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The Ida Wave is a uniquely designed sex toy from LELO with a very special fingering vibrator arm that both massages and vibrates your G-spot.

Don’t worry, your clitoris is also getting its fair share of attention by the powerful upper vibrator that hugs your entire vagina.

There are tons of patterns and speed options to choose from all within the LELO app which you can use to control it.

LELO Ida Wave review

What I like about it:

  • The fingering sensation feels good
  • More than enough power to make you scream!
  • Double stimulation
  • Control it with an app if you’re into that
  • You can use it hands-free

I recommend the LEO Ida Wave if you’re looking for a clitoris vibrator that fingers you at the same time.

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The LELO Ida Wave is the second version of the original Ida massager which was branded as a couple’s sex toy which sits in the woman while the partner penetrates her. There were quite a few problems with this design and it never worked out as intended.

LELO has not just redesigned the new version; they have also completely changed its use case which makes a lot of sense since it didn’t live up to its hype.

Let’s have a look at the brand-new LELO Ida Wave and see if it can redeem itself.

lelo ida wave

Table of Contents

What’s Inside the LELO Ida Wave Box?

The box itself is a standard black LELO packaging box with a clear plastic window to show off the goodies inside.

This is what you get:

  • The LELO Ida Wave dual vibrator
  • A very nice stretchy satin sex toy bag
  • USB charging cable (no power brick included)
  • Water-based lubrication sample pack
  • Warranty card
  • Link to an online manual and instructions

I personally like that they don’t include a power brick, I would assume that everybody who has the money to spend on a product like the LELO Ida Wave has some kind of USB charger already.

Let’s Give It a Try

The Ida Wave came with a charge but I charged it up just to be sure it wouldn’t die on my right before climax 😊

I had to download the LELO App to connect the Ida Wave with my phone, you can find the app on Google Play or the App Store.

The App guides you through the setup process and it took less than a minute to connect it to my phone.

It’s really easy to use the app and you can select between 3 different ways of controlling the stimulation intensity; Screwing, shaking, or Boring.

how to use lelo app

You can choose the vibration and fingering pattern from the popup menu in the lower right-hand corner and start/stop it on the white button below.

There is also a single button on the sex toy itself which allows you to turn it on/off and switch between the different vibration patterns, but no intensity control.

The intensity slider goes from 1-10 and I could barely handle it past 6 which is pretty nuts. So, if you’re into crazy powerful vibrations and stimulation then it’s a great choice for you 😉

The finger itself is shaped like a “V” with the two points massaging your G-spot in a circular motion pattern which feels pretty freaking good.

It can be a little overwhelming with strong clitoris and G-spot massage at the same time so make sure you turn it all the way down in the beginning and work your way up the intensity ladder.


  • The fingering sensation feels good
  • More than enough power to make you scream!
  • Double stimulation
  • Control it with an app if you’re into that
  • You can use it hands-free


  • It does not fit all shapes and sizes
  • You can’t control the power settings from the device itself
  • I would love a dedicated remote control

Overall, a great toy that feels like being fingered while you hold a vibrator on your clitoris, what’s not to like 😊

How Does It Perform Against the Original IDA?

There are quite a few reasons why LELO completely redesigned the original Ida massager which is good considering all the critique it got.

But that makes it fairly hard and unnecessary to compare the two products due to their completely different use cases.

What’s the Best Alternative to the Ida Wave?

The Ida Wave’s unique fingering movement is something that I haven’t seen in other sex toys so there is no great alternative.

Google only suggests finger vibrators as alternatives but that’s a completely different product category in itself.

The closest we get is LELO’s own Tiani 3 which also has a dual vibrator design but that internal vibrator does not move around like the Ida Wave’s.

Should I Use It With or Without the App?

This is a tricky question and I would love to give you a clear answer but it’s going to depend on a lot of things.

You are limited to choosing only the vibration patterns with the button on the Ida Wave itself but I don’t like having to deal with apps during masturbation (more on that later).

I would love to be able to control it with a dedicated remote like the one from the Tiani 3.

Ideally, LELO would make their remote controller from the Tiani 3 and the Hugo as a universal sex toy controller for all their sex toys. You would then have the option to not include it in your order if you already have it and save money and the environment.

I know there are complications with this but I would love to see something like that in the future.

The Dangers of Using Your Phone as the Remote Controller

I generally love the idea of using your phone as a remote controller for your various sex toys. There is no need to produce more products with a single use case that could be handled by your phone.

But there are a few downsides to using your phone, let’s take a look at them:

  • Notifications – Love them or hate them, it would be a complete mood killer for me to get any kind of notifications during play.
  • Lube – I get lube everywhere as soon as I have lube on my fingers which is a no-go for phones. You could try to keep one hand lube free and use that to control it but I’ve failed trying that several times ;(
  • Privacy – You’ll need the LELO app to control the Ida Wave, that might not be a problem, but what if you have some malware on your phone that lets others listen through your phone’s mic or even look through the camera? This is not an issue for 99.99% of users but it’s still something to keep in mind.

You can use the LELO Ida Wave without the remote controller feature app but you’re limited to their single-button design which limits the settings you can choose from.

It’s by no means a deal breaker but just something to keep in mind 😊

My Final Thoughts About the LELO Ida Wave Dual Vibrator

I love the fingering action the Ida Wave provides and a little part of me would love to cut it open and see how it works, but I’m not going to ruin this amazing toy.

One of my only concerns is the lack of adjustability which makes it a bit of a hit or miss if it fits you. But it’s just a problem if you’re way above average size and it might just mean that you need to hold it in place while you use it.

I like it other than that and the quality and overall feel are just amazing as you would expect from any sex toy from LELO.

I recommend the LEO Ida Wave if you’re looking for a clitoris vibrator that fingers you at the same time.

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