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Review summary:

The Her Ultimate Pleasure is a multi-functional sex toy that’ll suck, lick, penetrate, and massage your body. It’s made in high-quality silicone and comes with 2 sizes of suction cups and a sleeve for the licking tongue for extra stimulation.

It’s really well built and all the functions works really good to the point where you can live with just one sex toy.

This is truly the ultimate travel sex toy or it you just want a single sex toy in the back of your drawer.

Her Ultimate Pleasure Review

This is what you get:

  • G-spot vibrator
  • Pussy pump with vibrating feature
  • Licking stimulator
  • Clit and nipple pump
  • High-quality all-in-one sex toy

I recommend the Her Ultimate Pleasure if you want the best all-in-one sex toy for female.

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Table of Contents

Full review of the Fantasy for Her vibrating pussy pump and Tongue kit

I’ve been dying to try the Her Ultimate Pleasure ever since I was it for sale for the first time. It looks like the perfect travel companion with so many features in one sex toy.

One thing that I’m worries about is that they might have put too much into it and compromised the usability and effect of the different features.

But I guess I’ll know in a few hours 😉

What do you get?

You’re paying a premium price for the “Her Ultimate Pleasure” toy so you should expect a lot of goodies in the box.

The box contain:

  • The “Her Ultimate Pleasure” sex toy
  • 2 Sizes of suction cups for both pussy and clit/nipple play
  • TPE sleeve for the tongue vibrator
  • A magnetic USB charging cable
  • An instruction manual
fantasy for her her ultimate pleasure box

Fantasy for Her pussy pump features:

This is a very feature rich pussy pump and more like an all-in-one sex toy for women – This is the features you can enjoy with it:

  • Electric automatic pussy pump
  • Both for pussy, clit, and nipple pumping
  • Licking tongue with 7 functions
  • Use the handle as a g-spot vibrator with 10 functions
  • Rechargeable with magnetic charger
  • Waterproof for bath and shower play

This is a crazy number of features that’s all packed into a well-build silicone housing.

How does it work?

This is normally a short part of every review that I write, but the Her Ultimate Pleasure works in so many ways that I have to extend it a bit.

I’ll break down each of its functions so give a better understanding of how it works.

her ultimate pleasure info

The suction part:

The front part of the toy is a suction cup that’s used to create suction about an area, this would typically be your vagina, clit, or nipple. It comes with two sizes of suction cups to better fit that area that you wish to stimulate.

You can adjust the suction power and make it pulse in strength to massage the area; this is done with the buttons on the handle.

The tongue part:

This is truly a unique toy with a tongue that can lick your clit or nipples, it’s done by turning this feature on the side buttons and adjust the speed of the tongue.

Ahhh yes, can you imagine all the power you have with a push of a button. No more asking for faster or slower, or “you’re not quite in the right spot”.

Simply switch between the 7 different settings and adjust it to the perfect spot at the perfect time.

You can put on a soft sleeve on the tongue with a special texture for extra stimulation (it’s included).

The G-spot vibrator part:

Yes, the handle is of course a powerful G-spot vibrator with 10 different vibration settings that can be changed with the same buttons as the other functions.

Just turn off the suction and tongue; turn it around and you’re ready to go.  

Giving it a try for the first time

I’ve been super excited to give it a try since I’m traveling a lot and this would be the perfect travel companion if it does what it’s supposed to do.

The Her Ultimate Pleasure feels really good right out of the box, and it’s not hard to see why it’s priced like it is. All the seams and joints are very well made and it feels like quality.

Let’s get down to business and give the suction and tongue part of it a try first.

I use a thick water-based lube on the rim of the suction cup and on the tongue for added stimulation.

The suction is surprisingly strong and the suction patterns feels amazing like a massager. It’s a little difficult to get the tongue to touch the right place but a few adjustments later and I was off to heaven.

A swollen pussy and clit stimulation at the same it creates a super intense sensation and amazing orgasms!

Next up is the G-spot vibrator part which can be used by simply turning off the suction/tongue and turn it around. The handle is shaped perfectly for hitting that elusive G-spot.

It’s size and shape are really good and the 10 different vibration settings should be enough for most users including me. I really love that you can get yourself a complete clit and g-spot massage with a single toy.

 This is what I like about it:

  • I love that you can adjust the suction power
  • The tongue vibrator is amazing when positioned the right way
  • It feels incredible when your suck and vibrate at the same time
  • The g-spot vibrator has lots of vibration and speed settings
  • You get two sizes of suction cups and an extra textured sleeve for the tongue
  • Very easy to charge
  • It’s waterproof

What I don’t like about it:

  • It can be a little tricky to get it positioned the right way
  • All the motors do make a bit of noise
  • You do need to use it a few times to get the hang of all the settings
  • It’s hard to knock too much on the price, but $150 is still a lot for a sex toy
her ultimate pleasure charger

What does others say about the Her Ultimate Pleasure?

It’s clear that this is a favorite among girls who struggle to get orgasms when you look through the comments about it. This is why pussy pumps are so great and this just takes things to the next level, you can read more about how pussy pumps work if you want to know the details behind the amazing orgasms.

Users describe how they get very intense orgasms in less than 5 minutes with the Her Ultimate Pleasure.

But it’s not all good, a few users complain about the noise level which I certainly did notice during my test of it.

And a user’s toy died when used under water, this is most likely due to a defect in the Her Ultimate Pleasure toy and Lovehoney (the seller) quickly refunded it as it clearly states that’s it waterproof.

I did not have any issues with water and submerged it during cleaning.

Is it as effective as using a “normal” pussy pump and sex toys?

Let’s look strictly at the suction part and see how effective it is compared to a dedicated pussy pump.

This is perhaps the weakest of the functions, not because of the effect, but the fact that you have to hold it while you use this feature. The design simply doesn’t allow you to let go of it since it would break the seal and you would lose the suction.

A simple cheap $30 pussy pump would be a better choice if you’re after getting a swollen pussy, but that’s not the main goal of the Her Ultimate Pleasure.

You should take a look at all the different pussy pumps we’ve reviewed if you’re more interested in that or even pick one off the list of the highest rated pussy pumps.

How do I clean it?

The Her Ultimate Pleasure is waterproof which makes it very easy to clean since you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Just use warm water and some mild soap and gently scrub the parts that get lube and body fluids on them. Make sure you take extra care around the rim of the suction cup since it’s a hotspot for lube to get stuck.

Silicone can get damaged if you scrub too hard or with a stiff sponge so just do it gently and your awesome all-in-one sex toy will last, you’re a long time.

Make sure it’s completely dry before putting it away.

My final thoughts about the Fantasy for Her “Her Ultimate Pleasure”

If I was allowed only one sex toy – would it be the Her Ultimate pleasure with its amazing suction and licking feature?

Yes, it’s that good!

It’s very hard to make good all-in-one sex toys since the number of features often compromise the performance of the features.

But the Her Ultimate Pleasure is a nice reminder that it’s possible to bring just one sex toy on your travels or simply just downsize and have one sex toy at all (Yea, I know it’s hard to imagine).

It’s on the list of the highest rated pussy pumps and earned its spot by being so feature rich.

You are however paying a hefty price for it, but it’s well worth it in my opinion.

I recommend the Her Ultimate Pleasure if you want the best all-in-one sex toy for female.

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