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I’m Bjorn the main person behind Kinkycow and the one to contact if you have anything business-related. I’ve worked in the sex toy industry since 2010 and know my way around its weird structure.

Most of my time is spent managing everything but I do still test new and exciting sex toys and write guides.

Let’s get to know Bjorn

My name is Bjorn and I come from Denmark where I live in a small town. I love the outdoors and prefer to spend my free time as far away from my computer as possible.

I’m pretty sure I was around 18 when I used a penis ring for the first time. I was curious about it and was completely blown away by this little $5 item that just turned my penis rock-hard in a matter of seconds.

It’s not always the easiest thing to talk about with friends and family but I really enjoy the work and I still get super excited when new products are launched.

There is a lot of progress in terms of AI and the sex industry is known for being one of the first industries to pick up new technologies I look forward to all the new stuff that’ll use AI in the next few years.

I’ll properly still be working with sex toys to some degree but I would love to diversify my work and maybe work with something that doesn’t require spending 90% of the time in front of a screen.

What I do at Kinkycow:
Administration 65%
Reviews 35%

You can contact me at:

[email protected] or write a comment below any of the articles and reviews that I write.

I’m the Author of the Following Guides and Reviews: