Apolonia Lapiedra Pocket Pussy Review and Test 2024

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Review summary:

The FeelApolonia is a pocket pussy molded from Apolonia Lapiedra’s pussy and made in soft skin-like material.

It’s such an amazing feeling using it and you get the option to pair it with the Keon and make it a hands-free experience.

Enjoy your favorite adult movies with Apolonia and enjoy her soft pussy on your hard cock with the FeelApolonia.

This is what you get:

  • Very high-quality pocket pussy
  • Feel Apolonia’s pussy
  • Pair it with the Keon and enjoy interactive masturbation
  • Easy to clean and maintain

I recommend the FeelApolonia if you’re into Apolonia and her hot and sexy body.

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3.67 (9 votes)

Table of Contents

Who is Apolonia Lapiedra?

Apolonia Lapiedra is a Spanish pornstar and model with a huge following in the Spanish speaking parts of the world.

Apolonia Lapiedra

But there are a lot of reasons why you should get to know her and her amazing work 😉

She started performing in adult movies in 2015 and is still active today, you can find her in videos from Vixen, Blacked, and many more.

Apolonia collaborated with Kiiroo in early 2021 and the Feel Apolonia stroker that I’m reviewing today is the result of that work.

First Look at The Feel Apolonia Pocket Pussy

kiiroo feelstar apolonia lapeidra Fleshlight
kiiroo feelstar stroker apolonia lapeidra entrance

The entrance of the device is molded after Apolonia’s pussy and the entire soft part is made of TPE. It’s all in a hard case with a lid on the end to reduce or increase the suction power of the pussy.

You can enjoy 22.5 cm (8.85 inches) of pussy so there should be enough for 99.99% of all men.

How Does It Feel Using It?

I’ve tested a large number of pocket pussies and almost all of them have been made of TPE. TPE is super soft and very stretchy so it’s perfect for pocket pussies and sex dolls.

Apply a good amount of water-based lubrication and reapply if needed and get your cock semi-hard before entering.

The entrance of the FeelApolonia feels good and it narrows down the further you penetrate it. The different textures of the inside make it a very interesting experience and a super fun ride.

FeelApolonia texture

Kiiroo has done a great job of not making it too tight which would have resulted in a pocket pussy for men with tiny thin penises.

A really good experience on par with the competition.

Let’s Step It Up and Pair It With the Keon

The Kiiroo Keon is an interactive device where you can mount your FeelApolonia stroker or any other FeelStar stroker.

Connect the Keon with your phone and watch some of Apolonia’s erotic movies and the Keon will automatically stroke the FeelApolonia. This is such a nice feature that will take your masturbation game to a whole new level.

There are a few other male masturbator options that do this, but the Keon is one of the best!

You can get a few different deals when you buy both the FeelApolonia stroker and the Keon device. This is not a cheap combo but it takes it to an entirely new masturbation pleasure level.

I personally love using the Keon with a FeelStar stroker and would recommend it to you if you want to enjoy hands-free masturbation.

FeelApolonia lapiedra with Keon

Clean Your New FeelApolonia Stroker

It is very important to clean the stroker well before you store it away. There are a lot of small grooves where body fluids and lube can get stuck so make sure you rinse it with warm water and a mild soap or any anti-bacterial cream.

Remember to rinse it through a couple of times to get rid of any soap that might cause a rash if not removed.

Leave it out to dry completely before storing it away.

My Final Thought About the Apolonia Lapiedra

I’m super happy that Kiiroo finally pulled the tricker and made a competing product for the Fleshlight Girls.

There are currently 4 FeelStars in their series but I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a lot more in the future.

You can read my reviews of the other 3 FeelStars at:

The FeelApolonia feels amazing and the integration with the Keon makes it a top choice for you if you want to bring your masturbation to the next level.

I recommend the Apolonia Lapiedra if you want to experience sex with the Spanish beauty Apolonia Lapiedra.

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