared to TPE and it can take a bit of a beating without breaking.

The downside of silicone is its price at almost double that of TPE.

But, both TPE and silicone are great materials for sex dolls and nothing that you should worry about.

Do you want any special features?

Sex dolls can be customized a lot and made very personal which is really good, but it’s very important to you get it right the first time. Most addons/features can’t be added later on and you are stuck with it just the way you bought it.

Not all sex doll manufactures offer the same kind of customizability and their older models might not even support some of the newer addons.

My advice to you would be to make a list of the features that you would want and then go find sex dolls that you like and go though your list and see if they have that feature.

custom doll

Most of the high-quality manufactures has a large selection of features to choose from, let’s have a look at what WM Doll offers here:

  • Skin color – Choose between 5 different skin color; white, fair, light tan, dark tan, and cocoa.
  • Eye color – They offer 4 different colors; brown, blue, green, and purple.
  • Areola color – Which is the nipple color which can be bough in 4 different; white, pink, light tan, and dark tan.
  • Areola size – You can even choose between 3 different nipple sizes diameters; 3 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm.
  • Nail color – There are 13 different nail colors
  • Breast filling – This is one of the more important one that you can change on sex dolls with b-f cup size breasts. There are 3 options; hollow which makes them ultra-soft, solid-TPE which makes them very firm, and then gel-filled which is a $70 premium upgrade and one that I would recommend you since it makes them feel really realistic and nice to touch and squeeze. This is however not an option if you wish to go for the premium body heating option which sits in the same place. I’ve in content with WM Dolls about a solution to this problem.
  • Mouth type – It’s a choice between no tongue or a tongue which is also a $70 premium addon. I would save my money on this one and spend it elsewhere.
  • Vagina – There are 3 different vagina models, the first is a build-in vagina, the second is a removable vagina, and the third is a removable lubrication free vagina. This last one is a premium feature that cost $70 and it’s a pretty nice feature but not necessary. I would never buy a build-in pussy since it’s very hard to clean it. You simply pull out the removable one when your done and take it to a sink and clean it.
  • Labia color – There are 3 different colors of the vagina area; pink, light brown, and dark brown.
  • Pubic hair – Simply buy with or without hair, hair cost $70 and it comes in different styles.
  • Standing feature – You can add a standing feature which allows you to stand your sex doll up. This feature cost $70 and it’s not one that I would personally use.
  • Skeleton type – You can choose between a standard metal skeleton or an EVO skeleton. The EVO skeleton is sometimes a premium option that you have to pay for. The EVO skeleton makes the doll a lot more flexible and the shoulders can shrug, the spine and lean left and right, the legs are able to bend far down to the heal touches the buttocks, or they can be places in a W position. The EVO skeleton is a no-brainer if it’s free and you should always add it.
  • Hair implanted – This is a premium option and it’s quite expensive at $375 for synthetic hair and $529 for real human hair.
  • Other premium features – You have the option to add body heating for $150 which is really important but it’s sadly not available with gel-filled breasts. There are also a body moaning feature for another $150 which give the sex doll an ability to respond to you when you penetrate it and have sex with it.
  • Premium body painting – There are two different hyper-realism body painting options, one with freckles ($170) and one without ($150). This “Hyper-realism” painting job looks super nice and it’s recommended that you get that.

I know that a lot of the recommended features are premium features that cost quite a bit of money, but they are well worth it.

It would be a shame if you bought a $2000 sex doll only to regret that you didn’t spend the extra $500 to get a much better product that you would be way happier to use.

Sex doll accessories

You can get a few sex doll accessories that can spice things up or make your life a little easier. The sex doll accessories can always be bought and added on later if you wish to.

