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Review summary:

The Feel Kenzie stroker is a molded version of Kenzie Taylor’s vagina which gives it a very realistic look.

It has several textures inside which massages your cock in different ways which feels amazing.

You can mount it in the Kiiroo Keon for a handsfree masturbation experience, but it’s not necessary.

This is what you get:

  • Kenzie Taylor pocket pussy
  • High-quality material and build
  • Mount in Keon for automatic stroking
  • Easy to use and clean

I recommend the Feel Kenzie stroker if you want to enjoy Kenzie Taylor’s pussy in a high-quality sex toy.

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Who is Kenzie Taylor?

Kenzie Taylor is from Michigan, USA and was born in 1990. She started her adult career as 25-year-old and has acted in almost 400 adult videos and continue to perform.

Kenzie Taylor

Kenzie Taylor has won several adult awards during the years from both AVN and Spank Bank Awards.

You can find a lot of her work on adult publishers like Tushy, Reality Kings, Evil Angel, Digital Sin, and many more.

She does perform in a wide range of setups including A2m, girl-on-girl and gangbangs, so there should be something for your preference.

My first hands-on experience with the Feel Kenzie stroker

The Feel Kenzie stroker comes in a box with images of the inside texture and the entrance which is molded after Kenzie Taylors vagina.

Her signature is also on the side of the entrance for a nice personal touch. The soft pussy material is made of TPE which makes it feel just like real skin.

The soft pussy is inside a case made of hard plastic which allows you to hold it without squeezing it and it allows it to be mounted in the Kiiroo Keon (more on that later).

Feel Kenzie box front
Feel Kenzie box back

Giving the Feel Kenzie stroker a try

I was super pumped to give the Feel Kenzie a try and compare it to the other products in the FeelStar series and the other competing products.

First apply some good-quality water-based lubrication and make sure you get it as far in as your fingers allow. You can always apply more on your penis if it gets dry.

The entrance feels tighter than the Feel Natalia Starr which I tested the other day so that’s a plus if you’re into tight pussies.

There are a lot of different textures inside which makes it feel very interesting to use and the different parts will massage your cock in different ways.

I really love the small narrow gabs that massage my glans when my penis is pushed all the way in which feels amazing.

Overall a great feeling pocket pussy that will make your masturbation a whole lot more interesting and fun.

Tip: Preheat it by submerging it in warm water for 20 minutes before you use it for an extra warm and realistic feeling.

Kenzie Stroker texture

Combine it with the Keon for handsfree masturbation

As mentioned earlier, the Feel Kenzie Taylor stroker can be used in Kiiroo’s automatic stroker. Simply mount the Kenzie stroker in the Keon and pair it with the app on your phone.

You can now enjoy some of Kenzie Taylor’s porno while the Keon will stroke the Feel Kenzie automatically according to the action in the video.

This is a great way to watch her porno and enjoy handsfree masturbation for that next level masturbation.

The Keon is not a cheap device and it’s not necessary for a great experience, but it’s well worth the money if you can afford to spend some extra on it.

It also works together with the other Feel strokers from Natalia Starr, Britney Amber, and Apolonia Lapiedra.

Clean your stroker after each session

Masturbators for men are known to be a breathing ground for bacteria and mold because of the design of the sex toys. This is also true for the Feel Kenzie, but it can be prevented with a simple cleaning routine that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to perform.

Simply remote the lid from the back of the Kenzie stroker and rinse it though with warm water to get rid of all the body fluids and lubrication.

Then add some mild anti-bacteria soap on the tip of your fingers and massage it in both the front and back entrance of the stroker to get rid of the last remaining dirt parts.

Rinse it a couple of times to remove the soap and pad it try with a towel and leave it out until it’s completely dry before putting the lid back on and putting it away.

My final thoughts about the Feel Kenzie Taylor stoker

The Feel Kenzie is a great pocket pussy toy with the best materials that makes it feel very realistic and amazing to use.

You can mount it in the Keon for extra pleasure which is a great option if you want to push your masturbation to the next step.

If you’re a Kenzie Taylor fan and want to know how her pussy feels like then this is your chance!

I recommend the Feel Kenzie stroker if you want to enjoy Kenzie Taylor’s pussy in a high-quality sex toy.

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