Fleshlight vs. Onahole – What Should You Buy?

I know this is not a perfect comparison because Fleshlight is a brand while Onahole is a category of products with many brands.

Anyway, I don’t make the rules, you clearly want to know what will give you the most pleasure for your money and I can’t argue with that 😉

I’ve tested close to 50 different Fleshlights and a little more than 40 Onaholes in the last 13 years, so I got my fair share of experience and knowledge to put them up against each other.

Fleshlight and Onahole boxes

Let’s Get a Clear Definition of the Products

Why would you need that, a Fleshlight is a pocket pussy brand based on pornstars, right? Well, that’s right but it’s much more than that.

Let’s define the products:

  • Fleshlight – The most well-known male sex toy brand in the world, but they also make realistic dildos based on male pornstars, but that’s not what we’re comparing here. They have a huge range of products but I’ll focus on the Fleshlight Girls for this comparison.
  • Onahole – Onahole can be translated into masturbation hole and is a Japanese-style male masturbator. They come in various shapes and sizes with a huge range of artistic expressions. This makes it very hard to compare the two because of the huge difference in size, features, and price.

The following section discusses the two products and how they stack up against each other in different categories.

Which Feels the Most Realistic?

You can get a realistic feeling from Fleshlight and Onahole, both based on pornstars but I got to give the win to Fleshlight for their superior molding technique. The way they replicate the vagina of the pornstar to simply amazing and you can see lots of tiny details.

entrance of Fleshlight and Onahole

Most Onaholes do however not attempt to look and feel like a real vagina but aim towards a completely different feel. It would ruin the fantasy if all Hentai characters had a human-like vagina shape and feel to them, getting a different kind of stimulation is good in this case.

Are Onaholes Cheaper Than Fleshlights?

The vast majority of Onaholes cost less than $80 which is the standard price for the Fleshlights. You can get expensive Onahole products, but they are most likely Onahips. It’s still sort of an Onahole but this is where the lines between the products get a little blurry.

Onahips are huge compared to Fleshlights and they offer a much more realistic sex experience just because they are close to real-life size.

fleshlight vs onahole

The Onahip in the picture above is $250 compared to the $80 Fleshlight, a $30 Onahole, and a $6 Onahole (which broke after I used it one time).

It would be best if you stayed away from any Onahole under $20 based on my personal experience. I’ve had the chance to test some ultra-cheap Onaholes, and most of them have not been worth it. There is a price point where the manufacturer cuts corners on the material choices which is often the case with cheap Chinese Onaholes.

Only Buy from Authorizes Sellers

The rule is very simple, only buy from authorized sellers and avoid any platform that allows 3rd party resellers like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish, and so on.

Did you find a cheap Fleshlight on Amazon or one of the Chinese websites? Please don’t do it! You’re most likely getting a used or counterfeit product.

Don’t be the guy who posts a comment about getting a rash on his penis after using a cheap Fleshlight or Onahole.

Buy your Fleshlight from:

  • Fleshlight.com – The official Fleshlight is the safest place to get your Fleshlight and they are also the ones that sell newly released products.
  • Lovehoney.com – One of Fleshlight’s biggest resellers, they have a huge range of products and I have never had a bad experience when ordering from them.
  • Adameve.com – Another great reseller with a ton of sex toys, their Fleshlight selection is a little smaller but they stock all the most popular models.

Buy your Onaholes from:

  • Onahole.com – A relatively new website based in the US that imports Onaholes and sells directly to the consumer so you don’t have to deal with import taxes and stuff like that. Super friendly staff ready to answer your support ticket, I’ve never had a bad experience with them.
  • Kanojotoys.com – The largest Japanese sex toy seller that offers worldwide shipping and has English on their website. They stock over 10,000 Japanese sex toys at all times.
  • Otonajp.com – Another site that has a huge selection of Japanese sex toys and other Hentai-related products.


Onaholes and Fleshlights each have their advantages over each other and I’ve made this table below to make it easier to see their strengths and weaknesses

Total score:5348

It’s impossible to pick a clear winner between the two because they are so different and cater to different segments of users.

What I Like and Don’t Like About Onaholes and Fleshlights



  • It both looks and feels realistic to use
  • You can adjust the suction with the back lid
  • There are lots of nice attachments that work with Fleshlights
  • You can automate the stroking
  • It’s easier to clean because it’s open-ended


  • It’s quite expensive at $80 vs $30 for a similar quality Onahole
  • The case makes it bulky
  • You’re stuck with a few sizes
  • You have to buy 2 if you want a butt and vagina entrance



  • Lots of Onaholes have both a vagina and a butt entrance
  • They are fairly cheap compared to Fleshlights
  • You can get compact Onaholes that are easy to hide
  • Some Onaholes have dual materials which enhance the stimulation
  • There are 100’s of different options


  • The close-ended design makes it difficult to clean
  • You can’t adjust the tightness
  • There are 100’s of fake Onaholes which can be hard to avoid

My Final Thoughts About Onaholes vs Fleshlights

I’m not a fan of the whole debate about which one is better because it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and it’s a bit of an apples vs. pears discussion.

If you have a favorite pornstar and that pornstar has a Fleshlight molded after her vagina/butt then get that. Or if you’re a fan of a Japanese pornstar who had an Onahole molded after her vagina then get that.

You might enjoy Hentai, Anime, and Manga then you’re most likely going to be able to find an Onahole with the characters that you like.

It’s as simple as that – Both Fleshlights and Onaholes offer amazing pleasure far beyond what your hand can offer.

So, which one is best? It all depends on your preferences!

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