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Review summary:

The Feel Britney stroker is based on Britney Ambers pussy and you get an exact replica of her vagina entrance.

It feels almost like the real deal with a bit of lubrication and you can enjoy her sweet juicy pussy as much as you can handle.

Pair it with the Kiiroo Keon and get the most amazing interactive masturbation experience with Britney Amber that will leave you gasping for air when you’re done.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality realistic looking pocket pussy
  • Soft and skin-like material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Works with Kiiroo Keon for handsfree pleasure

I recommend the Feel Britney if you’re into Britney Amber or if you simply just want a high-quality pocket pussy.

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Who is Britney Amber?

Britney is a true pornstar with over 250 adult movies under her belt and a 15-year adult career which is still going.

Britney Amber

She lives in Banning, California and is single at the time of writing so there is a chance if you’re lucky 😊

Her adult career started as a legal prostitute but got into porn quickly after in 2007.

She has worked with a many of the biggest adult video producers and you can find her work in series like; Moms Teach Sex, Superbound, Big wet butts, Hot and Mean, and many more.

You can follow her on Twitter for the latest and hottest news in her life.

Let’s have a look at the Feel Britney stroker

Feel Britney review

The front part of the Britney stroker is soft and delicious just waiting to be enjoyed. The entrance is shaped after Britney Ambers real vagina and it has her signature on it.

It’s made with TPE which is a really soft skin-like material that makes it feel like you’re enjoying the real thing. The outer case is made of hard plastic with a lid on the back which is used to control the suction of the pussy.

Simply tighten it if you want the Britney stroker to suck you cock in while you use it or loosen the lid for a softer experience.

How does the Feel Amber sex toy feel?

Lubricating it up for the first time and putting a couple of fingers in before penetration makes it feel even more like having real sex.

The soft material really shines when you apply a nice thick water-based lube to it and your cock should slide right in.

The inside tunnel is covered in different textures that makes it a unique ride with different narrow spots and nubs to massage your glans.

It feels absolutely amazing and the lid on the back makes it easy to adjust it to your personal preference.

There are other textures available that are shaped after other pornstars if you wish to explore your possibilities or even get more than one. You could have a look at the Spanish beauty Apolonia Lapiedra’s stroker here, the stunning Natalia Starr’s stroker, or the hot blond Kenzie Taylor’s stroker here.

Do you want handsfree masturbation?

Yep, it’s now possible to enjoy handsfree masturbation if you get the Kiiroo Keon that is an automatic stroker for the Feel Britney stroker.

You can enjoy some of her erotic movies while it strokes according to the action which gives a very unique masturbation experience far beyond your hands.

There are special combo packs available that includes both the Feel Britney stroker, the Keon automatic stroker, and some special lubrication.

It’s more expensive but it’s well worth the extra investment and the Keon works with all the other strokers from Kiiroo so you can get others for a different masturbation experience later on.

There are other masturbators for men that have an automatic feature but the Keon is one of the best out there.

I recommend the Feel Britney stroker with the Keon for an amazing handsfree masturbation experience.

Keep your sex toys clean

All sex toys should be stored away clean and kept as clean as possible. This is especially true for a pocket pussy like the Britney Amber one since it has a lot of small grooves and holes inside. This is the perfect breathing ground for bacteria and mold, so a good anti-bacteria soap is a must.

Simply take of the hard case and rinse the toy under warm water and get soap all the way in with your fingers and rinse it off a couple of times. Leave it outside until it’s completely dry before you store it away.

My final thought about the Britney Amber stroker

I’m super pleased to see some other high-end sex toy company entering this space and making a great alternative to the Fleshlights.

The soft almost swollen look of the entrance makes it very unlikely that your body will hit the hard case which is super annoying on other pocket pussies.

The overall build quality of the Feel Britney is super nice and among the best in the world.

I really recommend getting the Keon for that ultimate masturbation experience but I understand that it’s a lot of money for some guys. But the Britney Stroker on its own is also worth the money and I recommend that as well.

I recommend the Feel Britney Amber stroker for all men who loves to enjoy her sweet pussy.


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