App-Controlled Sex Dolls

Yep, you’re now able to buy sex dolls that you can control through an app on your phone. It’s amazing to see all the new technologies that have been implemented in sex dolls in the last 13 years that I’ve been working with sex dolls and sex toys.

app controlled sex dolls

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Control the Vagina and More

There are a few things you can control right now and that’s an auto suction feature that feels like the vagina on the doll massages your penis. There are a lot of different suction modes which feel like it’s stroking and suction on your cock depending on the mode you select.

You can also select between 11 different vibrating modes which activate and adjust a strong internal vibrator right next to the doll’s vagina. There is also a slider on the app that allows you to change the vibration power.

There is also a small speaker which can play different moaning sounds or music. I personally don’t use this feature but I can see why that would be a huge turn-on for some guys.

How does it Work?

It’s super simple to set it up and use it:

  1. The unit that controls all the features is located under the doll’s left arm. First, you need to charge it up with the included charger.
    device on doll
  2. Turn on the device with a long press on the power/switch button, it’s around 1.5 seconds before it turns on. A light will indicate when it’s on.
  3. Download the Mutuafun app from Google Play or the App Store and install it on your phone.
  4. You now have 3 options to connect to your sex doll: “Starting to connect”, “Long-distance Control”, and “Guest Access”. You can control the doll with the first and third options or let another person control it through a “Room” that you create in the “Long-distance Control”.
  5. Now press the feature you wish to control. Let’s pick “Automatic Mode” for this guide. Here you’re able to change between 11 different vibration patterns and adjust the intensity of the vibration.
    vibration mode in Mutuafun
  6. You can also control the different settings on the device itself, but it’s much easier to use the phone app.
  7. Remember to turn the device off when you’re done to save battery.

What Sex Dolls Can Be App-Controlled?

Right now, it’s only Ridmii dolls that can be controlled with your phone but they are fairly cheap compared to similar sex dolls and they can be bought from They offer worldwide shipping and they have locations around the world and you can see their sex dolls USA stock if you want fast shipping in North America.

They have 20 different app-controlled sex dolls that can be yours for as little as $999.

browse dolls

I love the selection which has a bit of everything, including a super cute Elf doll called Aggie.

control Aggie with your phone

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A: Yes, you can control it with the physical buttons on the device.

A: The app is constantly being worked on to improve it and new features are added so it might look a little different when you download it.

A: You’re looking at around 1 hour of runtime depending on the setting you use.

A: 2-3 hours with the included cable.

A: Only use water-based lube.

My Final Thoughts About Phone-Controlled Sex Dolls

Does your next sex doll need to be controlled with your phone? No, but it does add some incredibly cool features that take things to the next level.

I personally love the vibrating and sucking features which feel so nice compared to a “passive” sex doll vagina.

A real vagina is not just a static hole but it contracts and relaxes during sex which is exactly like the sucking feature feels like.

If you’re after the latest and greatest in sex dolls then I would highly recommend getting one that you can control with your phone.

You can browse all the different options at

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