  • Teeth and tongue sets – Yes, you can also add teeth and a tongue to your sex doll. You have a normal teeth/tongue option and a vampire options, both options cost $135
  • Insertable penis – You can buy 2 different sizes of insertable penises if you wish to transform your sex doll to a shemale sex doll. An insert like that cost $70 and can be bought in 2 sizes 15 cm. (5.9 inches) and 19 cm. (7.5 inches).
  • Replacement pussy inserts – You can buy a replacement vagina if yours is broken or not the correct size. This cost you $30 so it’s not a major expense.
  • Cleaning set – This is a really nice to have but also very expensive cleaning device at $380. It makes it really easy to clean your sex doll and I would recommend it if you can effort it.
  • Extra sex doll heads – You can buy extra sex doll heads and completely change the appearance of your sex doll. This is a great way to have sex with 2 different sex dolls at the cost of just one and $375 for the extra head. You might get lucky and buy while they give you a free second head when you order a WM Doll. Just remember to buy one with the same skin color or it will look silly and unnatural.
sex doll accessories

Okay, you’re finally done customizing your new sex doll, but how do you get it and what about customs?

Manufacturing, shipping and customs

Buying a love doll is not as simple as going to the store and bringing your doll home with you. Almost all love dolls are custom made and they are not simple to make.

The manufacturing process does take a lot of man hours and there is a lot of molding – drying – shaping -painting going on that all take time. This is why sex doll usually take between 2-4 weeks to make before they are even shipped to you.

Some sellers take photos of the doll so you can approve them before they are shipped, just in case something need to be changed or something is wrong.


Shipping is done with global carriers and does take between 10 and 14 days to arrive including a couple of days in custom, which is all taken care of if you buy from a trusted seller.  

Avoid getting scammed when purchasing a love doll

The internet is the modern wild-west and there are unfortunately bad people who are trying to take advantage of you and steal your money.

There are several ways that they try to scam you:

  • They set up a website and simply just take your money when you order a product. They take the site down once enough people has done this to avoid bad reviews.
  • The scammers will send you a counterfeit product that’s often made of bad-quality materials and very poorly made.
  • Some sites even sell used doll as brand-new doll without disclosing it on their site.

Some brands even have a way to verify that you good the real product with an “anti-fake code” that you enter on their website.

I’ve made a list of trusted resellers that you should buy from.

Official resellers that you should buy from

  • – You can shop around on between over 1250 different sex dolls from all the major sex doll brands. They mostly have life-size sex doll with a few torso and mini dolls.
  • – This is a small seller with only 180 dolls, but they have great service any support.
  • – They have the biggest selection of dolls and they have a very transparent ordering process and great service.
  • SexyRealSexDolls – Browse over 700 different love dolls in both TPE and Silicone at

There are 100’s of stores that sell sex dolls and most of them are legit and has good service. You can expect good servicer and to be safe if you buy from one of the stores above.

Why do men and women buy sex dolls?

There are several reasons why you would want to buy a love doll and they overlap in some areas, let’s take a look at some them here:

  • Pure sexual pleasure – Sex is the main reason why you would want to get a sex doll. It’s a great way to get a hot young sex partner that you normally never would be able to have sex with in the real world. This group accounts for the majority of all sex doll buyers.
  • Relationship – The second group of buyers are after a love doll to form a relationship with. There er plenty of examples of men and women who became very emotional attached to their love dolls and even went as far as wanting to legally marry their love doll.
  • Shame – There is a lot of reasons why you would choose not to have a sexual relationship with a real person. This could be body insecurities, like having a small penis or a body that you’re ashamed of. Or physiological issues that prevent you from having a personal relationship.
  • Sex training – Using a sex doll for sex training is the absolutely best way to do sex training as it resembles real sex the most. This is a small group of people but it’s a great way to up your sex game if you feel you lack experience and/or stamina.

Final thoughts about the best sex dolls

Sex dolls can solve a lot of your sexual problems and give you endless pleasure without the emotional attachment. Or you can have both and fully embrace the new technology that let you develop an emotional attachment to your sex doll(s).

We have come a long way since the early days of love dolls that looked and felt horrible. Love dolls have such a realistic look and feel that it’s hard not to love having sex with them.

Just make sure you do your research and make a list of your priorities when you buy your first sex doll.

I recommend sex dolls to all who would love a sex partner that don’t complain and demand

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