Vibrating Fleshlight Guide 2024

The vibrating Fleshlights have never been very popular and I have no idea why.

I do love using mine and I wish they would include the vibrating bullet hole as a standard on all their Fleshlight models – They unfortunately don’t, so we’re stuck with only two options.

The Vibro Lady Fleshlight

This is the vagina version of the vibrating Fleshlight and it’s an old sleeve design, but it still feels really good.

The Vibro Lady sleeve has 3 small holes on the outside near the entrance where the 3 vibrating bullet is placed.

Vibro vibrating Fleshlight

You simply slide the bullet in them and turn them on with a single push of a button on each of the bullets. Then put the sleeve back in the case and enjoy a new Fleshlight experience.

The inside of the Sleeve has a single texture with a lot of raised nubs along the inside which makes for a very soft feel.

vibro sleeve

The total length of the sleeve is 8.5 inches which is enough for most guys.

Remember to use good water-based lubrication to further enhance the pleasure and avoid ripping the sleeve.

The Vibro Butt Fleshlight

The Vibro Butt has all the same features as the Lady versions except for the different orifice.

Vibro butt Fleshlight

The Butt version has a tighter entrance but that’s the only difference. So, if you’re an ass guy then go for the butt versions and if you prefer a pussy then get the Lady version.

This is What You Get

When you order one of the Vibro Fleshlights from then you’ll get:

  • The Fleshlight sleeve Lady or Butt
  • Gunmetal Vibro case
  • 3 Vibrating bullets with batteries
  • Instruction manual

How do I Use It?

Using it is very easy and straight forward but there are a few things you can do to make the experience more pleasant.

  1. Remove the sleeve from the case.
  2. Put the sleeve in warm water for 15-20 minutes (replace with fresh warm water halfway).
  3. Take the sleeve and dry the outside.
  4. Put in the 3 vibrators and turn them on with the button on the end.
  5. Put the sleeve back in the case and put on the lid.
  6. Use plenty of water-based lube (FleshLube is good).
  7. Put your cock inside and enjoy the warm and vibrating inside.
  8. Remove the lid once you’re done.
  9. Turn off the vibrators.
  10. Clean the sleeve.

Now you’re ready for the next round.

Get the Vibro Vavoom Combo Pack

This is a great combo pack that includes all you need to get started with your brand-new vibrating Fleshlight.

I do recommend buying the combo pack if it’s your first Fleshlight since it will have all the things that make Fleshlight extra good.

The Vibro Vavoom pack contains:

  • The Vibro Lady Fleshlight
  • 2x bottles of Flesh Lube
  • Shower mount
  • 3 Vibrating bullets (including batteries)
  • Information on use and care
Vibro Vavoom Fleshlight

I recommend the Vibro combo if you’re new to Fleshlights and want more pleasure from your Vibro Fleshlight.


You can get extra vibrating bullets from if one should break or get lost. You can also buy extra batteries but I would just get them at the local store which would be cheaper and faster.

What I Don’t Like About It

I would have loved it if the bullet were a little stronger to increase the vibration, that would have properly made it more popular, but it still feels nice.

And speaking of the bullets, why not make them rechargeable… This would have been so much better instead of swapping out the tiny batteries.

Anyway, I still feel it’s a great product that most guys would love.

My Final Thoughts About Vibrating Fleshlights

It feels like Fleshlight has moved away from vibrating Fleshlights and none of the newer models have the holes for the vibrating pullets. I wish they would include it in their newer designs in their Fleshlight Girls lineup.

But right now, we got to work with what we got and both the Vibro Lady and the Vibro Fleshlight Butt are great products that shake things up.

I recommend the Vibro Lady and the Vibro Butt if you want to shake things up.

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