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Review summary:

The Megumi 19 Onahole is a cheap Onahole that’s great for beginners and experienced Onahole users.

It’s dual firmness material feels amazing and it makes the vagina very pleasant to use.

I’m super happy that we’re able to experience what Megumi Shino’s pussy must have felt like when she was 19 years old and active in the porn industry.

This is what you get:

  • Cute box with pictures of Megumi
  • The dual material Megumi 19 Onahole
  • A small amount of lubrication

I recommend the Megumi 19 Onahole for all Onahole beginners and fans of Megumi Shino.

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Who is Megumi Shino?

Megumi Shino is Japanese pornstar with a very short but eventful 1 year career. She never wanted to be a pornstar her entire life but it was much more like a real-life experiment.

She performed in several adult videos from 2009-2010 when she was 19 years old (hence the reason for the 19 in the name).

Megumi Shino

I’m super happy that she did this and you can still find some of her amazing videos on various tube websites.

I would recommend watching her perform while you use the Megumi 19 Onahole for extra satisfaction.

My first impression of it

The Megumi 19 Onahole is prices at $23 which makes it super cheap and I’ve set my expectations accordingly.

It comes in a cute little box with some nice pictures of Megumi Shino and pictures of the inside of the toy.

The toy itself feel really good considering the price and the first thing that jumps to my eyes in the dual material that makes the Megumi 19 so special.

The top of the Onahole is made of a very soft and super stretchy material while the last third is made of a firmer material.

megumi 19 onahole inside

This is what you get:

  • Cute box with pictures of Megumi Shino
  • Her Megumi 19 Onahole
  • A little lube to get started

Time to test the Megumi 19 Onahole

I’ve been looking forward to test the new dual firmness material design and see how it works.

I was using the included water-based lube for my first run and it worked great.

The vagina entrance is not super tight but it feels amazing entering it with my rock-hard cock and feeling the Onahole expend in my hand as I penetrate it deeper.

The first two third feels super soft and stretchy and it’s easy to feel when your cock enters the last part.

This makes a very special feeling because my cock is longer than the internal length of the Megumi 19, it sort of pushes the last third of the Onahole while it’s stretches the first part.

This is kind of a unique sensation and one that feels amazing around your entire cock not just the glans as most Onaholes do.

This is a really good masturbation sex toy for just $23 and one that most guys would love.

megumi 19 onahole review

How does it compare to similar products?

The Megumi is priced very competitive compared to other similar Onaholes and it offers a very unique masturbation experience.

It’s just 30% of the price of a Fleshlight but it feels like a much more expensive sex toy. The Fleshlight do have its advantages over the Megumi 19 Onahole and it’s hard to put them up against each other due to the huge price difference.

You have the advantage of adjusting the suction power of the Fleshlight which is not possible with the Megumi 19.

You can read some of my other Onahole reviews here if you wish to compare it to other Onaholes/Onahips.

Kinkycow has also made a Onahole beginners guide if you’re new to Onaholes and want to learn more about Japanese masturbation sex toys for men.

My final thoughts of the Megumi 19 Onahole

I was super surprised when I got the Megumi 19 and opened it up, the quality and the dual material makes it feel like a much more expensive Onahole.

This is a super great beginner Onahole without any strange textures or features that you might find nice when you’re a more experienced user.

I’m very happy that we have to ability to enjoy Megumi Shino’s vagina and as it was when she was 19 years old and enjoy some of her adult videos.

I recommend the Megumi 19 Onahole for all Onahole beginners and fans of Megumi Shino.

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