The Ultimate Black Sex Doll Guide 2024

Black sex dolls are a little less common compared to other types, but there are some amazing ones when you dig a little around.

I’ve put my over 10 years of sex toy experience to good use and created a list of the best black sex dolls for you.

The products have been selected based on:

  • Build quality
  • Material quality
  • Realism
  • Price

I’ve tried including a broad selection of different styles of ebony sex dolls so there should be one for your taste.

best black sex dolls

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Best Black Sex Dolls 2024:

#1 Tyra – Most Realistic Black Sex Doll

Tyra is modeled after a real model and she looks very realistic there are so many small details that make it easy to mistake her for a real girl.

Her breasts are roughly a b-cup and they feel amazing in your hands while you enjoy her pussy or ass.

You can customize Tyra a lot if you want to make it fit your preference more.

tyra black silicone sex doll

This is what you get:

  • High-quality black silicone doll
  • Very realistic looking
  • Many custom options
  • Very durable

Tyra body spec:

  • Height – 158 cm. (5ft 1”)
  • Weight – 29 kg. (64 lbs.)
  • Breast size – B-cup
  • Love holes – Vagina and ass

Tyra Conclusion

Let’s be clear here Tyra is quite expensive but what you get is a super high-quality black sex doll that will fill your wildest fantasies.

She’s going to last you a long time if you take good care of her and it’s very much worth it in my mind.

Her realistic looks make it easy to forget that you have sex with a doll and not a real person.

I don’t know for sure who Tyra is molded after but she shares a lot of features with the black pornstar Ana Foxxx.

I recommend Tyra if you’re after the best quality and most realistic-looking black sex doll.

#2 Ruthai

Ruthai has a gorgeous body with a slim waistline and a set of big well-placed tits.

She has a soft brown skin tone and a cute smile that you can enjoy while you penetrate one of her 3 love holes.

Ruthai is made by 6Ye Premium and sold by YourDoll which allows you to make a lot of changes so you make it fit your needs perfectly.

Ruthai ebony sex doll

This is what you get:

  • Premium quality TPE
  • Large soft tits
  • Beautiful waistline
  • Hazelnut colored skin

Ruthai body spec:

  • Height – 160 cm. (5ft3”)
  • Weight – 31.4 kg. (69 lbs.)
  • Breast size – F-cup
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina, and anal

Ruthai Conclusion

Ruthai might seem like a budget option compared to the hefty price of Tyra, but Ruthai is simply an amazing black sex doll for the price.

I would personally spend the extra $70 and get the gel-filled breasts which makes them feel even more amazing.

I recommend Ruthai if you’re after a soft brown-colored beauty at a good price.

#3 Sarai – Petite

Sarai is that super-hot-looking black girl that you always fantasized about in college. Her body is slim and toned with a set of small A-cup-sized tits and a nice tight ass.

Her long slender legs finished off her look nicely and you’ll be enjoying spreading those legs and revealing her tight pussy and ass.

Sarai is made by one of my favorite sex doll makers called VM Dolls, this means that you can customize lots of things at a reasonable price.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality TPE doll
  • Slim and tall black beauty
  • A-cup tits
  • Toned body

Sarai body spec:

  • Height – 168 cm. (5ft6”)
  • Weight – 28kg. (62 lbs.)
  • Breast size – A-cup
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina, and anal

Sarai Conclusion

Sarai has a lot of things going on for her and she can be all yours for just under 2 grands. I would personally get a hook set for just $30 so you can store it in your closet easily.

If you’re after a slender black sex doll with small breasts then Sarai is the perfect option for you.

I recommend Sarai if you’re after a slim young-looking black sex doll with small tits.

#4 Yanny – Massive Tits

Yanny has long curly black hair and dark mysterious eyes that you can look at when you have sex with her.

But her massive E-cup tits is what it’s all about!

The rest of her body has a beautiful hourglass shape and a nice big black ass that you can slap around.

Yanny is made by 6Ye Doll in premium quality TPE and it has a fully articulated metal frame so you can position her as you like.

This is what you get:

  • Good quality TPE doll
  • Massive boobs
  • Lots of curves
  • Wide ass

Alayna body spec:

  • Height – 161 cm. (5ft2”)
  • Weight – 36 kg. (79lbs.)
  • Breast size – E-cup
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina, and anal

Yanny Conclusion

If you’re into big breasts and a big black ass then Yanny is the one for you. Make sure you take a little notice of her weight since big breasts and butt make for a heavy sex doll.

6Ye Dolls are known for their good quality and Yanny is no exception to this, the TPE feels amazing to touch and it makes it nice to grab and play with those massive boobs.

You can always swap out the head for another one during the order process if you don’t like the style.

I recommend Yanny if you’re looking for a black sex doll with huge tits and a sexy hourglass-shaped body.

#5 Renita – Big Booty

Reita has a big black booty and a set of massive N-cup tits and guess what, she’s also made by 6Ye Doll, I guess they have a specialized in making black sex dolls with large tits and butts.

There are however a few differences and one of the more important ones is that you can get Renita with gel-filled breasts which makes them feel even more realistic. This is just a $70 addon and one I would recommend any day.

Renita is both semi-tall, has massive boobs, and a huge butt which equals a very heavy sex doll at 50 kg. (110 lbs.) so you have to keep that in mind before you get her.

This is what you get:

  • Big black booty
  • Huge black tits
  • High-quality materials
  • Good build quality

Renita body spec:

  • Height – 165 cm. (5ft5”)
  • Weight – 50 kg. (110 lbs.)
  • Breast size – N-cup
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina, and anal

Renita Conclusion

Renita is a very curvy black doll with a lot of features that to some might look extreme but to others might be exactly what they’re looking for in a girl.

Just keep in mind that she’s very heavy, but I’m sure you can handle her if you’re man enough for her.

I recommend Renita if you want a big booty black sex doll with lots of curves and massive tits.

#6 Earlie – MILF

Earlie is a hot-looking ebony MILF doll with body features like a real MILF that makes you want to fantasize about her.

She can be all yours for just under 2 grand and you can finally fill that MILF fantasy that so many of us have.

I’ve written about mature sex dolls if that’s more of your style, but they share a lot of the same features.

Earlie ebony milf sex doll

This is what you get:

  • Black MILF sex doll
  • Lots of details
  • High-quality TPE
  • Good quality build

Earlie body spec:

  • Height – 166 cm. (5ft4”)
  • Weight – 28 kg. (62 lbs.)
  • Breast size – C-Cup
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina, and anal

Earlie Conclusion

Earlie is made with the finest TPE and she can be customized like crazy so you can get her just the way you like a good MILF.

I recommend Earlie if you’re after a good-looking black MILF sex doll with style.

#7 Lori – Black Torso Doll

Lori is a black torso sex doll and the only one in good quality that I’ve been able to dig up for you. A torso doll has no arms and legs, but Lori has a bit of legs so you can still enjoy spreading them and exposing her vagina and ass.

Lori has huge tits and a nice firm butt that feels great grabbing while you enjoy her sweet little pussy.

This is what you get:

  • Black torso sex doll
  • High-quality material
  • High-quality build
  • Easy to store away

Lori body spec:

  • Height – 150 cm. (4ft11”)
  • Weight – 35.5 kg. (78 lbs.)
  • Breast size – Unknown (Freaking huge)
  • Love holes – Oral, vagina, and anal

Lori Conclusion

One of the advantages of a torso doll is that they’re much easier to move around while you still get all the important stuff for sex.

Lori has huge tits that you can bury your entire head in while you enjoy her firm ass.

A torso doll like Lori is not for everyone but I feel like we deserve a lot more black torso sex doll options and not just one.  

I recommend Lori if you’re after a black torso sex doll.

I hope you found a product that you love, if not then read on and avoid getting scammed by following a few guidelines that we at Kinkycow have made for new sex doll buys.

Stay Away From 3-Party Market Places

Good-quality black sex dolls are expensive and it can be tempting to go and explore cheaper options on marketplaces like AliExpress, e-Bay, Amazon, and others alike.

But please avoid it at all costs.

The manufacturers do a lot of material testing to find the most realistic-looking and feeling materials that are both body-safe and strong. But some cut corners and use non-tested materials and bad quality paint which results in a horrible-looking product with paint peeling off and the “skin” material falling off the metal frame.

You can even get a rash or allergic reaction to the materials if you’re unlucky (you do NOT want that on your penis).

You can immediately see and feel the difference if you buy a high-quality black sex doll next to a low-quality one, but it’s very hard to see on a low-quality image online.

I’ve made a list of trusted sex doll sellers below that you can safely buy from.

Trusted Sellers:

  • YourDoll – Find your favorite black doll among 24 different dolls from several different manufacturers. YourDoll offers amazing customer service and very competitive prices.
  • Sexdollgenie – A very big selection of darker African-looking sex dolls in both TPE and silicone. Very transparent buying experience with great support.
  • Sexyrealsexdolls – They don’t have the biggest selection but they have good support and a few very nice black dolls.
  • Joylovedolls – Last but not least is Joylovedolls which has a small selection of high-quality black sexy dolls and supreme service.


A: A good water-based lubrication is the best and safest to use. Silicone lubrication can damage the materials and should be avoided. You can buy an extra feature on some of the black dolls that makes their vagina lubrication free. In that case, simply put a tiny amount of water on your penis before intercourse.

A: Storing a TPE or silicone sex doll does take up a bit of space and there are several ways to do it safely.

  1. Get a hanger, this comes with most dolls, but be sure to check if it’s an addon. Just remove the head and hang the body in a closet.
  2. Get a special case, this is most likely a premium feature that cost quite a bit of money but it’s a great way to keep it safe.
  3. A special doll stand that can be bought together with some doll.
  4. Store it on a very soft mattress, make sure that there is nothing hard poking into the doll since it can cause damage.

Don’t put it on hard surfaces for too long since the metal frame can move though the TPE or silicone.  

A: Yes, you can buy a removeable penis that sits in the vagina and turn your doll into a black shemale, some even have a flaccid and an erect version.

A: You could move the entire doll to your shower and give it a wash, but it’s better to get a removable vagina and simply pulling that out and cleaning it.

There are some new and innovative cleaning products that makes it’s process much easier, but they are very pricy at the moment.

A: No, there are lots of limits when it comes to any kind of sex toy products and you have to contact the seller if you’re in doubt. But they are generally not shipped to Muslim countries and third world countries.

Final Thoughts About Black Sex Dolls

Black sex dolls have come a long way and their popularity is on the rise but we’re still a long from Asian and European-style sex dolls.

There are some great products with a wide range of body features to suit most men.

I hope you found the best black sex doll for your needs on my list and helped you experience truly amazing undemanding sex.

You’re always welcome to contact me if you have a question about ebony sex dolls.

I recommend the Tyra doll if you want the most realistic-looking black silicone sex doll.

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